Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-305.337 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 0.009149 SPT for failingforward/re-monstergames-2021118t141051314z
Curation reward: 0.009345 SPT for failingforward/re-monstergames-kvpun42q
Curation reward: 0.004792 SPT for monstergames/splinterlands-starter-basics-5-rules-to-get-going
Curation reward: 0.010208 SPT for clove71/r1pr54
Author reward: 1.300108 SPT for davemccoy/re-steemmonsters-r1pqw2
Author reward: 5.396461 SPT for davemccoy/re-splinterlands-r1paqg
Curation reward: 0.007303 SPT for splinterlands/additional-security-updates
Curation reward: 0.010280 SPT for steemmonsters/re-drabs587-r1nycv
Curation reward: 0.010761 SPT for drabs587/fakekrzi
Curation reward: 0.005141 SPT for rentmoney/free-voucher-inside-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.009944 SPT for rentmoney/r1kwli
Author reward: 63.797712 SPT for davemccoy/re-rentmoney-r1kfjs
Curation reward: 0.004924 SPT for rentmoney/r1k6tm
Curation reward: 0.005004 SPT for gregory-f/r1k69g
Curation reward: 0.009238 SPT for rentmoney/r1k0xx
Curation reward: 0.004719 SPT for tokutaro22/re-rentmoney-20211026t01526177z
Curation reward: 0.005136 SPT for tsnaks/re-rentmoney-r1k03j
Curation reward: 0.004866 SPT for atnazo/re-rentmoney-kv733d7e
Curation reward: 0.005698 SPT for rentmoney/free-splinterlands-voucher-winner-free-1000-collection-power-winner
Author reward: 0.037289 SPT for davemccoy/re-relf87-r1hrvv
Curation reward: 0.010878 SPT for marianaemilia/r1ct30
Author reward: 206.030712 SPT for davemccoy/re-quinz33-r1cc6e
Author reward: 4.295209 SPT for davemccoy/re-splinterlands-r1cc21
Curation reward: 0.005803 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-updates-october-2021
Curation reward: 0.005721 SPT for marianaemilia/i-was-interviewed-by-the-brazilian-magazine-nft-play-english-version
Curation reward: 0.006469 SPT for rentmoney/re-rentmoney-7jl9qb
Curation reward: 0.006032 SPT for rentmoney/free-splinterlands-voucher-inside-used-to-purchase-chaos-legion-packs
Curation reward: 0.004952 SPT for teampossible/team-possible-diamond-guild-important-update-policy-and-guidelines
Curation reward: 0.207738 SPT for tsnaks/re-davemccoy-r064tq
Curation reward: 0.005460 SPT for gamemusic/re-splinterlands-r061x3
Curation reward: 0.006136 SPT for rentmoney/r061l9
Author reward: 350.630827 SPT for davemccoy/re-splinterlands-r0619a
Curation reward: 0.010966 SPT for fremanfed/re-splinterlands-r060v1
Curation reward: 0.013421 SPT for rentmoney/r060oj
Curation reward: 0.011210 SPT for pwny/re-splinterlands-r05zlf
Curation reward: 0.011436 SPT for jitbag/re-splinterlands-r05zfl
Curation reward: 0.013250 SPT for draygyn/re-splinterlands-r05yjl
Curation reward: 0.012979 SPT for citizendog/re-c01n-d0z3r-r05yk9
Curation reward: 0.377373 SPT for dlmmqb/re-splinterlands-2021929t23051908z
Curation reward: 0.011972 SPT for unorgmilitia/re-splinterlands-r05yh4
Curation reward: 0.011808 SPT for citizendog/re-splinterlands-r05yhn
Curation reward: 0.082876 SPT for enginewitty/re-splinterlands-r05ycx
Curation reward: 0.012727 SPT for dreamryder007/re-splinterlands-r05y1z
Curation reward: 0.007042 SPT for trenloco/re-splinterlands-ku4l0vny
Curation reward: 0.007504 SPT for zwenki/re-splinterlands-r05xsx
Curation reward: 0.007610 SPT for splinterlands/game-economy-and-reward-updates
Completed unstake of 2582.435 SPT
Author reward: 0.008383 SPT for davemccoy/re-cryptoniusrex-r03omz
Curation reward: 0.829656 SPT for cryptoniusrex/warning-urgent-scams-and-flim-flam-how-to-avoid-splinterscams-before-its-too-late
Author reward: 405.164368 SPT for davemccoy/re-splinterlands-qzy733
Curation reward: 0.497579 SPT for splinterlands/chaos-legion-set-and-presale-info
Completed unstake of 2582.435 SPT
Completed unstake of 2582.435 SPT
Completed unstake of 2582.435 SPT
Started unstake of 10329.74 SPT
Staked 3422 SPT to davemccoy
Staked 1025 SPT to davemccoy
Staked 5882.74 SPT to davemccoy