I got myself an Archmage Arius !!! (From a 25% Mystery potion)

in #splinterlands11 months ago

Wow I just woke up and I am stoked !!!

I woke up and was too lazy to get out of my bed instantly, so I checked my phone when I accidentaly pulled up steemmonsters.
I saw that I had gotten a mystery reward from my last dose of the 25% mystery potion.
I decided to just open it on my phone because I didn't have much faith in it being anything good, but then this turned up.

I had gotten my very first Archmage Arius and with that being said that's also my first ever maxed card :D

And like I already said this was from my last dose of 25% mystery potion which is crazy. I had 3/4 chance of not getting it today.
And I also checked on peakmonsters to provide a better screenshot for this post, when I noticed something odd.
Check this
It shows that instead of the Archmage Arius I had gotten an orb ? Maybe it shows that because it's an promo card, but I am not sure why It can't show that I got a specific card.

Anyways I am stoked, this is a really lucky moment for me since there are only 76 of these in circulation at the moment.
I am not sure what I will do with the card, but at the moment I am thinking that I will start renting it out, since I don't have too much use for it myself. I'd rather get some extra steem with this card so I could upgrade my other summoners aswell.
I will put my renting offer up on peakmonsters, so stay on the lookout for that if you are interested :)

Thank you for reading my post, and have a nice day/night

Check out Steemmonsters


Welcome to the exclusive club my friend!

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Thank you :)

Boo yeah!!

greetings, @tsnaks

congratulations for this, man!

LOL! This cracked me up!

I don't play so often nowadays, but JUST enough to always get some reward cards at the end of the season... I recently logged in (after not for a while) and got a gold reward card!

Feels Good. 😎
For real... I really enjoy the sound and visual effects as they come at ya. #invigorating.


Thank you very much :D

Grats!! That is awesome, great way to start your day!

Congrats, @tsnaks!!

Thanks <3

Congrats! What a great card!

Thanks :)

curation (700px, 12fps).gif

Thank you very much :D


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Thank you

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Awesome, congrats on hitting that nice card.