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How can we improve? We're looking for YOU!

ClaNFT is Recruiting! We are a social, Brawl focused guild looking to expand our tightly knit group into something bigger. Members of our guild are a quirky group of Gold and Silver Leaderboard Players, Tournament Players, and Content Creators for SPL. Join us as we strive to engage with and empower the SPL community, and let's take the Guild Brawls by storm!!

Our guild has players of all types, who range from Bronze all the way up to Diamond, including players with GF Decks and players who own nothing and rent their way to victory! What type of Brawler are you?


For those of you who saw the last Brawl Reports, we've gone up nearly 100 Rating in just 2 Brawls! Hopefully this most recent brawl of 2nd Place helps us reclaim our Average Brawl Rank back to #3 soon!


Clan Hall lv. 3 | Quest Lodge lv. 3 | Arena lv. 1 | Item Store Level 2 | Barracks lv. 2


  1. 3% Bonus DEC and 1% Store Discount
  2. +20% Merits and Gladius Packs (Average Merit Earnings: 400+)
  3. Use of Gladiators
  4. Clan Bank
    4a. EoS Delegations | Currently about 1500+ CP
    4b. Newbie Delegations | Reward Legendaries!
    4c. Brawl Delegations | Betas, Leveled Cards, etc.
    4d. Win Prizes and Guild Giveaways | Brawl MVP!
    4e. Receive Upvotes from fellow Guild Members and the Bank


What are we looking for?

An Active, Focused, and Social Brawler who is prepared to participate actively in Guild Brawls, contribute occasionally, and socialize within the Tavern / Discord! If that matches you feel free to apply and join our Discord and say hello! We are more likely to consider those of you who show initiative and are chatty!

Bonus points for the following:

  1. Willing to provide an Initial Contribution of DEC or Cards
  2. Has a Silver Level or higher Deck
  3. Has a Bronze or Silver Level Gold Foil CL Deck
  4. Is a well performing Tournament and/or Leaderboard player (in any league)
  5. Is a content creator for SPL, blogging regularly!


Our Newest Recruit: @rqr4

Welcome our newest Recruit, RQR4, who is a powerful addition to our guild, he performed quite well in our Brawls, going 4-2 and placing 3rd in terms of Points contributed!

He has joined our guild currently focusing on either Bronze or A/B Novice when needed, while he expands his deck to take on Silver as well!

We have 1 other recruit we may be announcing soon... ;P Spots are filling up fast!


Promotional Giveaway:

Of course we'll have giveaways for you guys to join. Since these Recruitment posts are focused on getting more eyes on our guild and recruiting, we have a simple requirement for these giveaways:

Please tag 1 other person you think would like to enter and may be interested in joining! This will enter you into this giveaway!

You do NOT need to upvote, tip, or follow, but all of these are greatly appreciated and help us grow!

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Guild Notification List

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Giveaway Notification List

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Thanks for checking out our recruitment post, if you are interested, you can comment below, enter our Discord, or contact either @jakkal or @allani545 for more information!


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We've spun the wheel and...

@postapocgamer won the Pelacor Conjurer, congratulations!

@vjekich won the Pelacor Deceiver, as a guild member, he gets his card but we spin again for a non guild member to win!

@litrydow also won one, as a guild member, so another spin!

@teooo congratulations! You won the Pelacor Deceiver as well!