😎Today's PIMP Shit - Game Day


Welcome to 'Today's PIMP Shit'. And guess what? It's Game Day, so we're coming through with another curation effort to help better support the PIMPs out there by featuring their #pimp posts that be out here playin' the game. Play on playaz. This will also assist in building this account, which in turn, is better for all the badass fukn' PIMPs steady sporting those diamond hands. The HP earned, will obviously be used to smash on our delegators posts and the HBD earned, will be split - swapping some of it for liquid HIVE for disbursement and the rest of the HBD will get dropped into savings. We hope you enjoy our selections and show them some extra love too.

Or don't.

You can play however you want.

But, if you ain't know, we here to win this mofo.

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Ok @mango-juice, I have to ask why you didn't put Flagulon Reine in the top three. I read your bit - My top 3 LEGENDARY Gladius cards, and am somewhat disappointed not to see her in there! She's got a decent amount of health, blast and shieldbreaker for the annoying void armor bearers. Put her with Delwyn? Ya. Do love Tatiana though. Play on brutha.
Don't you just love Conspiracy Theories? Maybe you're just depressed and fucked up. HA! Seems @neoxian has some mock trial type game over there in his server this Sunday. It's a gamified discussion and I'm under the impression that winners (or participants, rather) will be awarded in some fashion. Might be worth checking out.
I'm glad to see this, as Riftwing has been one of my secret strategies to counter those pesky sneak villains. I really like how you used the gifs @rtonline, nice touch. Putting that thing together with some speed modifiers is just beast. Keep killin' it man!

Now, get your game faces on and go slap some of those ballaz! They earned that shit. Fair and square. What, are you triggered? Do you feel entitled? Sucks for you. Maybe you should get on some of this #pimpshit like these wise communities here:

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If we have a partnership with you in some form or fashion, notify @enginewitty via DM on Discord or tag him in the The PIMP District so we can rep you proper down here. Thank you and you're welcome. In the meantime, #staypimpin!