Undervalued/Underappreciated and Underpriced: The Grumpy Dwarf (Get One For Free Inside)

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Currently I believe the Grumpy Dwarf is seriously undervalued. Not only for its playing abilities but also with its price range as well. If we were to go back around four weeks ago this card could be purchased for as little as 3-4 cents. I know this because I bought a few dozen or more at the time.

Today the card is priced at 0.09 cents and I bet that price will continue to rise. Many dismiss this card due to others with slightly better stats that provide the same attacks as it does such as the Dragon card MANTICORE. Some forget to factor in that the MANTICORE can only be used with a Dragon Summoner while the Grumpy Dwarf can be used in any Splinter as its a neutral card.

Take a look at the above. .. ... It only cost 0.09 cents. Its by far the cheapest Beta Neutral card you can purchase today. The next cheapest common in the Beta Neutral collection will cost you 0.29 cents, That's over 3 times the price of the Grumpy Dwarf. Anyone looking to get their hands on some Grumpy Dwarfs may want to consider doing so before the price rises even more.


Having run from a great terror on the other side of the world, the Dwarves are new to the Splinterlands. They don’t take kindly to strangers, and since they are now surrounded by strangers, the residents of the Splinterlands have taken to calling them Grumpy Dwarves. They are quite fierce with axes.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. Some of the cards in this game have already sold for upwards of $3000. You can check out Splinterlands by clicking here.

Giveaway Time

I'm giving away a Grumpy Dwarf to one random person who comments below via a free raffle. Simply tell me what you think of the card Grumpy Dwarf and tag one other Monster Maniac that you think might want to enter this giveaway in the comment section below.

How I pick a winner

The timing of your entry will determine your raffle number. In seven days from this topics creation I will use a random number generator to pick a number. If the number that is picked is yours I will send you a Grumpy Dwarf. The person you tagged will get 250 Dark Energy Crystals sent to their Steem-Engine wallet if they stop by and make a comment before the giveaway ends.

Watch The Grumpy Dwarf In Action


This topic isn't meant for financial advice. Always do your own research before investing any of your hard earned currencies. The quoted Grumpy Dwarf Lore was taken from the official Splinterlands site.

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I've been loading up on rewards cards lately thinking that as they go out of print the prices will go up.

If the past is any indication, that's a smart move.

greetings, @rentmoney

its very nice when it arrives level with "rage"!!!!

I bought 4 grumpy dwarves for 0.04$ 2 days ago :D

Nice, I was on my way to buy some more as I thought they were still at 0.04.

...... looks like someone beat me to the punch.

ya I need to work on leveling this card up a bit. it's one I seem to use a lot

tagging @coffeedrinker112

Its certainly a good substitute for many of the other cards and its cheaper to level then the ones its substituting for.


I like the enrage of grumpy dwarf. Use it on costs 4 or less. If my number happens to be drawn send the card to @tillysfamilyfarm
As I have enough grumpy dwarves in my deck

Never thought it from that perspective. We should also consider that it has low mana and has a shield too. @sayalijain please check this

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  • Enrage at level 5.


I used grumpy dwarf most when I'm playing around with my "dead" accounts in bronze and only have the phantom cards.

tagging @pedrocanella

Yeah, its one that is included in the starter set.

I have about 200 of them but none that are fully leveled.

Actually grumpy dwarf is "slow" card. As you already mentioned in dragon summoner you will use manticore , In earth summoner , I prefer Minotaur warrior.
In water quest , I prefer pirate archer or medusa at second position, In fire, I prefer Giant Roc and in life I prefer silvershield warrior.
I use grumpy when ruleset says slow card are first to hit.

True its all about preference and a single splinter card is usually better than a counter part you can find in the neutral collection. But don't overlook the significant difference in cost. If one was looking for the least expensive way to have a reach card the Grumpy Dwarf would be the one to purchase as it can be played with all Splinters and not just one. A person could level up a Grumpy Dwarf and not have to worry about leveling up a handful of other cards as the card is a good enough all around substitute for many others. There are also situations where its good to have two reach cards in the line-up.

His great when you have double shield and his reach is activated and maybe you have an inspire one your team he can do some real

I could definitely use this Grumpy Dwarf since mine is still level 1. Tagging @cl0ve

I like it BUT green red White has Similar card with better stats. So I Only play it with Blue. Never play black

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I will sell my only copy as soon as the price go up. The card is trash)) almost every class has it's own card with the same effect.

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Its a great stand in for all those other cards with similar abilities/uses . The main attraction is that its cheaper to level one Grumpy Dwarf then it is to level up all the other cards that can only be played in one splinter each.

Ok, it is a good point)

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Meh, the grumpy dwarf. But still, would love to level the ones in my collection up.

I think @a-secondchance would love a freebie card too.

This card is not undervalued.
It is overpriced. It needs to be between Rusty Android & Undead Minotaur.

I disagree for the reasons I outlined in the topic and comment section.

I Love the Grumpy DWARF it Reminds me of how I get when I am upset with my neighbors.......
I am Tagging

She is now a Happy Steemmonsters Player

Never underestimate or count out an underdog. It makes their job a lot easier.

Tagging @drazeus


I've got love the for the Grumpy Little Person!

Hey @rentmoney, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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