RE: Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - July 18th, 2022 - 4PM Eastern!

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this is getting out of hand, all these draw backs and catches being added to every aspect of the game is only making it a worse experience for all of the real players instead of doing something to directly adress the problems at hand. there are many other games out there that had systems in place from the start to prevent the problems like this game is having and they did that so they didnt have to go back and waste a ton of time and money trying to come up with fixes that dont really work and only upset a lot of players instead. its sad because this could be a really great game and it almost is but its getting to the point that its just to far from enjoyable anymore. as any gamer with half a brain will say if your not enjoying it then stop playing and im sure lots will, i know im getting close myself. as for the bots, a little reprograming and the will be right back at it. its not like the bots have emotions and care about these changes. at some point players will be able to vote for or against any new changes but it wont matter because the people running these bot farms will have way more voting power then the actual player base so they will get what they want anyway. ill stick it out a little longer in hopes that it will get better but if not then ill just join the croud and set my account up with a rental bot and use the extra time and money to go play something that is enjoyable.

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