Weekly and Fresh 📸 (28/52)

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Hi Hive!

There's now 28 weeks of photos behind us in the project, and we are still going on strong!

This was a fun week. I got to meet some Finnish hiveans, and got some good photos too.

I found some new interest in game programming, this time on Godot while previously I was learning Python some 3 to 10 years ago.

I've pretty much forgotten everything about programming, but I think i might be able to catch up quickly though.

Then I finally managed to go to the gym, although it was only the one in the basement of our apartment building, it's not too bad.

And now my muscles are quite sore.

I think I'll do a back muscle day next, and then try a leg day.

I wonder if I have enough energy to do this daily though. I guess on weekdays when the kids go to school I can probably use the mornings by working out.

Here are the posts I made in #DailyAndFresh last week:


Hive Meet Jyväskylä 2020 📷


The moon 📷


Flowers (and game programming) 📷


Patterns 📷


Rye sandwich 📷


Friendly reminder 📷


Two circular thingies, and I finally had a workout! 📷

I hope you liked them.

(If you did, feel free to click on them, and go see the whole posts behind the photos!)

See you again soon!

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Wow! You go to the gym! So, I must go tomorrow just to catch up!! Hahaha.

I'm trying to go daily each morning. It's been refreshing as far as I can tell.

Oh! This sounds really good! I must try tomorrow!!

Sure will buy you a beer after the lockdown...Lol😁

That sounds great! I might even hold you up for it! 😉

Beautiful photography especially moon is looking so wonderful.

Lots of stuff out there in last week photo, you have asked about something, we mention it but didn't answer yet!

Oops... I'll have to address it tomorrow. I'm already exhausted today. :)