LOLZ Token - The Cryptocurrency With A Funny Bone

Spreading laughs has never been more rewarding!
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-13.459759 SPT
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-27.167 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 1.883025 SPT for lolztoken/re-gestionalive-r921f4
Staked 1990.283755 SPT to lolz.spt
Author reward: 0.018329 SPT for lolztoken/re-lofone-r8usnr
Author reward: 0.076913 SPT for lolztoken/re-darmst5339-r8r99j
Author reward: 0.089994 SPT for lolztoken/re-ijat-r8r95l
Author reward: 0.000106 SPT for lolztoken/re-invest-time-r8op2j
Author reward: 0.001193 SPT for lolztoken/re-buffalobison-r8ooxz
Author reward: 0.000001 SPT for lolztoken/re-cryptokungfu-r8no6m
Author reward: 1990.097219 SPT for lolztoken/lolz-project-update-new-governors-auto-farming-reports-to-do-list-daily-lolz-giveaways-and-lolz-free4all
Staked 8.652006 SPT to lolz.spt
Author reward: 8.582111 SPT for lolztoken/re-forsakensushi-r8du7x
Curation reward: 0.000990 SPT for letsjam/splinterlands-share-your-battle-challenge-dragons
Curation reward: 0.060727 SPT for chris.topher/pqromhng
Curation reward: 0.002547 SPT for dalz/a-look-at-the-dec-inflation-or-the-splinterlands-reward-token-7mmmue
Curation reward: 0.000198 SPT for yeckingo1/bln3wg4c1f20rv5ko4hdj8
Curation reward: 0.001334 SPT for vjekich/1-week-delegation-djinn-oshannus
Curation reward: 0.000723 SPT for mad-runner/was-it-a-question-of
Curation reward: 0.000217 SPT for lizzyblue2/playing-splinterlands-for-the-first
Curation reward: 0.000192 SPT for jazzy09/phwzv16mmn3pv3674wbzj2
Curation reward: 0.002967 SPT for jazzy09/t3nzm1zcur4udbos0d4ani
Delegated 13.459759 SPT to lolz.spt
Staked 10.127427 SPT to lolztoken
Curation reward: 0.000189 SPT for jazzy09/81lt0h3j6w5ty91wwno54r
Curation reward: 0.041846 SPT for zasktrader/rising-star-account-update-level-50-and-10k-starbits-daily-in-just-30-minutes
Curation reward: 0.000758 SPT for assasin/1caass7wey9c3ed0q7zrx6
Curation reward: 0.000666 SPT for maddogmike/a-few-battles-from-our-brawl-in-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.000382 SPT for dalz/data-on-the-splinterlands-sps-token-or-transfers-staking-supply-and-top-accounts
Curation reward: 0.000181 SPT for chefmike/snwncojv
Curation reward: 0.000580 SPT for maddogmike/vdrzkhzd
Curation reward: 0.000812 SPT for forsakensushi/splinterlands-hits-mainstream-financial-news-without-marketing
Curation reward: 0.000180 SPT for twoitguys/nine-chronicles-arena-season-1-with-448k-ncg-reward-pool--live-stream-at-8pm-eastern-time
Curation reward: 0.000260 SPT for danrid/splinterstats-season-62-report-card
Curation reward: 0.010073 SPT for rentmoney/r3gpj4
Curation reward: 0.000426 SPT for yeckingo1/jfj3brofsoj8bvpllxb24f
Curation reward: 0.002102 SPT for letsjam/splinterlands-share-your-battle-challenge-defender-of-truth
Author reward: 9.865834 SPT for lolztoken/re-rentmoney-kwlgf2os
Curation reward: 0.196957 SPT for orebutb3/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-defender-of-truth
Curation reward: 0.000845 SPT for edward.martin/uma-maquina-de-destruicao
Curation reward: 0.000730 SPT for yeckingo1/qabpx41r32twzt6n8nu3xg
Curation reward: 0.000177 SPT for jazzy09/rzkjz92pbd2t7taez13z2p
Curation reward: 0.000176 SPT for somu04/top-5-winning-summoners-of-bronze-league-2021-11-26
Curation reward: 0.000060 SPT for rentmoney/r37dit
Curation reward: 0.000649 SPT for pix21/daily-rewards-25-november-1-gold-foil-dollar5
Curation reward: 0.000857 SPT for project10back/my-battle-weekly-challenge-using-stone-golem-by-sinflair
Curation reward: 0.002687 SPT for alexvan/splinterlands-experiment-from-zero-to-hero-ccl
Staked 3.332332 SPT to lolztoken
Author reward: 1.301674 SPT for lolztoken/re-re-mad-runner-20211111t181662z-20211111t170156z
Author reward: 2.030658 SPT for lolztoken/re-re-elikast-r2et5i-20211111t132328z