Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-355.312295 SPT
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-70.1 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 0.007364 SPT for eastmael/social-media-challenge-a-surprising-big-rank-reward
Author reward: 0.001147 SPT for sylmarill/rvd6gm
Curation reward: 0.010293 SPT for saydie/sfvlwjwe
Curation reward: 0.007020 SPT for kryptofire/rising-star-woche-54
Curation reward: 0.007813 SPT for hoffmeister84/splinterlands-card-giveaway-63
Author reward: 0.550708 SPT for sylmarill/rvd131
Curation reward: 0.060416 SPT for thepeoplesguild/the-good-the-bad-the-azircon-a-splinterlands-podcast
Curation reward: 0.010382 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-640
Staked 1.200774 SPT to sylmarill
Curation reward: 0.008173 SPT for javivisan/javivisans-daily-giveaway---splinterland-cards-2023-05-27-20230527t180354z
Curation reward: 0.289102 SPT for pablito.saldo/duelo-entre-pares-peer-duel-pteng-battle-mage-secrets
Curation reward: 0.009196 SPT for woo-events/woo-ultimate-brawl-today--4pm-est
Curation reward: 0.010274 SPT for bulkathos/possibilus-an-overwhelming-force-battle-mage-secrets-ruleset-even-steven-gold-league-wild-enes
Curation reward: 0.009338 SPT for tggoficial/cards-giveaway-111-do-you-feel-lucky-esp-eng-20230527t143114z
Curation reward: 0.013699 SPT for rinchaelle05/social-media-challenge-the-downside-of-born-again
Curation reward: 0.010721 SPT for mangomayhem/social-media-challenge--discovering-the-power-of-weapons-training
Curation reward: 0.007393 SPT for danideuder/giveaway-time-109
Curation reward: 0.006310 SPT for mawit07/lending-staked-sps
Curation reward: 0.007644 SPT for saydie/exploring-the-chaos-core-fire-commons
Curation reward: 0.070903 SPT for certain/ikptbjgh
Curation reward: 0.008182 SPT for jpleron/eververse-mayhem-unleashing-the-even-fury
Curation reward: 0.007841 SPT for arveno/death-element-in-even-stevens-ruleset-battle
Curation reward: 0.006679 SPT for kryptofire/saturday-special-giveaway-splinterlands-2
Curation reward: 0.010705 SPT for javivisan/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-even-stevens-en-es
Curation reward: 0.007065 SPT for queenpriscilla/battle-mage-secrets-a-battle
Curation reward: 0.012687 SPT for ga38jem/splinterlands-beginner-s-guide-repair-ability
Author reward: 0.560266 SPT for sylmarill/rvb8z8
Curation reward: 0.016283 SPT for sudeon/all-roads-lead-to-splintershards
Curation reward: 0.014053 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-639
Curation reward: 0.008325 SPT for subashtechy/battle-mage-secrets-weekly-challenge-even-steven
Curation reward: 0.009377 SPT for dk1trade/splinterlands-daily-2x-card-giveaway-231-splinterlands-tagliches-2x-karten-giveaway-231
Curation reward: 0.007734 SPT for dk1trade/splinterforge-rare-card-giveaway-027-splinterforge-rare-karten-giveaway-027
Curation reward: 0.012719 SPT for homecooking/weekly-battle-mage-secrets-challenge-ac443b7e08cd
Curation reward: 0.009187 SPT for jats-0/battle-mage-secrets-even-stevens-en-es
Curation reward: 0.009570 SPT for arc-echo/my-way-to-become-a-splinterlegend-300-anniversary-
Curation reward: 0.008803 SPT for jeffopenscards/zxkxwuqp
Curation reward: 0.030407 SPT for kid.miniatures/battle-mage-secrets--even-stevens-ruleset
Curation reward: 0.009308 SPT for noctury/win-3-splinterlands-cards-or-1-hsbi-51-ende
Curation reward: 0.008830 SPT for gabrielrr17/legends-pseudo-legends-and-many-thorns-weekly-battle-challenge
Staked 2.582849 SPT to sylmarill
Curation reward: 0.016956 SPT for kaljerico/a-goblin-abroad-landfall-in-new-dawn
Curation reward: 0.019334 SPT for javivisan/javivisans-daily-giveaway---splinterland-cards-2023-05-26-20230526t180346z
Curation reward: 0.016027 SPT for godfish/the-odds-have-gone
Author reward: 0.544397 SPT for sylmarill/rv9yaz
Curation reward: 0.078674 SPT for pablodare2/the-queen-in-mana-battles-par-eng-esp
Curation reward: 0.018382 SPT for tggoficial/cards-giveaway-110-do-you-feel-lucky-esp-eng-20230526t143116z
Curation reward: 0.008109 SPT for dk1trade/splinterlands-daily-2x-card-giveaway-230-splinterlands-tagliches-2x-karten-giveaway-230
Curation reward: 0.008266 SPT for dk1trade/splinterforge-rare-card-giveaway-026-splinterforge-rare-karten-giveaway-026
Curation reward: 0.008009 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-638
Curation reward: 0.008295 SPT for noctury/splinterlands-beta-card-or-hsbi-giveaway-raffle-68-ende
Curation reward: 0.017120 SPT for durlan/battle-mage-secrets-weekly-challenge-even-stevens
Curation reward: 0.009816 SPT for beffeater/a-game-turned-a-podcast
Staked 1.677424 SPT to sylmarill
Delegated 355.312295 SPT to lolz.spt
Staked 0.037414 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 2.354165 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 1.092073 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 7.682276 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 1.127854 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 2.727067 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 9.199024 SPT to sylmarill
Completed undelegation of 299.848227 SPT
Staked 7.121597 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.524786 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 2.064344 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 1.221731 SPT to sylmarill
Started undelegation of 299.848227 SPT from splinterboost
Staked 6.154679 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 2.201647 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 1.612607 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.153303 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 10.189501 SPT to sylmarill
Delegated 299.848227 SPT to splinterboost
Staked 1.690481 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.66151 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.641929 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 1.255227 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.558064 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 51.735586 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.420554 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 9.057072 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 8.871364 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 1.170524 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 9.21288 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 1.817266 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.254952 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.620477 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.102067 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.585113 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 1.000565 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.187285 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.577794 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.146975 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.006986 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.12196 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.228125 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 13.851973 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.01981 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.065639 SPT to sylmarill
Staked 0.043844 SPT to sylmarill