Quest Potions: Are They Really Worth It? ⚠️ DEEP DIVE ⚠️



When Splinterlands changed the way they handle Quest Potions, it sent the community into an uproar. Players were quick to write them off and calling them overpriced, but was that a fair assumption? Let's have a look.

Splinterlands Discord (Aug 2021)

In case you weren't around yet... In the past, quest potions
could be purchased with credits. A 10-pack of quest potions 
(plus 1 free potion) would set you back 7500 credits ($7.50) 
versus 7500 DEC which, at the time, was around $0.007-ish 
making the same 11 potions around $50. Unfortunately, 
purchasing with credits was exploited and so they did away 
with it.


Earning Rewards

Completing a Daily Quest will earn you rewards based on the league you're in when you claim them. Quests become available every 23 hours and you can find the daily rewards for a given league in the table below. Quest potions add 5 chests to your daily rewards, but do not guarantee better rewards.


You can stack up to two quests by starting a quest and not 
completing it within 23 hours. This can be useful at the end of 
the season if you don't want to risk dropping down a league on 
the last day due to losing too many battles, but also don't want 
to miss out on a daily reward.


Daily Rewards



Drop Rates

With the release of the new reward cards, the drop rates in each chest have been increased. It's likely that packs will continue to have their 1% drop rate once Chos Legion is released, but I haven't seen any concrete info on that yet.

Old Drop RatesNew Drop Rates
1%Packs1% (Likely)


Interpreting Results

There's no way of knowing which specific chests pertain to a quest potion, so for this comparison, I counted the last 5 chests as quest potion chests and anything else before that was counted as a daily reward.

Example: If I was in Silver II and received 8 chests after 
completing my daily quest, the first 3 were counted as 
daily rewards and the next 5 were counted as quest potion 

I split the rewards into two separate groups and calculated the value of the rewards for each group according to market prices as of yesterday (9/24/21).

The first picture is 11 days of daily rewards with the quest potion rewards removed. The second picture is all of the rewards from the quest potions.







It might just be a coincidence, but it's worth noting that both of my gold foil cards, as well as almost 85% of my total DEC came from the daily rewards.


If all I did was buy some quest potions and play the game, I could stop right there and call it a loss of roughly $5.55. I do more than just play the game though.

Hint: You're reading it.



More Rewards

One of the reasons I wanted to do this experiment, is because I wanted to do something that would force me to post every day.

Now, these numbers may still change because some of the posts are still active but, here are the current rewards for each post so far.

DayPost EarningsPayout
Day 113.627 SPT6.8135 SPT
Day 223.698 SPT11.849 SPT
Day 379.515 SPT39.7575 SPT
Day 418.730 SPT9.365 SPT
Day 510.955 SPT5.4775 SPT
Day 6431.944 SPT215.972 SPT
Day 765.042 SPT32.521 SPT
Day 8110.410 SPT55.205 SPT
Day 976.50438.252 SPT
Day 10512.365 SPT256.1825 SPT
Day 1157.855 SPT28.9275 SPT
Total1400.645 SPT700.3225 SPT
At the time of writing 1 SPT = $0.0087
700.3225 SPT  = $6.09

That's another $6.09 just for talking about it on Splintertalk and that's just the SPT!


Even MORE Rewards

One of the great things about blogging on Splintertalk, is your posts earn more than just SPT. If you look at the PeakD side of things, you'll notice the same posts are also earning HIVE and HBD. Not only that, readers may choose to tip you using another crypto.

Over the course of my 11 day experiment, I also earned small amounts of PIZZA, BPC, SPORTS, ARCHON, BATTLE, CTP, POB, and a few others. All in all, my little pile of random tokens is worth around $0.60.


Final Total

Putting it all together, between the daily rewards, quest potions, and blogging about the quest potions, I'm looking at an overall profit of $3.75





Quest Potions do not guarantee better rewards. They're like 
lottery tickets and you get 5 chances to win for every one 
you buy.

If you're in Bronze or Silver, where the daily rewards are low, quest potions might be something you want to look into. If you're in Gold or higher and you're already getting a decent amount of daily reward chests, they may be less benefical/cost effective.

Another way to look at it is blogging aside, I'm out $5.55 for 55 chances at something really good. That's around $0.50 per day.

Would I buy more? I don't know. Maybe. Now that I have all this data, I kind of want to do another run of it just so I can compare. That and it'll help cement the whole daily posting thing in my brain. We'll see.

Should I give it another go? Let me know in the comments below!


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DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see if the next batch of potions will be the same as the first or if you'll get a legendary. I only live in Bronze so I would only get 1 chest per day so I would assume the results would be different.


I don't expect the results to be much different unless I luck out and pull a legendary or something. My daily rewards last night really make me miss those quest potions though.