My favourite youtubers: Luke plays to earn

Hello friends! 👻

Just want to share some little treasures that I have found on Youtube.


His name is Luke and you can visit his channel here
I love him. I love how pedagogic his arguments are. He creates high-quality content focused on low-budget accounts (exactly like me except the quality 🤓). Some of his hot points are:

  • He has 4 low-level accounts with 10$ spellbook budget a little more who is playing day by day to optimize rewards. He regularly updates his evolution in his channel.
  • He gives smart pieces of advice about how to manage your budget. The advice may vary if you are focusing in short term or long term like him.
  • Also in-game battles followed by his decision progress in the deckbuilding process.
  • Finally, he has a public google drive sheet where he shares his calculus with everyone.

In my opinion, he is a clear example of how good is the #Splinterlands community. He is focused on new players and his advice is brilliant. And what I like more about him. He is humble. Maybe because I feel close to him I will give him Optimus Prime emoji, as he is acting like Optimus to everyone! 🤖

We see each other in Arena Autobots! 🤖


If you are reading my posts for the first time I leave some others that might you interest, I am writing my experience as a new player of Splinterlands (1 Sept 2021) trying to manage my budget wisely:

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