Does Untamed suck/deliver? - Day 1

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So, I'm a new Splinterlands player, took my last 10 bucks and bought a starter, let's see what is my experience.

So I got nice pack of 47 Untamed cards for 10$. Game encourages me to play some ranked to fill the quest.

At first I thought it would be tough with only Untamed cards.. but surprise:

My reward for the quest was:

Looks powerful.

Ok lets play some more ranked to lower the DEC capture rate to 75%.

Ok, it took me too long to play so stopped after 87%. Lost only 3 of 14 fights. Earned 4.008 DEC because of streaks and 15 DEC worth Rusty S***droid.

First thoughts

After playing ranked I wanted to play tournament for novice but there was already none available in my timezone. It should be considered also to make these small tourneys available for novice EVERY day to keep new players busy. Very important if Splinterlands wants to achieve something big.

At first I thought it will be very hard to play Untamed versus beta, but having some experience in the game I adjusted myself very fast. Probably it would be much harder for new players.

Overall, many new players are needed to balance things out between Untamed and Beta.


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Never underestimate experience....
I did a starter pack experience about 10 months ago, and from that I learned that you having experience plays an important part....

Still thinking of repeating that experiment, now there's Untamed and DEC...

Great Splinterlands post! I think you do all the stats at that site, that is awesome! An upvote from Steem Monsters is on the way!