Chaos Legion Booster Pack opening & card presentation #6 -General Sloan

Today, January 6th, I'm opening my sixth booster pack of this year. I stick to this tradition and deliberately postpone opening my booster packs. I believe that even better content can be expected in the future once the new AirDrop characters are released. As always, I select a card, usually the most valuable in the package, to introduce it in more detail.


This is the content of my booster pack, which I opened today, January 6th, 2022. The most valuable card in today's pack is General Solan a Life Summoner.


The prices given below are market prices at the time of opening. Market prices can change at any time.

Card NameRarity / Splinter / TypeDECMarket Price
Flying SquidCommon Water Monster5$ 0.13
Lava SpiderGOLDFOIL Common Fire Monster125$ 1.90
Stitch LeechCommon Life Monster5$ 0.13
General SloanRare Life Summoner20$ 3.76
Chaos KnightCommon Life Monster5$ 0.12
Total:160$ 6.04

General Sloan

General Solan is currently the only live summoner of the Chaos Legion. Like all rare Summoners of the Chaos Legion, it requires four mana. His special power is to increase the weapon strength of all of his allied ranged monsters by one. Despite this ability, he seems to be the weakest of the new Summoners.

There is not much to say about the properties as the level increases. As with all summoners, a higher level allows the use of higher level monsters. Details can be found in the following overview.


Thanks for reading and have fun and success in the game wishes you your @germansailor.


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