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As-salāmu ʿalaykum !!

I welcome you all to my blog. When I saw this week's battle challenge theme, I was very upset at first that I didn't have the Legionnaire Alvar monster. But today I bought it specifically to participate in this battle challenge.

I am excited to share that I today invested in my Splinterlands account and was able to increase my splinterlands power also and added 500 splinterlands power in my account.

I accomplished this by purchasing the LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR monster card, which I previously did not have in my collection.

I decided to invest in this card specifically to participate in this week's battle challenge. This powerful card has a lot of abilities and I am looking forward to using it in battle.

The LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR has melee attack, reach, retaliate , and shield 8 armors,strong health , strong melee attack abilities, making it a versatile and strong addition to any battle team. If you're interested in using the LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR for the challenge, please let me know and i can arrange the delegation.

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So let's move on to my battle of the week.

My Battle line up

This battle was a very interesting battle, every round was exciting and in this battle, Legionnaire Alvar fought a great battle from the first round to the last round of this battle, in every round, monsters from both sides fought with full force and power, but finally Legionnaire Alvar defeats his opponent.

This battle consisted of a total of 44 mana. I entered the battlefield with five monsters in this battle. Below is my lineup description and the reasons why I chose this lineup.


My Battle line up screenshot

  • LORNA SHINE (Life Summoner)
  • SAND WORM (COMMON Neutral)

LORNA SHINE (RARE Life Summoner)

In this battle I chose LORNA SHINE (Life Summoner) because this summoner provides shield protection to its friendly monsters at the beginning of the battle with many features. Due to which the first attack of powerful monsters is missed. In this way, friendly monsters are largely protected in the first round. I think that theme monster going into battle with this summoner will guarantee success if the lineup is chosen according to the rules of the game.


As I told you in the beginning that today I bought the theme card. The purpose of my buying LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR was to participate in this week's weekly battle challenge. I bought LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR for about five dollars. I put the theme card on Skid Lahn so that LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR will use all his abilities to defeat the opponent in this battle. I think that this is one of the best battles of LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR in which LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR stood as a leaden wall against the enemy from the first round to the end of the battle and defeated the enemy. This is a LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR fight at its best.


I put SAND WORM in second position in this battle because SAND WORM is a powerful melee attack monster. SAND WORM has the ability to attack in a sneaky position and SAND WORM always targets monsters in the opponent's back ranks. Which causes severe damage in the last ranks of the enemy. I put the SAND WORM in the second position so that if the opponent uses monsters with sneaky ability, the SAND WORM is protected from this attack and the enemy in the second line is damaged by its powerful melee attack for as long as possible.


When I was choosing the lineup of monsters for this battle, I thought that the poison would damage the theme monsters and I chose VENARI CRYSTALSMITH for healing because VENARI CRYSTALSMITH fronted at the start of each round. It has the ability to heal part of the damage health of the monsters on the line and also has the ability to damage the enemy with the best range attack and my choice proved correct and VENARI CRYSTALSMITH my theme card. Healed in the best way and because of which he fought like a leaden wall till the end. i always placed VENARI CRYSTALSMITH
at the 3rd position to heal the damage area of the front line in this way, front stay strong and fight against the opponent for long time.


High priest Darius is a monster with magical powers that revives friendly monsters that die in battle and makes them fit to fight. It is a magic attack monster whose powerful magic attack deals damage to the opponent. I placed this monster at the fourth position.


I put SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF in 4th position in this battle because he has great range attack ability and his attack rarely misses. With his lightning speed and fast range attack, he pounces on the enemy monster like a king and breaks the enemy's back. I chose SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF because of his lightning speed attack ability and he proved that SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF is a brave monster warrior capable of winning battle against any opponent.


Battle Review

When the first round started, my monsters attacked all the opponent's monsters from all sides, and in the first round, my sneaky ability monster in the second position destroyed the monsters in the opponent's last row, and thus the battle began. done But since this battle was also poisoned, at the end of the first round and at the beginning of the second round, the poison showered both opponents with poison, and as a result, two of the opponent's monsters were destroyed by the poison, thus my opponent was very weak. But at the beginning of the second round, the enemy monsters attacked fiercely and two of my monsters could not withstand the poison and died before the start of the third round. But my magical attacking monsters gave new life to the theme card and thus thanks to this new life my theme card caused chaos in the enemy ranks and the lead wall cave fought alone against the enemy and won the final round. Taking the flag with my summoner gave me victory in this battle. I am very happy at the end of this battle and I learned a lot from this battle.


in round three, there are more than half monsters had been died. but over all the battle was very much amazing, full of thrill, and now lets see round four



total was 6 round, both team played well but in last i got victory,, every one can see that my LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR i alive and i got victory

Battle Result/Link

Dear friends and lover of splitnerlands if you want to watch my this battle live on splinterlands blockchain then you can visit this given link Battle Result/Link


Battle Result/Link


  • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Answer 1

The strategy I made in this battle was successful, because if my battle lineup was not correct, it was inevitable that I would have been defeated, but I have won this battle, therefore my strategy has been successful in all respects. I will use LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR in more different battles in the future and see where this monster fights better under which rules.

  • Do you like LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR? Why or why not?

Answer 2

I just bought LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR today. I have won a few battles with this monster, but after seeing LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR fight in some battles, I think it will be my favorite monster in the future. This monster has many features that make this monster stand out.


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