Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+275948.171145 SPT
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-53.209 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 27.556278 SPT for mamun123456/rbogvmhd
Curation reward: 19.485016 SPT for definethedollar/jan-11-22
Curation reward: 30.778835 SPT for shariarahammad/today-s-sharing-my-daily-quest-battles-or-or-today-my-battles-life-quest
Curation reward: 29.972776 SPT for travelr78/winner-of-splinterlands-card-giveaway-05-and-announcement-of-giveaway-06
Curation reward: 24.919211 SPT for photosnap/5ddb5g-quest-rewards-of-splinterlands-game-100-power-up
Curation reward: 16.803882 SPT for marianaemilia/splinterzine---41---january-12th---2022
Curation reward: 17.315148 SPT for realsort/aomvyedc
Curation reward: 19.668460 SPT for kenny-crane/actifit-kenny-crane-20220112t104603595z
Curation reward: 27.814148 SPT for aburihan1/i-am-very-happy-to-be-the-winner-of-the-quiz-and-get-6-credits
Curation reward: 28.640994 SPT for ynwa.andree/actifit-ynwa-andree-20220111t220603841z
Curation reward: 69.900743 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-weekly-curation-challange-january-11-2022
Curation reward: 18.843951 SPT for definethedollar/jan-10-22
Curation reward: 33.571760 SPT for shariarahammad/today-s-sharing-my-daily-quest-battles-or-or-play-ranked-game-earth-quest-challenge-is-complete
Curation reward: 30.577306 SPT for travelr78/winner-of-splinterlands-card-giveaway-04-and-announcement-of-giveaway-05
Curation reward: 26.846670 SPT for tumppa-queen/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-wood-nymph
Curation reward: 25.356989 SPT for photosnap/5w1lgx-quest-rewards-of-splinterlands-game-100-power-up
Staked 1277.507674 SPT to jini-zzang
Curation reward: 18.224034 SPT for kojiri/kojiris-week-giveaway-special-card-every-sunday-57
Curation reward: 22.248047 SPT for uyobong/the-entire-cryptoverse-is-converging-on-hive-don-t-miss-out
Curation reward: 20.622478 SPT for oadissin/emigdnex
Curation reward: 25.555670 SPT for realsort/otvndmtl
Curation reward: 20.421013 SPT for rayius/brawl-report-24-back-to-hell
Curation reward: 67.307683 SPT for splinterlands/blight-splinterchampion-nfts
Curation reward: 28.263793 SPT for aburihan1/the-first-quiz-winner-is-battle
Curation reward: 29.007644 SPT for rentmoney/all-the-hive-dollars-this-topic-generates-is-yours-week-thirty
Curation reward: 31.750160 SPT for shariarahammad/today-s-sharing-my-daily-quest-battles
Curation reward: 17.059253 SPT for definethedollar/jan-9-22
Curation reward: 24.534266 SPT for photosnap/cj2n5-quest-rewards-of-splinterlands-game-100-power-up
Curation reward: 18.114852 SPT for atnazo/fbxdrsxq
Curation reward: 61.840464 SPT for clove71/guild-brawl-battles-gladius-case-openings-and-giveaway
Curation reward: 27.052511 SPT for sazzad-sm/exiting-battle-of-max-mana-battling-against-strong-opponent-win-or-loose
Curation reward: 23.950218 SPT for thales7/actifit-thales7-20220109t225601048z
Curation reward: 83.790843 SPT for azircon/look-maa-i-can-beat-them
Curation reward: 24.135430 SPT for realsort/jkicrgfc
Curation reward: 70.351154 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-week-171-10-booster-pack-prize
Curation reward: 125.750230 SPT for rentmoney/just-three-day-left-chaos-legion-general-sale-phase-one
Curation reward: 23.344549 SPT for tumppa-queen/5sgoz1-high-priority-targets-win-5-battles-using-a-snipe-monster
Curation reward: 17.103980 SPT for mamun123456/lnkphnau
Curation reward: 16.936265 SPT for definethedollar/jan-8-22
Curation reward: 29.429890 SPT for shariarahammad/play-ranked-game-fire-quest-challenge-is-complete-or-or-pyre-1-vs-mother-khala-1-or-or
Curation reward: 23.632943 SPT for photosnap/76yqsm-quest-rewards-of-splinterlands-game-100-power-up
Curation reward: 144.116653 SPT for clove71/ssjtctly
Curation reward: 31.151725 SPT for aburihan1/13-mana-is-very-happy-after-winning-the-battle
Curation reward: 49.456847 SPT for splinterlands/latest-chaos-legion-nfts-on-splintertalk-r5ew2l
Curation reward: 18.914818 SPT for realsort/noxpqsun
Curation reward: 19.151990 SPT for mamun123456/rdkztqxl
Curation reward: 17.677183 SPT for definethedollar/jan-7-22
Curation reward: 31.663363 SPT for shariarahammad/free-cart-for-pelacor-mercenary-or-or-playing-splinterlands-game-or-or-new-challenge-is-complete-or-or
Curation reward: 30.084361 SPT for rentmoney/shill-me-your-blog
Curation reward: 29.955602 SPT for photosnap/48tjwc-quest-rewards-of-splinterlands-game-100-power-up
Curation reward: 32.209006 SPT for travelr78/winner-of-splinterlands-card-giveaway-01-and-announcement-of-giveaway-02
Staked 1402.124609 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 495.422507 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 2889.93984 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 2824.825462 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 1063.773648 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 3278.826666 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 1960.245428 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 661.792652 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 3005.25758 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 1676.347941 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 2542.029162 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 1951.876635 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 661.344801 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 609.130036 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 1043.110442 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 1693.842661 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 812.481475 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 1328.328161 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 2138.787966 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 467.257056 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 781.082587 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 1287.162871 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 1723.092986 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 2363.078236 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 2553.384505 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 1014.049317 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 655.210984 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 751.874835 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 160.254311 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 2572.832496 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 162.108107 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 590.582828 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 747.633618 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 634.588731 SPT to jini-zzang
Received delegation of 5699.001553 SPT from jini-zzang
Staked 534.972529 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 218.722458 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 867.075531 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 269.769683 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 395.519714 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 115.446559 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 2162.244044 SPT to jini-zzang
Received delegation of 5713.761242 SPT from jini-zzang
Staked 168.281015 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 855.60053 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 374.628119 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 336.814616 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 710.511479 SPT to jini-zzang
Staked 979.055364 SPT to jini-zzang