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Author reward: 4.241311 SPT for shinoxl/quick-paintover-for-my-students-character
Author reward: 5.742790 SPT for shinoxl/spider-tank-paintover-for-my-student-in-class
Author reward: 151.765926 SPT for shinoxl/undead-dwarf
Author reward: 139.684849 SPT for shinoxl/insina-fighter-design
Author reward: 7.218167 SPT for shinoxl/passions-of-kerala-banana-leaf-rice
Author reward: 61.045150 SPT for shinoxl/spider-tank-design-demo-for-my-class
Author reward: 31.187731 SPT for shinoxl/paintover-for-my-student
Author reward: 4.295855 SPT for shinoxl/all-right-western-food
Author reward: 7.929828 SPT for shinoxl/god-of-war-inspired-drawing-from-10-years-ago
Author reward: 61.682255 SPT for shinoxl/texas-bbq-penang-style-at-smoke-papa
Author reward: 40.314805 SPT for shinoxl/sushi-kappo-miyasaka--pulau-tikus-authentic-japanese-food-in-penang
Author reward: 8.554010 SPT for shinoxl/planes
Author reward: 27.456875 SPT for shinoxl/best-hawker-street-food-in-the-food-capital-of-malaysia-and-some-say-the-world
Author reward: 3.188618 SPT for shinoxl/character-design-process-breakdown-in-a-gif-format
Author reward: 20.377220 SPT for shinoxl/rendering-demo-for-my-class
Author reward: 1.646878 SPT for shinoxl/nyonya-food-local-penang-chinese-peranakan-cuisine
Author reward: 3.554637 SPT for shinoxl/two-graves
Author reward: 7.004261 SPT for shinoxl/nasi-kandar-authentic-indian-frood-from-penang
Author reward: 6.183238 SPT for shinoxl/impressionist-apple-painting
Author reward: 10.304403 SPT for shinoxl/earn-future-crypto-with-your-unused-bandwith-with-grassio
Author reward: 31.399317 SPT for shinoxl/pear-painting
Author reward: 7.755651 SPT for shinoxl/backpack-designs-for-my-functional-drawing-class
Author reward: 10.350843 SPT for shinoxl/taylor-swift-meme-coin-swifties
Author reward: 3.789567 SPT for shinoxl/having-authentic-chinese-hawker-food-at-penangs-famous-cecil-wet-market
Author reward: 13.292163 SPT for shinoxl/concept-tank-deisgn-demo-for-my-class
Author reward: 24.345790 SPT for shinoxl/portrait-rendering-demo-for-my-class
Author reward: 8.069955 SPT for shinoxl/got-a-letter-from-the-malaysian-government-regarding-ai
Author reward: 30.802172 SPT for shinoxl/happy-chinese-new-year-hive-happy-year-of-the-dragon
Author reward: 25.107401 SPT for shinoxl/my-first-annual-dinner-with-the-one-academy
Author reward: 33.285537 SPT for shinoxl/material-surface-rendering-exercise-for-my-students
Author reward: 25.111089 SPT for shinoxl/just-wrapped-my-first-semester-at-the-one-academy
Author reward: 6.823017 SPT for shinoxl/kara-zor-el-aka-supergirl
Author reward: 17.426413 SPT for shinoxl/renaissance-wonder-woman
Author reward: 7.367431 SPT for shinoxl/i-just-hit-my-1st-piece-of-nartors-with-my-1st-legendary-reroll
Author reward: 19.579961 SPT for shinoxl/cajun-koi-academy-new-lofi-channel-on-youtube-with-950k-subs
Author reward: 7.078646 SPT for shinoxl/mecha-girl-attempts-on-midjourney
Author reward: 14.682008 SPT for shinoxl/midjourney-version-51-is-out-of-control
Author reward: 5.326976 SPT for shinoxl/started-splinerforge-i-know-i-am-late
Author reward: 5.725639 SPT for shinoxl/golem-overlord-i-love-this-new-game-on-hive
Author reward: 19.062637 SPT for shinoxl/floyd-mayweather-is-suing-splinterlands-for-14-mil-usd
Author reward: 9.030388 SPT for shinoxl/ai-interpretation-of-splinterlands-mountain-castle
Author reward: 14.678284 SPT for shinoxl/ai-interpretation-of-splinterlands-jungle-keep
Author reward: 0.134407 SPT for shinoxl/re-holoz0r-rsq3is
Author reward: 9.573061 SPT for shinoxl/2-keeps-out-of-59-lands-crazy-pulls-uncle-aggy-will-make-you-rich
Author reward: 14.631308 SPT for shinoxl/tatsumaki-aka-terrible-tornado-from-one-punch-man
Author reward: 6.654782 SPT for shinoxl/this-guy-called-btc-a-scam
Author reward: 12.162425 SPT for shinoxl/animal-farm-page-1
Author reward: 139.376734 SPT for shinoxl/female-elven-warrior-part-2-final-with-background
Author reward: 12.267679 SPT for shinoxl/crusader-kings
Author reward: 25.919053 SPT for shinoxl/female-elven-warrior-breakdown-of-my-process-and-workflow
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