Steem Monsters 10,000 DEC Give away plus 3 boosterpacks and bonus prizes!

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Okay folks its that time again, the end of the month mega give away. This is a simple way to say thank you to all of you who support me. My Splinterlands journey has been a quite unexpected one. Form just hearing the name a bunch to picking up my fist starter back, a name change , two kick starters, a daily blog, and even hosting tournaments. I never thought this would grow into something that has been more or less a main hobby of mine but here we are and how luck I was to stumble upon it. The winners will be announced and paid on 2/4/2020.

Grand Prize 10,000 DEC Give Away
*Comment your favorite chicken dish to be eligible (chicken pot pies or fried chicken)

3 Booster Packs Give Away
Just retweet and up vote to be eligible

Bonus Prizes
Tag a friend to be eligible

Daily tip- Playing chicken vs. Are you a Chicken
Today we will look at the furious Chicken and the three ways to use him. Along with a bonus tip.

First -playing chicken, this is a game where two people or vehicles run at each other and the first person to move looses. believe it or not this is one way to play the furious chicken but it as your tank card IF your real tank which would be in position two has a slow speed. this will let the chicken take the first big damage blow acting as a shield to your tank. If your real tank card has a normal to fast speed this could result in your tank card missing a round.

Second-Being a chicken- standing in the very back while your team fights might make you a chicken but it can also help save your team. Putting furious chicken in the back will allow him to guard against sneak which is used in almost every match. Using it with life summoner you will be able to survive multiple hits.

Third- Chicken blast shield- You can place furious Chicken in spot 2 in order to absorb the blast ability mainly from ruler of the sea due to her frequent use.

Bonus Tip-Go gold- spend the $2.47 and buy a gold foil Furious Chicken because the This card is used in almost every match so the DEC bonus over the long term should be well worth it.


Yesterdays winner was @wonderwop, congrats buddy already sent.

A big Thank you to @Clove71 for her overwhelming support and help with reshaping my blogs. Also to @Yabamatt for being overly generous allowing for this months much bigger give away's including today's. Thanks guys you are the best.

See you in a few days, good luck.


Chicken Soup

BBQ Chicken @skylinebuds



Fried chicken of course ;)

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of course, nothing beats it

Chicken parmesan is nice, especially with a side of breaded mozzarella.

in case anyone is not aware of what Chicken parmesan is,
"Chicken parmigiana, or chicken parmesan, is a dish that consists of breaded chicken breast covered in tomato sauce and mozzarella, parmesan, or provolone cheese. A slice of ham or bacon is sometimes added. It is also known colloquially in the United States as chicken parm and in Australia as a parma, parmi, or parmy." from Wikipedia

tagging: @laurenzannah

dan you made me hungry lolz

chicken nuggets

Chicken stroganoff with rice and straw potatoes

I Upvote, re-steem and I tagging @robertoueti

roasted chicken

I tag @pataty69

hey buddy long time no see, I hope all is well

smoked chiken! ;-)

@threejay, I love Chicken 🐔 Biryani.

Tagging @ravisarikonda.

Have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

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Curry chicken

!giphy chicken

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

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I will continue with random upvotes in the future &
wish you lots of luck :)

Chichen Soup. Upvoted and resteemed. @arunava

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No dead chickens In my Meals,Plant Powered Here. But thanks @chadmichaellibby

fair enough but what about a chicken inspired meal like cauliflower nuggets or sweat and sour tofu

upvoted and resteemed.
Favorite dish is KFC fried chicken.
Tagging @ityp.

hands down KFC is on top, good luck and thank you

Chicken noodle soup

yeah with some sandwichese to dip in to it, god stuff

Fried chicken is my favorite. 🐔

Upvoted, Resteemed, and tagging @fitinfun

Thank you so much for the 500 DEC and here's some !trdo hopefully 🤞

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lemon chicken is really good and I haven't had it in 10 years. good luck

I am vagitarian so no chicken...
Uovoted and resteemed.
Tqgging @harpreetjanda

what is the fried chicken equivalent for vegetarian food, tempura?

Smoked chiken

Upvoted, Resteemed, and tagging @maxer27


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Chicken fajitas

great answer I didnt even think about, nice

Chicken fajitas

I am a vegetarian. I don't eat meat.
Resteemed and tagging
About your last tip, how much extra Dec do we get on using a gold foil furious chicken over a normal chicken. Any rough idea.

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Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets

Karaage 🤤


Fried chicken! I'm tagging @ketcom.

thanks for your partisapation, I have you a follow. Good luck

Your welcome, thanks for running a great contest!

chicken tika masala

this is the first chicken dish I have never heard of, is it from the Philippines

😂 No. It's the most popular takeaway dish in the UK (at least it used to be). It's an Indian dish invented for the UK market. Tandoori chicken curry.

pan fried: ginger-lime chicken. low heat... over an hour or 2 in a pan... just saute'n away till it melts off the bones.....

never any leftovers ;-)

I want to try some lol, good luck my friend

Chicken soup

I love my Braai/bbq chicken

you have to be carzy not to, good luck

Buffalo chicken pizza.
@teampossible check this out.

dang your mixing two legends, good answer

BBQ Chicken - Tagging @koskl

Ever heard of Pringle-Crusted Chicken Fillets? #YUM!!!

There's a recipe here ( ... P.s. It's an old post, so I'm not fishing for votes ;-)

Hey @craigcryptoking ... you're into chickens and their eggs aren't you :-)

i.e. Come check out this comp \m/

lmao thats too good, oh and good luck

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Awesome contest and tips as always! Nice job!

Yellow Thai Curry with chicken, vegetables and noodles;
Buffalo Chicken Wings;
Smoked Chicken

you seem to be a fan of the chicken like myself lol, good luck

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awesome that is great news(get it)

You're welcome @threejay

Orange Chicken...spicy please :-)
@steammonster thanks for the great giveaway!

Orange chicken is so good

Chicken Parmesan.
Tagging @scrooger because he should win that 10,000 DEC.

indeed a great dish, thanks for your continued support brotha

Chicken Pot Pie!
Done and Done.

I love the ones with nice big cubes of white chicken


Chicken with rice.



@jjprac jjprac 迎着大雪 骑着熊熊 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



It’s a tie! 平局!再来!下回我再出拳头!

My favorite Chicken dish has got to be the "Chipotle Grilled Chicken".

Upvoted and Resteemed!


I like the little kick of chipotle, good luck buddy

Buffalo Chicken. :) Upvote and Resteem for @threejay. Right back at you @madwomaninattic for your Bone Crushers Guild !monster battling.

Anyone have a good recipe for Furious Chicken??


thanks for your support and good luck

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My Nan's Curried Chicken 👌

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curry is the winter is one of my favorite foods

Wow, 10,000 DEC is really a lot!

As for a favorite chicken dish... chicken bites! My mother used to make chicken bites that were well-seasoned, then fried a little and then cooked. She hadn't made them in years, and I had forgotten just how tasty those were! Only recently I remembered about them and we finally made them again. Even though we used different seasonings, the result was great. Now that you brought the topic up, I'm starting to want to have those chicken bites again :P .

Very creative way to bring up the chicken topic and also discuss the card, by the way XD. Upvoted and resteemed!

Tagging @viniciotricolor.

Hi aiyumi, its nice to see you again, I hope all is well. Good luck

All is well. I'm just not really inspired to post lately. Thank you!

All is well. I'm just
Not really inspired to
Post lately. Thank you!

                 - aiyumi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for the mention :)

Hi mate @threejay ! Great tips like always. Hope i'm not too late for the giveaway.
I love chicken pad Thai !! But spicy fried chicken is one of my favourite too ;)
Resteem + Upvote you deserve it! Also some !trdo
Have a great day !monster


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chicken nuggets for me

I do not eat chicken, but I eat eggs I do not know if that counts :)

I like the chicken living at home and in my game

Chicken wings

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