How Much Have You Earned In Splinterlands?

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Hey guys! I'm back with a new Splinterlands contest for you all! One of the best things I love about Splinterlands is the amount of crypto that you can earn! You can earn crypto by posting Splinterlands content on the Hive blockchain. You can earn by battling and placing in a tournament, renting your cards, flippening (flipping packs and selling for profit), and more! There are just so many ways to earn and that is an amazing big part of the game.

Splinterlands is the only game I play now and it's exciting to battle alone, I love it. I also love all the ways and how much you can earn! The past month I have won 64K DEC in tournaments, almost 19K DEC battling, 12K for quests, 15 packs plus all my season-ending loot chests, and Splinterlands posts on Hive! You can find out your earnings too, HERE on the rewards analyzer tool at Monster Market.

*****8-2--20 All the packs (33 of them) have been given out below now in the comments, thanks!!**********
The contest is pretty simple! All you need to do is 1.) Make sure you are following me @clove71 here on the HIVE blockchain and it would be awesome if you reblog this on HIVE! 2.) Let us all know what you have earned the past month on Splinterlands and don't forget to add if you post Splinterlands content on the HIVE blockchain as all those upvotes add up too! Then, I will be taking all the names sometime this week and have a random drawing. 10 winners will win an Untamed pack of cards! Have fun and I will see you all on the battlefield!

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  • Check out all their features like the packs and rewards analyzer HERE.

  • View rewards cards going out of print by the great @kiokizz HERE and please show him some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands posts!

  • Want to view Splinterlands stats? Check out @rafalski and his awesome Splinterlands stats HERE and make sure to show some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands post!

  • Want to rent Splinterlands cards for cheap? Check out @peakmonsters today HERE and all of their extra features!

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep



Nice job! You won an Untamed pack!

For my main account byzantinist:
Tournament: 329,104.939 DEC
Battles: 8124.889 DEC
Quest: 6876 DEC

For my alt account byzantinekitty:
Tournament: 348,610.998 DEC
Battles: 7895.067 DEC
Quest: 7735 DEC

(I won't include the data for the delegated accounts I play)

Earnings  byzantinist.jpg

Earnings  byzantinekitty.jpg

You are a winner!


I hope you guys take s small step back and reflect on this in general terms - and possibly realise that this is actually not a good thing for the game, from a big picture perspective. Just like we've had big problems with farming and prize distribution at the lower end of the scale with level 1 bots (which I have openly defended all the new changes on the blockchain recently), the same applies at the top of the leaderboards, or more specifically with players who are playing too many premium decks at the expense of the overall health of the game and it's overall future...there is a lot of talk about a sustainable in-game economy lately and this also needs to become a part of the discussion imo...Especially if gaining and then retaining new players is of the utmost importance (no matter what level of investment they choose), then the behaviour at the higher end needs to change also. This is not helping in the retention of players in any way, and it's actually anti-competitive, when you have to play and beat a player multiple times in a tournament, when some players only get one shot. I can go into a lot more detail about why, but I will leave it there for now.

I know I'm going to get scolded for this comment, but I have always been one to speak of unpopular things...even though it's unpopular with the wrong or influential people/circles and it always gets me into trouble. So I may as well be the one to start the discussion, since nobody else will do it openly for fear of kick back....I can guarantee you that i'm not the only person who thinks this is a problem. But, since I don't really care about my tattered reputation anymore I may as well put myself in the firing line once again.

I know I'm gonna get hate for this, but so be it.

I agree with much of what you say. And I think it has a lot to do with the following 2 points (one of which is being addressed, but the other has not YET):

  1. the prevalence of so many shit decks in the higher league matches... when they are comfortable that we have true peer to peer competition, then I think that will change (or show where all the abuse is happening).

  2. the reward structure is heavily weighted to the top. While its better than it used to be, basically the top 16 decks get paid the most. I would think they need to re-work this concept in the future if they want to have more than 50 large decks competing for those 16 slots... Otherwise you are right, the game will go nowhere as the top 16 eventually wear down all other competition.

the prevalence of so many shit decks

Thanks for your reply Dave, but this^🤣

Very poetic and hilarious at the same time, I must say.

I do hope that the new changes coming into effect, largely address most of these issues, and go a long way towards making things more equitable for all level of play.

No scolding or hate!

FYI: I'm actually in the process of dropping a delegated account that I play. And I know @jacekw has been on the verge of also dropping an account.

There are two main challenges to your idea:

  1. It's a major step towards increased centralization (just like with the occasional proposals people make that Splinterlands should ban bots).

  2. It is extremely hard to adjudicate. Without requiring extremely invasive software, there aren't any good ways to determine the difference between one player multi-accounting and multiple people in the same household all playing their own accounts. IP address solutions don't work because people can just spoof their IP addresses.

I do prefer that people are more upfront and transparent about their multi-accounting (or their botting). But the problem is that a lot of so-called solutions are imperfect and just result in people continuing the same behavior, just in secret.

Yes, of course. I understand all the challenges involved with these issues and how easy it would be to navigate around any proposed or suggested "solutions", that may be advocated for by any particular individual or group of players with the technology available to everyone these days. I also understand that any proposed changes would come at a different cost and/or interfere with or affect certain aspects of the game, or the ideas of decentralisation and freedom of choice to heavily invested players. So yes, there are no "easy" solutions.

My statement (or idea if you prefer) isn't necessarily about restricting or punishing the best players (even if it may be perceived that way), only because they are the best players per se. It's also not personal against anyone either. I don't have a problem if someone wins a large amount of tournaments on a regular basis, if they are genuinely the best or most skilled player in a particular tournament, or in the game overall. I am strongly in favour of skill being rewarded appropriately...after all, I was once a regular tournament player in a different game, other than SL. I can definitely say that I have a good understanding of the ideas and concepts of tournament play, and the entire purpose of them - which is partly why I have a slight problem with the current structure of them within the SL eco-system.

I'm am mostly concerned that it has both a perceptually negative effect on current/prospective new players entering the game and the general economy as a whole. It is however a much bigger issue when it comes to tournament play in particular, as it is open to abuse and/or manipulation in various ways, which can really skew the rewards spread based more on the amount of opportunities (or tournament lives) some players have, rather than it being purely based on skill itself. I guess some people will argue that it's not actually abuse or manipulation, which is a long conversation in itself.

As far as the bots are concerned, I don't have a problem with their existence within SL, as they can also serve a specific purpose and can actually be helpful to the game in many ways. That issue is obviously more problematic because of the exploitation and abuse of rewards, with the use of extremely weak decks to farm the eco-system for an in-proportionate amount of rewards based on their initial outlay.

As you are aware, due to my personal situation I don't play atm so I use them myself (bots) for quite a few of my bronze and silver level decks (with some exceptions where real people play them too - especially my main account palikari123...yes @maxi01 is a real person that plays that account). I don't go out of my way to hide it...I just don't advertise it in the general SL server, as it's something that is not really looked upon favourably because of the overall perception out there, by the general player base and is a conversation that is preferred not to be advertised in the server as a general rule. So here I am telling everyone right now, out in the open. Doesn't get more open that the blockchain, right?

Thanks for your response @byzantinist.

This is fun @clove71; I didn't even know how to do this before LOL!


You are winner #2! An Untamed pack has been sent to you!

Many Thanks! And here is the result !!


I really like the Giant Squid!


there is definitely more potential and i have to play more tournaments.

I need to play in more tourneys too! LOL! Nice job! You are a winner!

Thank you for the pack and your work to support this Game, we're loving (or hating sometimes).
Here is what i got.


My stats in July


Nice! You are a winner!

Wow!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Mons earnings.png

A total of 30,432.398 Dec, worth around $20 usd at current value. That's without having posted, or really played in any tournaments over the last few weeks. Add in the 5 Packs to $30 total value.

Cards are worth around $1,000 so thats an ROI roughly of 36%, without really trying to maximise.

That's so awesome! Nice job! You are a winner!

Tournaments572941 DEC
Battles14781 DEC


So awesome!! You are a winner!

My gold foil account did a lot better than my main account, lol.
(Dates: July 15th - August 15th)

Gold foil account:


Main account:


You gotta love the gold foil tourneys! You are a winner!

Thanks, @clove71 💜

My last month at Splinterlands


You won!!


20200816 20_32_19MonsterMarket.png

I also post at least 2 times a week for the share your battle and my battle recap contest that gets support so that is about 8 to 10 dollars of hive.

Awesome!!! You won!

wow thank you20200820 13_32_31Window.png
not a bad pack


You are Winner #3!

Thank you lots, this is encouraging for me as a Splinterlands newbie 😃


Not a bad month so far.

NICE!! You are a winner!

Thank you @clove71!

Poor me. Lol

You are Winner #4!



You are winner #5!

I love that GIF, A Golden chicken.

Didn't spend much time on my main account so I got this much this month:

But I did spend most of my time on my delegated account and got this much:


Now that I reflect, I earned more than 100k dec on my delegated account. Where did all the DEC I got from that go? I'm guessing to beta packs but it all went so quick lol.

Nice job there! You are the final winner of this contest of an Untamed pack!

Thanks clove71!


You won!

Thank you so much Chris!!!

Hi @clove71
in the last 30 days, this is what I earned through the battles and additionally, I earned upvotes worth $15 approx. Its pretty good I must say and this is why I just love Splinterlands. Thanks.


Awesome, I love it too!
You won!

080 - Angelic Spirit (752px, 23.976fps).gif

Thanks you so much.

Excellent this tool !


It is great to check your profit! You won an Untamed pack!


Its not much when you compare it with others. But hey, every drop counts

Nice! You won an Untamed pack!

wow thanks!

Excellent performance Dear Clove71.. I enjoy your content, I will follow you on every platform.. Keep playing and share all your knowledge with us. Stay Safe.

Thanks! You won an Untamed pack!

Hello Clove..

Wow.. and some more WoW..
I won what? -faint-

Ypu won an Untamed pack!

Thanks, Clove ❤️

Congrats on your results (including your gold Zaku!), and thanks for the contest.


Thanks! You won an Untamed pack!

Thank you so much:)

You won an Untamed pack!

@tipu curate
Good job

You won!

thank you very much

gracias clove.png

Nothing, I don't play

I know people who have actually made really great and helpful Splinterlands posts to earn money to buy their spellbook! Also, you can still enter giveaways, etc. as it is free to play and create an account. Basically, you can earn HBD if you make quality Splinterlands content! Follow Splinterlands for weekly contests!

This game is not for me but good luck to you and to others who play it.

That is a very helpful site, thank you for sharing it! 😀

You won an Untamed pack! Winner #1!

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I only do my quests and dont play any tourneys so cant really complain with these numbers:


Nice, you are a winner!

Nice, thanks for the pack

My monsterstamer acc:


It's hard to mark how many from posts...

Posting Splinterlands content make a big difference in your profit! Nice job! You are a winner!

You are a winner!

thanks clove


This is a nice contest clove

Thanks! It's cool to be able to see what you earned! You're a winner!

this my july earnings, i'm so weak


That is still awesome! You won!

thanks 😀

I didn't know about that nice tool. THanks for sharing!

I was busy offline during the last season, so my stats doesn't look good, but still...


Nice! You are a winner!

wow! such a surprise! Thanks a lot!❤️ not much but still nice

Awesome! You are a winner!


Hi,nice tool, this is for my last month :Dlastmonth1.png

You win!