Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-5.268 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.355912 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022510t18037337z
Author reward: 0.347981 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202259t193622389z
Author reward: 0.336478 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202258t20504443z
Author reward: 0.335135 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202257t18143600z
Author reward: 0.336307 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202256t2043281z
Author reward: 0.341469 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202255t201650703z
Author reward: 0.335969 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202254t194026367z
Author reward: 0.336637 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202253t181225723z
Author reward: 0.334397 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202252t192026904z
Author reward: 0.345301 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202251t20251868z
Author reward: 0.341304 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022430t18243136z
Author reward: 0.334043 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022429t20329750z
Author reward: 0.331646 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022428t19281880z
Author reward: 0.324025 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022426t202958238z
Author reward: 0.092123 SPT for sergey44/sergey44-re-kenny-crane-actifit-kenny-crane-20220426t082426122z20220426t172244490z
Author reward: 0.482330 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022425t1841743z
Author reward: 0.491505 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022424t192630699z
Author reward: 0.506581 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022423t193417517z
Author reward: 0.500092 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022422t191348937z
Author reward: 0.508066 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022421t19253639z
Author reward: 0.531668 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022420t183033497z
Author reward: 0.531878 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022419t19257173z
Author reward: 0.509426 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022418t204231183z
Author reward: 0.531088 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022417t123818707z
Author reward: 0.493753 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022416t20144245z
Author reward: 0.500441 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022415t18132320z
Author reward: 0.494843 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022414t182055799z
Author reward: 0.489051 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022413t19449726z
Author reward: 0.509077 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022412t18148420z
Author reward: 0.499545 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022411t191212164z
Author reward: 0.504102 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022410t181729412z
Author reward: 0.493913 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202249t171755530z
Author reward: 0.478702 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202248t183151465z
Author reward: 0.482857 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202246t202055913z
Author reward: 0.480360 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202245t181551181z
Author reward: 0.485649 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202243t191428266z
Author reward: 0.482430 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202242t2009990z
Author reward: 0.480851 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-202241t19953182z
Author reward: 0.486750 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022329t174656953z
Author reward: 0.493432 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022327t185651357z
Author reward: 0.139190 SPT for sergey44/sergey44-re-kenny-crane-actifit-kenny-crane-20220327t082228255z20220327t155211707z
Author reward: 0.479173 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022326t20731312z
Author reward: 0.484995 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022325t191530418z
Author reward: 0.477399 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022324t184454639z
Author reward: 0.441565 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022323t1842230z
Author reward: 0.470080 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022322t183532514z
Author reward: 0.497144 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022321t175430576z
Author reward: 0.498576 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022321t17530107z
Author reward: 0.482195 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022319t205313916z
Author reward: 0.494009 SPT for sergey44/re-joetunex-2022318t19626633z
Completed unstake of 0.681126 SPT
Completed unstake of 0.681123 SPT
Completed unstake of 0.681123 SPT
Completed unstake of 0.681123 SPT
Started unstake of 2.724495 SPT
Received stake of 2.724495 SPT from splinterlands