Step Up Your Game: Soulbound Rewards (FIRE)


Soulbound Reward Cards: Fire



Eternan Brune

-2 Armor: A solid debuff, everywhere except 'Unprotected' ruleset
Conscript is the common ability of all 6 of the new summoners, allowing the use of one additional Gladiator card in any given situation; I'm unimpressed with it from testing, in general.
Summoners stats are all standard, so there's little to say in that regard.
Best Use: 'Armored up', 'Weak Magic', 'Lost Magic', 'Up Close and Personal', 'Going the Distance' rulesets are all situations that make it more likely your opponent will have armor to subtract
Worst use: 'Unprotected' ruleset means your opponents will not have any armor, rendering the "Rust" useless; 'Wands Out', and 'Tis but Scratches' rulesets render armor less effective in general, making you opponent less likely to have armor and diminishing the potential benefits of reducing it. "Conscript" may potentially be worthwhile even in these situations.


Ferox Defender


8 Mana, 1-3 Melee Damage, 2-3 Speed, 4(6)-5(7) Armor, 7-8 HP

Protect: Provides 2 armor to your entire team
Repair (Level 6): Gives the allied monster with the most damaged armor an additional 2 armor at the beginning of this monster's turn.
Shatter (Level 9): Any hit will destroy all armor on any opponent creature, after damage is dealt.
Best Use: 'Lost Magic' and 'Weak Magic' rulesets ensure you armor is going to be as effective as possible, and make it more likely that your opponent will have armor to shatter.
Do NOT Use: 'Unprotected' ruleset renders this card entirely useless, as it nullilfies all 3 of these abilities.



5 Mana, 2-4 Ranged Damage, 2-4 Speed, 2-4 HP

Martyr: On death, provides allied monsters to either side with +1 to all stats (any damage, speed, armor, HP); works great with resurrect
Fury (Level 6): Double damage vs. monsters with "Taunt" ability; can increase damage to 6 when achieved or 8 at max level if triggered, but I'd prefer to keep firecaller at 2 HP and 3 damage without "Fury" to activate "Martyr" more reliably.
Snare (Level 9): 100% chance to hit vs. monsters with "Flying" ability; potentially great in 'Earthquake' ruleset, where the additional 2 damage at the end of each turn will automatically trigger "Martyr" at the end of turn 2 and Firecaller will potentially strip two monsters on the other team of "Flying" and causing them to take extra damage.
Sweet Spot: I would try to max out a regular foil version and keep a Gold foil version at level 3
Best Use: 'Equal Opportunity', 'Earthquake', 'Fire and Regret', 'Noxious Fumes', 'Target Practice' rulesets will all ensure "Martyr" triggers quickly; of these, 'Noxious Fumes' provides the least additional bonus.


Pyrewatch Devil


3 Mana, 1-3 Ranged Damage, 2-4 Speed, 3-4 HP

Life Leech: Increases current and maximum HP by half of any damage dealt, rounding up.
Dispel (Level 5): On hit, removes all buffs from targeted monster. Can affect monsters with "Immunity".
Oppress (Level 7): Deals double damage to any monster with no attack (even if it has gained an attack stat by being adjacent to a monster with "Weapons Training" ability).
Best Use: Low-mana matches; 'Lost Magic' and 'Equalizer' rulesets; any time you expect your opponent to play "Oppress" targets such as Baakjira, Lord Arianthus, *Almo Cambrio+, or Pelacor Conjurer.
Worst Use: 'Fire and Regret', 'Noxious Fumes', and 'Earthquake' rulesets are going to destroy Pyrewatch Devil before the "Life Leech" ability gains any sufficient amount of life, particularly at max level when "Return Fire" deals two damage per hit. Also avoid when you expect the opponent to play Lir Deepswimmer or Ilthain summoners.


Iidri Fyre


6 Mana, No Attack, 4 Speed, 3-5 Armor, 8-10 HP

Taunt: Forces all enemy monsters to target Idrii, unless they have "Scattershot" ability.
Redemption (Level 2): Deals 1 damage to all enemy monsters when Iidri dies. Cannot miss, hits armor, is reduced to 0 by "Shield" ability.
Return Fire (Level 4): When hit by a ranged attack, Iidri will deal half the damage (rounded up) back to that monster. Cannot miss, hits armor, reduced to 1 damage by "Shield" ability.
Phase (Level 6): Magic attacks can miss, with the same chance as melee and ranged attacks.
Best Use: Front line tank, especially with Ferexian Hero in position 2 to provide "Weapons Training"; 'Super Sneak', 'Target Practice', 'Equal Opportunity' rulesets make "Taunt" stronger by controlling your opponents' attacks; 'Lost Magic' ruleset ensures maximum armor efficiency.
Worst Use: 'Unprotected' and 'Eqaulizer' rulesets in tandem render Iidri far less effective as a tank; 'Broken Arrows' nullifies her "Return Fire" ability; 'Reverse Speed' is potentially problematic for Iidri to dodge, with or without "Phase"


Ferexian Hero


8 Mana, 3-5 Melee Damage, 3 Speed, 1-3 Armor, 7-9 HP

Weapons Training: Adds 1/2 melee damage (rounded up) to any adjacent monsters that have no attack stat.
Reach: Ferexian Hero can attack from the second position.
Reflection Shield (Level 3): Ferexian Hero is immune to damage from "Thorns" and "Blast".
Best Use: Second Position, particularly behind Iidri Fyre to give her additional melee attack; 'Equal Opportunity', 'Melee Mayhem', and 'Super Sneak' rulesets allow Ferexian Hero to attack from any position; 'Briar Patch' and 'Explosive Weaponry' rulesets improve the advantage granted by "Reflection Shield", as do opponents using Yodin Zaku and Mylor Crowling summoners.

Sorriel the Bale


9 Mana, 2-3 Magic Damage, 2 Speed, 5 HP

Double Strike: Attacks twice each turn, with both attacks dealing full damage and being subject to "Phase", "Magic Reflect", "Void", and "Void Armor".
Blind (Level 2): Applies all opposing creatures with the "Blind" debuff at the beginning of combat, giving them an additional 15% chance to miss; Subject to "Cleanse", and does not apply to magic attacks unless the target has "Phase".
Rust (Level 3): Removes 2 armor from all opposing creatures at the beginning of combat; If this reduces a creature's armor to 0 it cannot be repaired; When Sorriel leaves the battlefield, all opposing creatures regain any armor lost to this ability.
Best Use: 'Armored Up', 'Weak Magic', and 'Equalizer' rulesets make the best use of "Rust"; 'Reverse Speed' improves 2 speed and makes great use of "Blind"; 'Target Practice' and 'Explosive Weaponry' rulesets make the best use of "Double Strike".
Worst Use: Sorriel is fairly squishy; Low-mana matches leave it exposed and 'Counterspell' ruleset will destroy it quickly with the reflected magic, particularly at max level when each hit returns 2 damage.


Fire may have the best Epic-Legendary combo of all the splinters, with Ferexian Hero being absolutely perfect for the secondary position. Sorriel is a great tool to add to fire's toolkit, especially with Conqueror Jacek in an 'Explosive Weaponry' situation or when massive amounts of armor are expected. Ferox Defender seems to be the most focused monster of the set, possibly the entire game. This is a strong set of cards that will improve the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses of the fire splinter greatly.



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