SplinterTalk Curation Report for 2022-06-03


Hello and welcome to this edition of SplinterTalk curation report. This is a small effort to bring to you the best posts from the splinterlands gaming community and also simultaneously awarding the content creator with a 100% upvote. This project is run by @eforucom and @somu04

Here is a list of all the posts which I have curated. I hope you will also find them helpful.

Author: @sonaker
Title: A Card you can Trust to Attack.

Hello everyone, in this post I will talk about a Splinterlands card that is usually "easy" to defeat especially in leagues like bronze where you can only use low level cards, but it is incredibly powe...
Author: @achim03
Title: Two things you need to know about the new reward system

▶️ Watch on 3SpeakA couple of days ago I've made a video about the new reward system. Basically explaining how it works. After a couple of days of playing, I've figured out some important side effects...
Author: @vvgm
Title: How to take advantage of Venari Knifer's Thorns [ESP-ENG]

# Hello everyone and welcome again!Venari Knifer is a card that is overshadowed too much in the current meta because almost 100% of Splinter Earth players use Obsidian with Magic and Knifer does not s...
Author: @mawit07
Title: Splinterlands - My Initial Opinion On Focus...

At first it sounded great. Potential opportunities to earn more reward chests on daily quest and season rewards. Furthermore the increase potential in DEC rewards for using older cards that we either...
Author: @mercurial9
Title: Venari Knifer Weekly Battle Challenge | Splinterlands #177

This week’s battle challenge focuses on the Venari Knifer.Card DetailsA Chaos Legion common level monster from the Earth unit at level 1:Estimated cost: $0.086Melee attack: 2Speed: 4Health: 7Thorns ab...
Author: @wlffreitas
Title: VENARI KNIFER, the crazy Knife Rat - SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!

🇧🇷 O desafio dessa semana trata-se de utilizar do monstro Venari Knifer, uma carta comum do elemento terra que faz parte da edição de coleção Chaos Legion , se você ainda não conhece o desafio você ...
Author: @bteim
Title: Lining 'Em Up - Using Venari Knifer in Battle!

This week's Share Your Battle challenge features Venari Knifer! This is a great starter card out of the Earth splinter, and I used it a whole lot when Chaos Legion first came out. I have to admit th...
Author: @kxlm
Title: Memoirs Of A Silver Player Vol. 1 | New Ranked Rewards System

@Kxlm here, with the first edition of my new "@Splinterlands Memoirs" series, where I document my thoughts and experiences of the game, throughout its development.Today, we take a look at my experienc...
Author: @queenstarr

😊Hello!Welcome to another splinter-week battle challenge with the theme card 🔪VENARI KNIFER🔪 of the Earth Element. Regardless of the mana cap necessary for battle, this monster 🔪VENARI KNIFER🔪 is one ...
Author: @mvl2304
Title: [ESP-ENG] Knife fight to the death: Venari Knifer.

# ¡Hola a todos y bienvenidos a un nuevo post!Este challenge me costó un poco porque mi focus era de Agua, asi que tuve que improvisar para poder llevarlo a cabo, algo que me esta gustando muchisimo d...
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