New Rulesets & Reward Cards!

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New Rulesets

It has been WAY too long since we've added new rulesets to the game, but that wait ends soon! The following three new rulesets are planned to be added into the game on Thursday, January 21st and we hope to continue to add more on a semi-regular basis going forward.

New rulesets help to keep the gameplay more fun and interesting - always keeping players on their toes - and we hope you like these new additions:

  • Stampede - The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.
  • Noxious Fumes - All Monsters start the battle Poisoned.
  • Equal Opportunity - All Monsters have the Opportunity ability.

Have an idea for a ruleset that you think would be cool? Let us know in the comments or on Discord! A lot of great parts of the game started out as suggestions from players, and we can't wait to hear what other cool ideas you have that we may be able to implement going forward!

Targeting Fix

The combination of multiple attack types with some of the newer abilities has caused a bit of havoc for our attack targeting system in the game. This has been more obvious recently with the Oaken Behemoth card. Currently when Monsters have multiple attack types, they both always target the same enemy (unless the target dies after the first attack).

In order to address these issues we will be updating the targeting system to allow multiple attacks by the same Monster to have different targets. This means that if the Oaken Behemoth is placed in the second position in a battle with the Target Practice ruleset (where all Magic and Ranged attack Monsters gain the "Snipe" ability), then the Behemoth will use Snipe targeting for its Magic attack and will target the enemy Monster in the first position with its Melee attack.

All other targeting mechanics in the game will remain unchanged and the fix is scheduled to be released with the rest of the changes on Thursday, January 21st.

New Reward Cards

Last, but not least, another bunch of reward cards have recently hit their print limit, so it's time for some new blood! Here are 10 new Reward cards you'll be able to find in quest and season reward Loot Chests starting next Thursday, January 21st. We hope you like them and can't wait to see how they are used in the arena!

Demented Shark

The Demented Shark adds a nice new 6 mana cost tank card for the Water Splinter. He Inspires the rest of his team which increases their Melee attacks, and he does damage back to his attackers with the Thorns ability as well.

Sharks are incredibly resilient in the wild of the Outer Ocean. Because of how recklessly and indiscriminately they throw themselves at prey, they are often marred and damaged by those they attack, who possess unseen (and often horrific) defenses. One of these creatures of prey that sharks continue to foolishly attack in the wild is called the edgefish, whose scales are sharp like blades of steel. Another is the genus Coelomomyces, a group of aquatic fungi creatures that when attacked, lay spores inside the brains of larger fish. Several weeks after the spores are laid, small, treelike fungus begins to grow from the sharks’ heads. This causes the sharks to completely lose control of themselves and fall into a perpetual blinding agony of rage. This is how the monsters known as Demented Sharks are born, and when they find their way into the inner sea of ΛZMΛRÉ, no Mer is safe.


The Axemaster is a master of both ranged and melee combat with the newly released Close Range ability allowing him to use his Ranged attack in the first position. He also has double strike, meaning he attacks twice each round, and his attacks Cripple his enemies, causing them to lose one max health with each attack!

The mysterious clan who call themselves Axemasters are perhaps the most peculiar group of people in the whole of ΛZMΛRÉ. They live under the moist ground in cave dwellings in the eastern thickets of the great Jungle, somewhere between the Palace of Eld and the treacherous tree known as Sligbough Oak. For many generations, they have protected the treasures of Eld from intruders, raiders, and even pirates who are unfamiliar with the legends of the curse. Some scholars claim that the Axemasters consider themselves the stewards and true owners of the treasures of Eld, but if you could get close enough to an Axemaster, they would tell you that they are merely protecting the people who would be foolish enough to touch the cursed treasure.

Genetically, Axemasters are a hybrid race called Meru that was created by merging Human and Mer (with a touch of Chaos magic) into amphibious creatures. Mer stories say that these demon offspring were ousted from Poseidar long ago, that they were not welcome anywhere under the water. As a result, they found the surface and made a home for their clan on the shores. In the years since, the clan has continued to migrate further and further from the water, where their Mer enemies are plentiful.


Nightmare is what it sounds like - for your opponents! A very high speed Death Splinter tank whose attacks blast damage to enemies adjacent to its target. Even more interesting though is its new ability - called "Phase" - which means that Magic attacks can miss just like Melee and Ranged attack. Combined with its 7 base Speed, Nightmare can be a really tough target to hit!

On the darkest nights in Mortis, the great Nightmare herd can be seen from a hundred miles away, lighting up the Death Splinter’s hazy sky as they burn for evermore. Their story is one of anguish and endless suffering, but also of hope and salvation. A Death sorcerer named Foglip Kraven who has long since passed to the Dark Eternity is the one who first discovered that living animals can be enlisted to the Death Splinter. Before his passing nearly 500 years ago, Kraven was responsible for the saving of the herd, one of the only heroic acts in all Dark Eternal history.

The 200 year period known as the Peaceful Crusades was not always peaceful. In fact, many of the bloodiest battles ever fought in the Splinterlands were fought during this time, as the Lord of Darkness tried desperately to bring great numbers of the living into the dark. One such battle in 275 A.S. has been remembered as the Battle for Lyveria’s soul. In this battle, the walls of Lyveria were almost brought to rubble, but the Dark Lord’s forces were ultimately held back until they retreated. The weapons Lyveria employed were especially savage; they catapulted huge masses of fuel and tar, which exploded in flame wherever they landed. Tragically, a herd of wild horses was caught on the hillside in the all-devouring flames. They did not die immediately but stampeded off toward the mountains, screaming in pain and flaming rage.

The herd was intercepted by Foglip Kraven himself who swooped in on the back of his mighty battle drake. Moved by the suffering of the herd and not willing to let their souls perish without dark salvation, Foglip used the greatest of his dark magic power to enlist the soul of each and every horse in the herd. Then one by one, they fell dead to the ground. Moments later in faraway Mortis, a herd of flaming horses emerged kicking and neighing from the Tarpits of Creation. Since the birth of the Nightmares, their run across the Wastes of Mortis has never ceased.

Dark Ferryman

The Dark Ferryman packs a punch for a 3 mana Monster, and Cripples its targets causing them to lose one max health when it hits them with its Ranged attack. It also features a new ability called "Dispel" which removes all positive status effects from its target when it hits them with an attack! Please note that Summoner stat buffs are not removed by Dispel.

The Dark Ferrymen of Mortis are well-known throughout the Splinterlands, for they carry on their ferries not only Dark Eternals, but the living as well. Ships are not able to approach the rocky shores of Mortis except at the port of Galzur, so ferries must take all passengers from boat to shore, even those of the living who simply wish to visit Beluroc. Those who have made the trip many times always advise first-time travelers to not look into the soothing and hypnotic eyes of the Ferrymen. It is tempting to do so, and great secrets can be learned, but in this case, there is a fine line between knowledge and madness. It is also known that the Ferrymen do not answer to the Lord of Darkness, and that they have powerful and strange skills of combat that are put to excellent use when they are summoned to tournament battle.

Chain Spinner

The Chain Spinner is a heavily armored tank for the Life Splinter. His armor can also block Magic attacks thanks to the Void Armor ability which makes him especially hard to take down, but he should watch out for enemies whose attacks can Shatter his armor!

Chain Spinners of the Order never show their faces. They were only recently released from Cloudgard Castle, where they were specially trained to hunt down and bring to justice all members of the rebellious sect known as Peacebringers. Their chains, which were ordained as a sacred weapon by the words of a High Priest’s recent vision, represent the wrath of Khymia when her people have failed her for too long. They are currently marching through the Khymerian villages searching everywhere and paying little regard to those who have lived there peacefully for generations. Peacebringer propaganda can already be found blowing in the wind that paints these enforcers not as Khymian or Human, but as heartless creatures of evil Dragon crafting.

Temple Priest

The Temple Priest is a powerful Magic attack Monster for the Life Splinter whose attacks also Dispel positive magic from his enemies - removing any positive status effects when they are hit.

Only the most advanced Priests of the Silver Shield have earned the power to commune with the goddess Khymia in her great Temple in the clouds. They are never the strongest among Khymian warriors, nor do they carry the greatest magical powers, but their visions and messages from the goddess determine the direction of an entire people, and sometimes the fate of the whole Splinterlands. The Priests’ communions with Khymia take place through complex rituals of astral travel, and some of these Priests are able to relocate their physical bodies anywhere in the Splinterlands in a form of teleportation. High Temple Priests do not fight, but because essence combat is not forbidden by Khymia’s doctrines, many of them allow themselves to be summoned to tournament battle.

Charlok Minotaur

The Charlok Minotaur is a beefy new tank card for the Fire Splinter, and he has a chance of Retaliating when hit with a Melee attack. He also features a new ability called "True Strike" which means that his attacks will always hit their targets!

The Minotaurs of Charlok are friends of the Exploding Dwarves of the Burning Lands. Although Minotaurs and Dwarves come from very different genetic backgrounds, both Charlok races emerged from the wreckage following the underground fall of Prujic, the Dwarven city of greed. These Minotaurs of flame hail from the same molten origins of the deep as the Exploding Dwarves, which Ferexia scholars have recently named Charlok. It was so named because only creatures of pure fire could have survived in the superheated furnace of the Planet. Since Prujic’s fall, Dwarves and Minotaurs alike have continually emerged and found their way to the surface, where the greater levels of oxygen have only made their flames and powers grow. In the shadow of the highest Molten Mountain, they have built together the emblazoned camp, where the two races are seeming to consolidate their power in the Splinterlands. The Charlok Minotaurs can also be summoned to tournament battle, where they are happy to demonstrate their thirst for fiery destruction.

Efreet Elder

The Efreet Elder is a relatively high-Health Magic attack Monster for the Fire Splinter who makes a Last Stand which increases all of his stats when he is the only Monster on the team left alive! He also features the new Phase ability which allows Magic attacks to miss him just like Melee and Ranged attacks.

Efreet Elders carry a vast array of mystical secrets and spells that were gifted to them in ancient times by Mishna, Mitreyya’s steward who resides in the Burning Lands deep. The most impressive of these is called the envelation of flame. With this spell, which is simple for the Elders but endlessly complex for anyone who does not know the secrets, the castor is entirely enveloped in fire for a short time. This spell is strikingly similar to the natural skills of famed summoner Malric Inferno, who can convert any part of his body to fire, bringing out the part of him that summons with ease the most powerful monsters of flame.

While the Efreet Elders’ council is often sought by those wishing to learn some secrets of their sorcery, the secrets are only shared with the worthy and the old. It is becoming exceedingly rare to find anyone among the Efreet clans that possess both of these qualities.


The Harvester adds a new mid-mana tank option for the Earth Splinter. It gets Enraged whenever it is not at full health, increasing its Melee attack and Speed, and it has the Oppress ability which means it does double damage to enemies with no attacks.

Goblin contraptions almost always consist of gears, belts, oil and steam. This is why the infamous Goblin inventor called Protax Funklyborg took to a hideout in the foothills of the Seed Mountains to develop his strange monstrosities that have become known as Harvesters. Little is known about how the mad scientist was able to create machines that look and behave like monsters with no upkeep required. What is known is that Protax makes frequent treks beyond the Great Pit, to the Swamps of the Living Moss. If you asked the Swamp Thing the true purpose of the Harvesters, he would eye you with suspicious worry, then perhaps simply kill you for asking too many questions. Several dozen Harvesters have already been created, and most of them are currently wandering about the Giant Grasslands of Primordia. What are they harvesting? Perhaps the Splinterlands will never know, but they can be summoned to tournament battle, where they present a formidable attack and defense.

Almo Cambio

Almo Cambio is a super interesting new Neutral Legendary card. It has no attack but has high Health and also high Speed. It is Immune to all negative effects (except from the enemy Summoner) and has the Phase ability which allows Magic attacks to miss it just like Melee and Ranged attacks. On top of all of that, it also reflects both Magic and Ranged attack damage back to its attackers. We can't wait to see how Almo will shake up the meta!

It oozed into the Mount Mox arena as a puddle through one of the drains in the outer walkway. It then took the form of a Gloridax Guard and watched with intent curiosity as the next pair of summoners entered the tournament grounds and began ritualistically summoning their monsters. Then with a breeze, it assumed the shape of an Air Elemental and joined the battle in progress, which made the scoremasters think that Tyrus had performed an illegal resurrection. Once it realized it was the subject of a heated argument, it turned into a small beetle, which was nearly crushed under a falling Serpentine as it made its way to the outer edge of the battle ground, where it inhabited the form of a lamp-lighting servant. When the Lord of Darkness entered the arena, the thing became jealous and took on a monstrous form so large that even the Lord of Darkness became lost in its shadow. From then on, no one could deny that a powerful unknown monster had joined their midst. Its name was Almo Cambio.

Almo is drawn to the arena, never wanting to leave and always watching each battle with keen interest through whichever eyes it has at the moment. Once it became more comfortable around the people of Mount Mox, it began occasionally revealing its true form to others. Almo wears an absurd smile at all times and revels in pleasant conversation with anyone who will indulge it. It seems however to have no voice of its own, but merely mimics the voice of anyone to whom it is speaking. Almo’s good will and friendliness is often mistrusted, especially because of the way it consistently obliterates its competitors on the battlefield when summoned.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Rexxie is going to be a beast now! Join me live this Monday night at 7:00 PM EST on Twitch for a Novice Monday Madness Tourney for new players to the game! Win Splinterlands prizes! Top 50 in tourney win DEC!

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@clove71 has nothing to do with making the rules. She is simply a representative on media channels. Furthermore she finds out about updates the same time as everyone else.

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@lifesavings Clove71 is not 'staff' but an avid and enthusiastic lover of the game and early adaptor. She finds out about in-game news such as land development with the rest of us in the weekly AMAs. She has every right to buy any quantity of any card she likes and has no 'insider' information. She generously donates her time to help new players and was very kind and generous to me when I was new to the game!

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