Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-3.167 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.003791 SPT for eusouazul/re-arthursiq5-rgh106
Author reward: 23.100560 SPT for eusouazul/minha-tentativa-de-fazer-dinheiro-com-o-instagram
Author reward: 173.593783 SPT for eusouazul/the-prismologist-star
Author reward: 33.344030 SPT for eusouazul/my-parrot
Author reward: 1526.459518 SPT for eusouazul/hill-giant
Author reward: 0.003859 SPT for eusouazul/re-arthursiq5-rfjmu9
Author reward: 0.004042 SPT for eusouazul/re-arthursiq5-rfihkk
Author reward: 1936.659430 SPT for eusouazul/flying-squid
Author reward: 30.326937 SPT for eusouazul/nao-e-um-ninja-not-a-ninja
Author reward: 36.708967 SPT for eusouazul/i-can-fly
Author reward: 19.821723 SPT for eusouazul/time-perfeito-perfect-team
Author reward: 36.345865 SPT for eusouazul/sem-brincadeiras-no-joking
Author reward: 2098.062562 SPT for eusouazul/invocador-da-morte-death-summoner
Author reward: 1866.561701 SPT for eusouazul/nao-ultrapasse-no-trespassing
Author reward: 2318.004700 SPT for eusouazul/dama-do-ceu-sky-lady
Author reward: 1406.683279 SPT for eusouazul/preco-justo-fair-price
Author reward: 1715.947789 SPT for eusouazul/nao-posso-esperar-porque-sou-a-senhora-do-tempo-i-cant-wait-cause-im-the-weather-lady
Author reward: 1392.831052 SPT for eusouazul/vamos-scavo-lets-go-scavo
Author reward: 823.496082 SPT for eusouazul/vai-uma-martelada-ai
Author reward: 1892.458309 SPT for eusouazul/trevas-darkness
Author reward: 2214.260998 SPT for eusouazul/ciumes-jealousy
Author reward: 1805.421214 SPT for eusouazul/pequena-criatura-little-creature
Author reward: 1911.409401 SPT for eusouazul/o-monstro-verde-the-green-monster
Author reward: 1313.142827 SPT for eusouazul/escondam-seus-pescocos-hide-your-necks
Author reward: 4.543881 SPT for eusouazul/re-shiftrox-r9hhak
Author reward: 1909.732919 SPT for eusouazul/o-anjo-da-morte-the-angel-of-death
Author reward: 1414.314243 SPT for eusouazul/o-time-de-milhoes-the-million-team
Author reward: 829.419450 SPT for eusouazul/dragoes-tomem-cuidado-dragons-beware
Author reward: 0.040124 SPT for eusouazul/re-nahupuku-r9150r
Author reward: 0.019981 SPT for eusouazul/re-nahupuku-r90z3p
Received 10007.114 SPT from rphspinheiro
Author reward: 0.019488 SPT for eusouazul/re-nahupuku-r8z8wp
Author reward: 2201.682998 SPT for eusouazul/deusa-da-cura-goddess-of-healing
Author reward: 2222.430719 SPT for eusouazul/sera-que-ele-morde-does-he-bite
Author reward: 2106.128023 SPT for eusouazul/algo-sombrio-something-dark
Author reward: 1759.847309 SPT for eusouazul/reuniao-na-floresta-meeting-in-the-forest
Author reward: 2104.686326 SPT for eusouazul/se-eu-fosse-voce-ficaria-longe-if-i-were-you-i-would-stay-away
Author reward: 0.145911 SPT for eusouazul/re-rphspinheiro-r8kbti
Author reward: 0.144148 SPT for eusouazul/re-rphspinheiro-r8id87
Author reward: 1567.142969 SPT for eusouazul/guerreira-da-agua-water-warrior
Author reward: 2055.356209 SPT for eusouazul/as-meninas-super-poderosas
Author reward: 2031.068415 SPT for eusouazul/desafio-semanal-r86qbp
Author reward: 1796.292117 SPT for eusouazul/alguem-pediu-uma-assassina-ai
Author reward: 1694.812691 SPT for eusouazul/que-a-luz-esteja-com-voce
Author reward: 0.281980 SPT for eusouazul/re-underlock-r7vg9t
Author reward: 1512.554767 SPT for eusouazul/tem-certeza-que-e-um-anjo
Author reward: 1262.631597 SPT for eusouazul/calma-jovem
Author reward: 1903.104950 SPT for eusouazul/ta-afim-de-um-peixinho-ai
Author reward: 1903.434380 SPT for eusouazul/cuidado-com-o-stalker
Author reward: 1867.405242 SPT for eusouazul/calma-e-so-uma-cobrinha
Author reward: 1643.498442 SPT for eusouazul/ta-pegando-fogo