A Solid Tank - Mycelic Infantry


Hello Splinterfans!

Welcome to my entry for the Share your Battle Weekly Challenge! More details about the challenge can be found here.

This week's battle challenge is with the mighty Mycelic Infantry. This is a very solid tank if you expect to face a melee or ranged attack. I recommend this tank for new players starting to use the earth deck, it is a good card to upgrade as soon as you can.

I currently have a level 5 Mycelic Infantry which has some formidable stats. 4 attack, 3 shield, and 9 health. This gives me access to the shield and giant abilities which are very useful. The downside to this strong tank is that it is slow and vulnerable to magic attacks.

My Team

This is a mid-level mana attack and I have used the Llama summoner that will give some extra health and last stand abilities.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
Scarred Llama MageEarth Summoner
Djinn OschannusMy tank
Funghus Fiend0 mana cannon fodder
Mycelic InfantryOur man of the moment
Queen MyceliaExtra shield for the team
Creeping OozeExtra speed
Iza the FangedSneak ranged attack with scavenger ability
Venari SeedsmithRanged attack with scavenger ability


The rules for the battle are:

Cripple AbilitityEach time a monster is hit, it loses 1 max health
Healed outNo type of healing is allowed

Watch the Battle on Splinterlands

ROUND 1 - Wave Brood vs. Mycelic Infantry

The enemy has gone for the water deck and Wave Brood as my opposing tank. Not only that, they have decided to add a healer when no healing is allowed and a repair ability to help strengthen their tank.

After the first round, Wave Brood has taken considerable damage and Mycelic Infantry hasn't even stepped up to the plate yet. This is a good start so far.

ROUND 2 & 3

Our man of the moment Mycelic Infantry finally steps up in round 2 and is easily holding this attack off while our ranged attack does some serious damage against my opponent.

ROUND 4 & 5

In rounds 4 and 5 we see some heavy blows given out to Wave Brood and Deeplurker who are finished off easily by my ranged attack. The scary thing for my opponent is that they are both gaining health with each attack!


By round 7, their last attack monster is finished off and the battle is almost won. This is dispite the many misses that Mycelic Infantry had or this would have been over much sooner.


Mycelic Infantry is a solid tank for some of those hard hitting melee battles but his weakness against magic attack, slow speed and not so high attack score keeps him from first place in many of my battles.

He is however useful as a cheap tank in some of the lower leagues where he doesn't have so much competition for his place yet.

The winner of Prize Draw #38 is:

Congratulations @imfarhad


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This type of games are complicated for me but i'm here to support you
GGs and good luck on you battles friend
Happy to be !ALIVE


Thanks Old Man Chu. I saw you were playing the console recently. !ALIVE


Yea thanks for watching them. These games are more strategy you have to use your brain LOL, Mine no longer works that much.
Mario you just run for your life and try to get to the princess and avoid the enemies