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RE: Introducing Splinterlands Credits

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I like this (I think)... at least I like that you are cracking into the ability of getting people who aren't crypto users an easier access into the game. But I have a question @yabapmatt before I'm sure I like it.

Lets say I buy 30000 credits for $30... will those credits translate into $30 worth of cards in the market? IE, I want to buy a $10 and $20 card, will those credits buy them? In other words, are the credits tied to USD market price in the market?


Yes, 30000 Credits can be purchased for $30 and will buy $30 worth of cards on the market. It's simply an intermediary token because there are many problems with having people make PayPal purchases directly for cards on the market.

Will it be possible any time in future to buy packs directly (without using PayPal) with credit/debt cards, and not only US dollars but also other fiat currencies like for example euros?

Then this is absolutely awesome! This announcement is more powerful than many realize! Great job Matt!!!

Yes, I agree. We had announced allowing USD purchases on the market a little while back, but of course things always take longer than initially thought. In any case, I don't expect anything major to happen right away, but it is a really important step for growing this game beyond the relatively small crypto community.

I love this! Thanks for all the work!