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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-10907.352 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 4.004698 SPT for adacardano/woo-delegation-and-staking-report
Author reward: 3.418409 SPT for adacardano/woo-hp-delegation-and-staking-5888b86dfece9
Author reward: 6.703102 SPT for adacardano/new-design-of-woo-staking
Author reward: 7.767683 SPT for adacardano/woo-crates-reward-arrived-15
Author reward: 3.554906 SPT for adacardano/woo-hp-delegation-and-staking
Author reward: 22.748599 SPT for adacardano/woo-staking-and-delegation-report-b3c0d722d5478
Author reward: 11.644968 SPT for adacardano/woo-staking-and-delegation-report
Author reward: 52.290855 SPT for adacardano/eng-woo-staking-and-delegation
Author reward: 6.972731 SPT for adacardano/eng-woo-staking-report-land
Author reward: 47.944374 SPT for adacardano/woo-staking-and-mining-report-3af78431a1611
Author reward: 6.179376 SPT for adacardano/woo-staking-and-land-airdrop
Author reward: 7.962094 SPT for adacardano/ger-eng-woo-staking-and-dc37c27a0befc
Author reward: 7.751971 SPT for adacardano/woo-game-staking-and-mining
Author reward: 6.585705 SPT for adacardano/woo-staking-and-mining-report-098b34216eb66
Author reward: 8.872184 SPT for adacardano/eng-woo-token-invest-just
Author reward: 24.940955 SPT for adacardano/woo-staking-and-mining-report-23ae2a90c3b38
Author reward: 2.017168 SPT for adacardano/re-hatoto-202371t163828766z
Author reward: 5.700651 SPT for adacardano/woo-staking-and-mining-report-f673827ad1812
Author reward: 7.018381 SPT for adacardano/woo-staking-report-another-goal
Received 1.5 SPT from valentin86 Reward share from activity point pools on behalf of @valentin86
Author reward: 15.085511 SPT for adacardano/woo-token-staking-goal-achieved
Author reward: 54.023544 SPT for adacardano/eng-ger-what-excites-me
Author reward: 0.568112 SPT for adacardano/re-kryptodenno-rq0etw
Author reward: 9.221825 SPT for adacardano/re-kryptodenno-rpyuhg
Author reward: 25.801997 SPT for adacardano/eng-ger-woo-stanking-and
Author reward: 0.554601 SPT for adacardano/re-kryptodenno-2023211t11143212z
Author reward: 0.569917 SPT for adacardano/re-kryptodenno-2023210t144432233z
Author reward: 0.580902 SPT for adacardano/re-kryptodenno-rpt1ci
Completed unstake of 40.946214 SPT
Curation reward: 0.000865 SPT for crypto-zard/qgoudxda
Curation reward: 0.001924 SPT for ga38jem/splinterlands-share-your-battle-double-truble-grund
Curation reward: 0.000943 SPT for thomas4711/lucky-airdrop
Curation reward: 0.004066 SPT for wrestorgonline/woo-inks-deal-with-terri-runnels-press-release
Curation reward: 0.000900 SPT for lagnarok/ambush-the-mage
Curation reward: 0.000592 SPT for ga38jem/splinterlands-reward-cards-summoner-and-gladius-combinations
Completed unstake of 40.946212 SPT
Curation reward: 0.000892 SPT for woo-events/woo-burn-event-coming-to-a-close
Curation reward: 0.003607 SPT for herman-german/re-adacardano-2023130t1023463z
Curation reward: 0.008028 SPT for adacardano/ger-eng-woo-staking-and-32fe56bd3004e
Author reward: 25.529406 SPT for adacardano/ger-eng-woo-staking-and-32fe56bd3004e
Curation reward: 0.001132 SPT for ga38jem/splinterlands-share-your-battle-nerissa-tridawn-edition
Curation reward: 0.001749 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-517
Curation reward: 0.036667 SPT for ga38jem/splinterlands-take-on-new-reward-cards-are-coming
Curation reward: 0.001874 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-516
Completed unstake of 40.946212 SPT
Curation reward: 0.001831 SPT for booboohabibi/the-new-conscript-ability
Author reward: 7.571141 SPT for adacardano/ger-eng-woo-staking-and
Curation reward: 0.005713 SPT for adacardano/ger-eng-woo-staking-and
Curation reward: 0.003582 SPT for thomas4711/1000-glx-staked
Curation reward: 0.031739 SPT for wrestorgonline/woo-now-offers-over-28percent-apr-for-hp-delegation
Completed unstake of 40.946212 SPT
Author reward: 0.004080 SPT for adacardano/re-herman-german-2023116t204541474z
Curation reward: 0.016091 SPT for herman-german/re-adacardano-roledq
Curation reward: 0.015174 SPT for stekene/re-adacardano-rojoyg
Author reward: 32.188938 SPT for adacardano/woo-staking-and-mining-report-8ccd17648dca6
Started unstake of 163.78485 SPT
Staked 27.531822 SPT to adacardano
Staked 136.253028 SPT to adacardano