Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+2117.240201 SPT
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+568.299 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 20.761860 SPT for ultm8x/vfwuidha
Curation reward: 12.791374 SPT for clove71/rnflkuvu
Curation reward: 14.247706 SPT for ultm8x/splinterlands-end-of-season-rewards-r11uwo
Staked 630.802539 SPT to abcor
Curation reward: 12.415232 SPT for jini-zzang/splinterlands-2021-10-15
Curation reward: 13.235447 SPT for road2horizon/1-week-free-delegation-baby-unicorn-level-1
Curation reward: 11.297427 SPT for jini-zzang/splinterlands-69098a9fc2bf9
Curation reward: 19.413814 SPT for rivalzzz/splinterlands-seasonrewards-lets-get-chaos
Curation reward: 33.468891 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-ama-summary-october-15th-2021-2pm-eastern
Curation reward: 14.533894 SPT for louis88/the-splinterlands-chaos-legion-tome-of-chaos-nft-on-splintertalkio
Curation reward: 12.097360 SPT for hbbear.report/dailysmrreal-2021-10-15
Curation reward: 43.627931 SPT for rosiew/splinterlands-ama-summary-for-october-15-2021
Curation reward: 17.090520 SPT for louis88/splinterlands-chaos-legion-official-trailer-video
Curation reward: 32.139376 SPT for splinterlands/chaos-legion-the-voice
Curation reward: 29.275680 SPT for splinterlands/tome-of-chaos-the-collection
Curation reward: 14.841338 SPT for moeenali/the-last-quest-of-this-season-or-rare-gold-naga-assassin
Curation reward: 17.900071 SPT for knowhow92/splinterlands-last-ranked-quest-for-this-season
Curation reward: 24.873186 SPT for ultm8x/splinterlands-rental-dilemma
Curation reward: 26.888713 SPT for rentmoney/splinterlands-nft-sells-for-usd700-000-usd
Curation reward: 38.768586 SPT for mistakili/splinterlands-cards-nftrentals-at-an-all-time-high-and-i-took-advantage-of-it
Curation reward: 219.019566 SPT for m3ss/double-dance-with-dragons-dragon-splinter-battles-on-the-boarder-of-diamond-and-gold
Curation reward: 14.369682 SPT for road2horizon/splinterlands-quest-october-14-2021
Curation reward: 14.779632 SPT for ultm8x/splinterlands-adding-credits-before-pre-sale
Curation reward: 20.766193 SPT for splinterlands/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-dragons2
Staked 606.698769 SPT to abcor
Curation reward: 13.074469 SPT for road2horizon/739kbn-1-week-free-delegation-biceratops-level-1
Curation reward: 13.132081 SPT for jini-zzang/splinterlands-2021-10-14
Curation reward: 12.105171 SPT for hbbear.report/dailysmrreal-2021-10-14
Curation reward: 12.940070 SPT for road2horizon/splinterlands-quest-october-13-2021
Curation reward: 15.597355 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-the-chaos-legion-is-coming
Curation reward: 14.424938 SPT for zeruxanime/splinterlands-win-free-card-quest-giveaway-round-265
Curation reward: 15.798543 SPT for clove71/ptexackt
Curation reward: 14.228449 SPT for moeenali/weekly-battle-challenge-with-haunted-spider
Curation reward: 32.491683 SPT for rosiew/one-more-day-until-the-end-of-the-season
Curation reward: 39.358637 SPT for knowhow92/splinterlands-gameplay-life-splinter-quest-likeapro
Curation reward: 22.883359 SPT for jim-crypto/my-splinterlands-card-deck-dollar-value-at-all-time-high-choas-fever-continues-splintertalk-thg
Curation reward: 72.130413 SPT for funnel/the-three-musketeers-in-splinterlands-universe-dec-sps-spt
Curation reward: 18.911539 SPT for reeta0119/how-sps-by-splinterlands-has-impacted-my-life-in-positive-way
Curation reward: 25.629954 SPT for m3ss/the-season-finale-rental-power-fiasco-an-examination-of-foolishness
Curation reward: 15.329805 SPT for rentmoney/splinterlands-over-one-million-usd-awarded
Curation reward: 30.504592 SPT for karuna21/kiara-lightbringer-my-todays-splinterlands-social-media-challenge-art
Curation reward: 86.433636 SPT for ultm8x/buying-sps-got-bugged
Curation reward: 18.506192 SPT for revisesociology/understanding-resource-credits-costs-on-hive-and-splinterlands
Curation reward: 12.779194 SPT for jini-zzang/splinterlands-chaos-legion-pre-sale
Curation reward: 12.832129 SPT for road2horizon/3m2mee-1-week-free-delegation-wave-runner-level-1
Curation reward: 12.039144 SPT for jini-zzang/splinterlands-2021-10-13
Curation reward: 13.584232 SPT for road2horizon/splinterlands-quest-october-12-2021
Curation reward: 12.567982 SPT for hbbear.report/dailysmrreal-2021-10-13
Curation reward: 28.881480 SPT for moeenali/uraeus-an-epic-neutral-monster-with-sneak-and-poison-ability
Curation reward: 40.533722 SPT for rosiew/choose-your-own-splinterlands-adventure
Staked 116.567812 SPT to abcor
Curation reward: 16.813163 SPT for travelgirl/the-power-of-staking-and-compounding-sps
Staked 208.362415 SPT to abcor
Curation reward: 24.299712 SPT for bala41288/splinterlands-may-hay-while-the-sun-shines-bright
Staked 750.635582 SPT to abcor
Staked 812.714531 SPT to abcor
Staked 177.109286 SPT to abcor
Staked 465.575103 SPT to abcor
Staked 137.740147 SPT to abcor
Staked 460.985617 SPT to abcor
Staked 37.451289 SPT to abcor
Staked 131.593324 SPT to abcor
Staked 464.915888 SPT to abcor
Staked 192.700721 SPT to abcor
Staked 426.645229 SPT to abcor
Staked 245.595031 SPT to abcor
Staked 88.887814 SPT to abcor
Staked 389.675875 SPT to abcor
Staked 158.338026 SPT to abcor
Staked 310.071756 SPT to abcor
Staked 84.841487 SPT to abcor
Staked 1030.802479 SPT to abcor
Staked 219.913369 SPT to abcor
Staked 336.912182 SPT to abcor
Staked 413.922918 SPT to abcor
Staked 389.183855 SPT to abcor
Staked 777.202604 SPT to abcor
Staked 506.414781 SPT to abcor
Staked 327.551012 SPT to abcor
Staked 116.842127 SPT to abcor
Staked 240.177782 SPT to abcor
Staked 193.263116 SPT to abcor
Staked 416.408423 SPT to abcor
Staked 565.047597 SPT to abcor
Staked 250.036552 SPT to abcor
Staked 188.877962 SPT to abcor
Staked 114.276416 SPT to abcor
Staked 517.688948 SPT to abcor
Staked 37.692058 SPT to abcor
Staked 164.052935 SPT to abcor
Staked 527.769171 SPT to abcor
Staked 210.585008 SPT to abcor
Staked 273.20847 SPT to abcor
Staked 117.698291 SPT to abcor
Staked 348.70295 SPT to abcor
Staked 107.118684 SPT to abcor
Staked 389.123696 SPT to abcor
Staked 403.265489 SPT to abcor
Staked 147.916058 SPT to abcor
Staked 116.959875 SPT to abcor