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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.227056 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-riplzr
Author reward: 0.000013 SPT for ghostlybg/re-hoffmeister84-rinxl5
Author reward: 0.228981 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rinoty
Author reward: 5.414138 SPT for ghostlybg/the-last-7-days-in-splinterlands-have-been-awesome--
Author reward: 18.155960 SPT for ghostlybg/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-life-sapper
Author reward: 0.229808 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rilyck
Author reward: 0.227514 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rikogl
Author reward: 0.227445 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rihzyg
Author reward: 0.236285 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rigcly
Author reward: 0.000014 SPT for ghostlybg/re-hoffmeister84-rienbo
Author reward: 0.240619 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rieh4j
Author reward: 0.245144 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-ricqe8
Author reward: 0.253211 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-riayn8
Author reward: 3.454757 SPT for ghostlybg/analysis-15th-full-season-in-splinterlands-rewards-and-stats-gold-i-and-a-jump-to-diamond-iii--season-end-rewards-and-stats-f
Author reward: 19.894972 SPT for ghostlybg/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-pelacor-arbalest
Author reward: 0.243867 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-ri8vpq
Author reward: 0.241582 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-ri57ux
Author reward: 0.235324 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-ri3990
Author reward: 0.000013 SPT for ghostlybg/re-hoffmeister84-ri29an
Author reward: 0.223973 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-ri0sbk
Author reward: 0.225789 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhxv3w
Author reward: 0.228003 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhvv2q
Author reward: 25.102380 SPT for ghostlybg/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-mycelic-slipspawn
Author reward: 0.236525 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhu1j4
Author reward: 18.591610 SPT for ghostlybg/daily-focus-report-gold-iisilver-i-stealth
Author reward: 0.239460 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhsbq5
Author reward: 0.000013 SPT for ghostlybg/re-hoffmeister84-rhp3kg
Author reward: 0.236672 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhmurj
Author reward: 13.487632 SPT for ghostlybg/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-angelic-mandarin
Author reward: 0.233769 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhkp0k
Author reward: 0.227205 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhj7xt
Author reward: 6.393854 SPT for ghostlybg/analysis-14th-full-season-in-splinterlands-rewards-and-stats-gold-i--season-end-rewards-and-stats-for-my-alt-account-bronze-
Author reward: 0.242875 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhh37o
Author reward: 0.248116 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhfer6
Author reward: 0.246081 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhdaqy
Author reward: 0.000014 SPT for ghostlybg/re-hoffmeister84-rhbsr0
Author reward: 0.248768 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rhbn4o
Author reward: 0.245713 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rh7s56
Author reward: 0.233648 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rh5wwl
Author reward: 16.083004 SPT for ghostlybg/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-tenyii-striker
Author reward: 0.240749 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rh41wv
Author reward: 5.887415 SPT for ghostlybg/daily-quest-report-gold-ii-fire
Author reward: 0.237225 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rh27ox
Author reward: 0.245736 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rh0bwf
Author reward: 0.000014 SPT for ghostlybg/re-hoffmeister84-rgyxzj
Author reward: 0.248607 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rgypkt
Author reward: 0.739088 SPT for ghostlybg/13th-12-pack-opening-powered-by-the-starbits-millionaire-card
Author reward: 0.247246 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rgwshj
Author reward: 34.304668 SPT for ghostlybg/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-venari-spellsmith
Author reward: 0.250606 SPT for ghostlybg/re-kryptodenno-rguqsr
Transferred 997.182402 SPT to dswap SwapRequest 4a24b7fc-0e35-4a45-8f8f-fa2b6a674c03
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