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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 3.713343 SPT for jozef230gamer/daily-quest-73569aff494db
Staked 83.086689 SPT to atnazo
Curation reward: 2.823046 SPT for phonk/i-guess-this-is-how-you-beat-yodin
Curation reward: 4.692717 SPT for banzafahra/itsy-bitsy-spider-went-on-the-weekly-challenge
Curation reward: 6.683285 SPT for edward.martin/enpt-splinterlands-weekly-challenge-haunted-spider
Curation reward: 2.482579 SPT for manclar.gaming/iljwgfdf
Curation reward: 1.882173 SPT for mango-juice/how-to-get-3percent-instant-cashback-on-every-splinterlands-card-purchase-monstermarketio-tutorial
Curation reward: 4.553155 SPT for rentmoney/spt-market-bot-on-hive-engine-watch-as-i-jack-the-price-of-spt
Curation reward: 1.877666 SPT for bokica80/strange-battle
Curation reward: 5.135515 SPT for rosiew/how-to-stay-informed-about-splinterlands-when-platforms-are-temporarily-offline
Curation reward: 4.463688 SPT for jozef230gamer/daily-quest-42890d7040ce6
Curation reward: 16.100550 SPT for rosiew/splinterlands-ama-october-8-2021
Curation reward: 22.674879 SPT for gregory-f/my-favorite-battle-of-the-day-10-8-21
Curation reward: 4.679865 SPT for jacekw/weekly-splinterlands-tournaments-summary-2021-09-20-2021-09-27
Curation reward: 2.459113 SPT for gregory-f/r0obtj
Curation reward: 2.578458 SPT for rentmoney/share-the-last-splinterlands-battle-that-you-have-lost
Staked 34.058024 SPT to atnazo
Curation reward: 2.493002 SPT for dynamicrypto/re-atnazo-r0o3ib
Author reward: 0.999701 SPT for atnazo/r0nz18
Curation reward: 1.777407 SPT for bokica80/testing-result-for-bot-farm
Curation reward: 3.075537 SPT for jozef230gamer/daily-quest-2ccb76cb27178
Curation reward: 4.338476 SPT for mango-juice/the-mercenary-of-love-pelacor-merc
Curation reward: 2.471321 SPT for dynamicrypto/re-atnazo-re-dynamicrypto-kuhlux7u-20211008t031457977z
Curation reward: 4.457102 SPT for tlsovotl/weekly-challenge-crystal-jaguar
Curation reward: 2.699047 SPT for atnazo/my-quest-and-daily-rewards-in-third-day-of-a-season-gold-i-achieved
Author reward: 11.746431 SPT for atnazo/my-quest-and-daily-rewards-in-third-day-of-a-season-gold-i-achieved
Staked 50.21998 SPT to atnazo
Curation reward: 3.743669 SPT for rentmoney/lets-east-some-pizza-and-spread-some-luv
Curation reward: 17.096712 SPT for rosiew/did-you-miss-the-axie-infinity-airdrop-try-1-crypto-game-splinterlands
Curation reward: 1.780252 SPT for atnazo/water-quest-in-gold-ii-second-day-of-new-season
Author reward: 5.290175 SPT for atnazo/water-quest-in-gold-ii-second-day-of-new-season
Curation reward: 3.813239 SPT for jozef230gamer/daily-quest-4ffba353c65d9
Curation reward: 6.227567 SPT for bokica80/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-crystal-jaguar
Curation reward: 3.754068 SPT for cryptoyzzy/uz3fbjp1jae
Curation reward: 8.514298 SPT for gregory-f/my-favorite-battle-of-the-day-10-6-21
Staked 175.587266 SPT to atnazo
Curation reward: 2.069929 SPT for xawi/lock-your-splinterlands-assets
Curation reward: 14.258803 SPT for rosiew/the-post-ive-hoped-to-write-since-day-1
Curation reward: 8.603581 SPT for rentmoney/my-hive-goals-progress-7
Curation reward: 2.153958 SPT for joetunex/re-atnazo-r0k1d2
Author reward: 0.111175 SPT for atnazo/re-samarek69-kufemr1j
Curation reward: 8.191243 SPT for atnazo/new-season-my-daily-rewards-in-first-day-after-reset-gold-ii-rewards
Author reward: 129.457269 SPT for atnazo/new-season-my-daily-rewards-in-first-day-after-reset-gold-ii-rewards
Curation reward: 2.964566 SPT for jozef230gamer/daily-quest-d27c7a4aacc02
Curation reward: 2.250187 SPT for mozzie5/re-atnazo-r0jlgu
Author reward: 2.524391 SPT for atnazo/re-rosiew-kuese8ad
Curation reward: 1.664309 SPT for mango-juice/splinterlands-market-watch
Curation reward: 1.337855 SPT for samarek69/daily-quest-rewards-the-game-continues
Staked 184.511819 SPT to atnazo
Author reward: 152.509181 SPT for atnazo/my-guild-brawl-performance-versus-top-guilds-in-splinterlands
Curation reward: 8.310867 SPT for atnazo/my-guild-brawl-performance-versus-top-guilds-in-splinterlands
Curation reward: 13.814322 SPT for rosiew/splinterlands-hits-1-million
Curation reward: 6.871045 SPT for rentmoney/all-the-hive-dollars-this-topic-generates-is-yours-week-tweenty-one
Author reward: 0.000262 SPT for atnazo/r0ifh0
Curation reward: 3.006142 SPT for jakiro12/xhwvanzr
Staked 32.246758 SPT to atnazo
Staked 134.195551 SPT to atnazo
Staked 51.65889 SPT to atnazo
Staked 174.644677 SPT to atnazo
Staked 21.574094 SPT to atnazo
Staked 30.135901 SPT to atnazo
Staked 13.256568 SPT to atnazo
Staked 30.781639 SPT to atnazo
Staked 190.840704 SPT to atnazo
Staked 16.982097 SPT to atnazo
Staked 30.212464 SPT to atnazo
Staked 30.338978 SPT to atnazo
Staked 30.043333 SPT to atnazo
Staked 48.794215 SPT to atnazo
Staked 39.28787 SPT to atnazo
Staked 25.713861 SPT to atnazo
Staked 32.533492 SPT to atnazo
Staked 71.130737 SPT to atnazo
Staked 23.272961 SPT to atnazo
Staked 25.842475 SPT to atnazo
Staked 21.721964 SPT to atnazo
Staked 237.511535 SPT to atnazo
Staked 12.799977 SPT to atnazo
Staked 60.267014 SPT to atnazo
Staked 18.848611 SPT to atnazo
Staked 46.465405 SPT to atnazo
Staked 41.35968 SPT to atnazo
Staked 328.964995 SPT to atnazo
Staked 265.475631 SPT to atnazo
Staked 34.972247 SPT to atnazo
Staked 7.490524 SPT to atnazo
Staked 495.240178 SPT to atnazo
Staked 6.700854 SPT to atnazo
Staked 47.086143 SPT to atnazo
Staked 207.277325 SPT to atnazo
Staked 5.012471 SPT to atnazo
Staked 1047.363835 SPT to atnazo
Staked 39.038568 SPT to atnazo
Staked 4.641254 SPT to atnazo
Staked 1308.042539 SPT to atnazo
Staked 36.085073 SPT to atnazo
Staked 185.431659 SPT to atnazo
Staked 24.288282 SPT to atnazo
Staked 26.226077 SPT to atnazo
Staked 34.316766 SPT to atnazo