Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-350.519 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 0.003820 SPT for noctury/splinterlands-rare-card-or-hsbi-giveaway-raffle-22-ende
Curation reward: 0.014575 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-392
Curation reward: 0.003867 SPT for fredfettmeister/re-burn950-2022917t1425209z
Author reward: 0.148799 SPT for burn950/re-fredfettmeister-2022917t13552522z
Author reward: 0.245463 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-2022917t13491698z
Curation reward: 0.014912 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-391
Curation reward: 0.004453 SPT for fredfettmeister/freds-wheel-of-fortune-28-and-winners-27-deutschenglish
Curation reward: 0.004517 SPT for noctury/win-3-splinterlands-cards-or-1-hsbi-15-ende
Curation reward: 0.006748 SPT for wrestorgonline/meet-the-woo-staff
Author reward: 0.250930 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-2022916t155934905z
Author reward: 0.251009 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-2022916t15432885z
Curation reward: 0.028390 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-390
Staked 53.241005 SPT to burn950
Curation reward: 0.004665 SPT for noctury/splinterlands-beta-card-or-hsbi-giveaway-raffle-32-ende
Curation reward: 0.004513 SPT for vikisecrets/monster-giveaway-winner-announcement-2022-09-15
Author reward: 0.243567 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-2022915t11738839z
Curation reward: 0.010699 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-389
Curation reward: 0.004109 SPT for m1sterjw/sieg-fur-die-hatchlings
Curation reward: 0.002413 SPT for slicense/slicense-shareholder-snapshot-nummer-8
Completed unstake of 48.491328 SPT
Author reward: 0.000483 SPT for burn950/re-vikisecrets-2022914t165558313z
Author reward: 0.245328 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-2022914t13256612z
Curation reward: 0.014283 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-388
Curation reward: 0.006741 SPT for vikisecrets/monster-giveaway-guess-the-number-of-tomorrows-active-splinterlands-players-deadline-2022-09-14-2359-utc
Curation reward: 0.011953 SPT for noctury/choose-one-of-two-not-so-common-splinterlands-cards-or-1-hsbi-raffle-28-ende
Curation reward: 0.012278 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-387
Curation reward: 0.012997 SPT for bechibenner/re-burn950-2022912t122925215z
Author reward: 3.888074 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-2022912t114921423z
Curation reward: 0.023704 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-386
Curation reward: 0.006971 SPT for noctury/splinterlands-rare-card-or-hsbi-giveaway-raffle-21-ende
Curation reward: 0.006501 SPT for vasupi/guess-the-ruleset-takes-a-break-en-de
Author reward: 0.239261 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-2022911t12521307z
Curation reward: 0.011137 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-385
Staked 50.257609 SPT to burn950
Author reward: 0.225073 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-2022910t11560788z
Curation reward: 0.019509 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-384
Curation reward: 0.004911 SPT for noctury/win-3-splinterlands-cards-or-1-hsbi-14-ende
Curation reward: 0.006500 SPT for lxsxl/the-winner-of-splinterlands-giveaway
Author reward: 0.226535 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-202299t1171398z
Curation reward: 0.010988 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-383
Curation reward: 0.006584 SPT for noctury/splinterlands-beta-card-or-hsbi-giveaway-raffle-31-ende
Curation reward: 0.007213 SPT for miketr/status-update-slicense-token-start-der-sps-rewards
Curation reward: 0.015432 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-382
Curation reward: 0.087663 SPT for hiq/hiq-22-or-smart-stylish-and-sexy-or-printausgabe-zum-selberkaufen-tribe-token-pt-2-hiqs-wars-photography-lovers-uvvm
Curation reward: 0.006956 SPT for slicense/slicense-shareholder-snapshot-nummer-7
Completed unstake of 48.491328 SPT
Curation reward: 0.006430 SPT for octavian1/splinterlands-social-media-challenge-ranking-all-new-6-riftwatchers-summoners
Curation reward: 0.008604 SPT for miketr/status-update-slicense-token-woche-9
Author reward: 0.234295 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-202297t15812365z
Curation reward: 0.028705 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-381
Curation reward: 0.008830 SPT for noctury/choose-one-of-two-not-so-common-splinterlands-cards-or-1-hsbi-raffle-27-ende
Author reward: 0.238641 SPT for burn950/re-kryptodenno-202296t11438288z
Curation reward: 0.025025 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-380
Curation reward: 0.008584 SPT for miketr/re-burn950-rhqudt
Staked 1.653732 SPT to burn950
Started unstake of 193.965313 SPT
Staked 1.175521 SPT to burn950
Staked 1.683418 SPT to burn950
Staked 5.191979 SPT to burn950
Staked 1.141007 SPT to burn950
Staked 8.807948 SPT to burn950
Staked 3.651444 SPT to burn950
Staked 1.985226 SPT to burn950
Staked 1.029917 SPT to burn950
Staked 8.654249 SPT to burn950
Staked 0.727759 SPT to burn950
Staked 4.897801 SPT to burn950
Staked 0.248272 SPT to burn950
Staked 1.047463 SPT to burn950
Staked 34.889112 SPT to burn950
Staked 7.500325 SPT to burn950
Staked 38.433874 SPT to burn950
Staked 34.798239 SPT to burn950
Completed unstake of 33.800205 SPT
Staked 0.722669 SPT to burn950
Staked 34.319715 SPT to burn950
Completed unstake of 33.800205 SPT
Staked 2.995674 SPT to burn950
Staked 0.063701 SPT to burn950
Started unstake of 135.200821 SPT
Staked 0.270942 SPT to burn950
Staked 5.44682 SPT to burn950
Staked 0.119542 SPT to burn950
Staked 6.890614 SPT to burn950
Staked 0.043886 SPT to burn950
Staked 1.201756 SPT to burn950
Staked 3.647359 SPT to burn950
Staked 3.68665 SPT to burn950
Staked 4.677277 SPT to burn950
Staked 2.347346 SPT to burn950
Staked 1.198263 SPT to burn950
Staked 1.122572 SPT to burn950
Staked 2.296168 SPT to burn950
Staked 5.599838 SPT to burn950
Staked 1.155088 SPT to burn950
Staked 3.417296 SPT to burn950
Staked 2.282687 SPT to burn950
Staked 4.410197 SPT to burn950
Staked 5.590461 SPT to burn950
Staked 7.775559 SPT to burn950