The last Alpha pack that I will open.

in #splinterlandslast year

Well, as you can probably tell I am out of ideas on what to post.
And I have been quite lazy aswell, not really feeling the writing too much.

So here goes nothing, I had held onto an Alpha pack for 2 weeks now, and since I needed to make a post anyways I decided to open it.
What's the worse that could happen :D

So here it goes

As usual, expectations are low. Not sure why I even did this, but time to open the cards and see what I get.

And. . .

oh my, I definetaly got better than I expected.
Wish that Swamp thing came in Gold Foil :D
and that at least one of the rares was a summoner, either way looking at the price of the pack and the price of the cards I have made profit.


Alpha pack that was 5.67$

And I got
Swamp Thing 4.25$
Stonesplitter orc 0.84$
Stone Golem 0.29$
Spineback turtle 0.48$
Gobling Sorcerer 0.85$

Total: 6.71$

Profit: +1.04 $

So what do you think, was it worth it ?
or should have I kept the pack and waited that to rise.

Let me know in the comments, and I might send around some #BATTLE Tokens :)

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and SteemKnights


Wow... amazing

greetings, @tsnaks

very nice, man!

I probably would have waited to see if it rose, but the market is somewhat stunted. There are still Beta cards being rewarded, etc. so it won't be until after November 8th (when the Kickstarter closes) that they prices of Alpha and Beta cards will rise in value. And it might be another year before they are really worth some money, if at all.

Let's hope Steem increases in price as well in the meantime too. I have both ALPHA and BETA tokens on Steem Engine.
I want to get some UTAMED ones when I get the liquid Steem together.

Holding packs is always great, but I just couldn't live with the suspension that the pack could have something good inside it :D
You could say I'm a bit addicted, but I'd also rather hold the cards than the packs, because cards can be rented in the meantime.

Yeah, I made a few Steem renting the cards out so it’s pretty awesome. But I also like the idea of saving something back for a rainy day.

Hi there! Wow! What a cool pack! I miss those Alpha days, lol!I see a SM upvote in your future tomorrow, LOL!
logo_untamed_1200 (707px, 12fps).gif

Thank GOD that you Will not Spend like 27 Steem With @tipu to promote this post I would Hate to See you get Down Voted by the Steem (RENT a COPS)
bless you @tsnaks

I actually never was a fan of vote buying, IDK it feels wayyy better to recognize some people that geniunely upvote you

But I used to heavily vote sell, just because it was so profitable and it funded my SM cards.
But now I follow trails and curate manually

Seems like it was a very good pack to open. At least it is much better than average. Congratulations)

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