Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-8717.609 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Received 325.732899 SPT from cartel.loot CARTEL treasure cut
Author reward: 0.708049 SPT for basilmarples/s73ze0
Author reward: 0.079353 SPT for basilmarples/s5kkvs
Author reward: 0.075306 SPT for basilmarples/s5j5iw
Author reward: 0.000234 SPT for basilmarples/rmwjqz
Author reward: 130.209334 SPT for basilmarples/re-splinterlands-rmswkq
Author reward: 0.022158 SPT for basilmarples/rln5f3
Author reward: 0.024769 SPT for basilmarples/re-steevc-rllo19
Author reward: 11.023468 SPT for basilmarples/im-a-splinterlander-get-me-out-of-here
Author reward: 0.000956 SPT for basilmarples/rljdv7
Author reward: 0.014726 SPT for basilmarples/re-bitcoinflood-5s481g
Author reward: 0.042457 SPT for basilmarples/riej1q
Author reward: 0.021941 SPT for basilmarples/rdhm3b
Author reward: 0.873258 SPT for basilmarples/goals-guns-and-panama-papers
Author reward: 0.039641 SPT for basilmarples/rawbz4
Author reward: 1.025325 SPT for basilmarples/hive-is-lightyears-ahead-of-twitter-sorry-elon
Author reward: 0.374186 SPT for basilmarples/raud87
Author reward: 0.029220 SPT for basilmarples/re-steevc-rau7xd
Author reward: 5.707205 SPT for basilmarples/hive-is-a-revolution-in-the-making
Author reward: 0.480140 SPT for basilmarples/ragnarok-is-coming-claim-your-duat-now-and-prepare-for-battle
Author reward: 0.617970 SPT for basilmarples/i-am-super-grateful-to-splinterlands-for-helping-me-to-build-a-life-on-the-blockchain
Author reward: 11.249000 SPT for basilmarples/home-studio-building-and-facilitating-creative-potential-in-others
Author reward: 0.035762 SPT for basilmarples/rakubq
Author reward: 0.919339 SPT for basilmarples/trouble-with-gopro-max-death-quest-and-a-nihilistic-poem
Author reward: 2.656137 SPT for basilmarples/listnerds-first-impressions
Author reward: 0.019926 SPT for basilmarples/ragc80
Author reward: 0.827905 SPT for basilmarples/fixing-drives-finding-grails-and-the-sps-validator-sale
Author reward: 1.396702 SPT for basilmarples/cosmos-airdrops-huahua-shade-nihilism-and-not-bothering
Author reward: 0.866670 SPT for basilmarples/orwell-saving-the-earth-with-music-and-breakfunch-a-new-meal
Author reward: 0.025835 SPT for basilmarples/ra4zzw
Author reward: 2.940942 SPT for basilmarples/the-frustrations-of-a-creative-socialiser
Author reward: 0.028619 SPT for basilmarples/ra46c5
Author reward: 0.027364 SPT for basilmarples/re-steevc-ra0oej
Author reward: 0.708900 SPT for basilmarples/my-first-ever-7-consecutive-days-of-blogging-hiveblopomo
Author reward: 0.027159 SPT for basilmarples/ra0joc
Author reward: 11.037880 SPT for basilmarples/the-financial-challenges-of-being-a-magical-snowflake-unicorn-who-wants-to-do-next-to-nothing-and-yet-still-feel-special
Author reward: 5.635880 SPT for basilmarples/sps-investment-airdrops-and-blogging-anxiety
Author reward: 0.019111 SPT for basilmarples/r9vss1
Author reward: 0.027346 SPT for basilmarples/r9vsnh
Author reward: 0.703942 SPT for basilmarples/hiveblopomo-uk-meetup-and-toothache
Author reward: 0.027207 SPT for basilmarples/r9uzyf
Author reward: 1.175426 SPT for basilmarples/sneak-and-run
Author reward: 0.027055 SPT for basilmarples/r9t0ip
Author reward: 0.018953 SPT for basilmarples/r9t0al
Author reward: 2.816230 SPT for basilmarples/im-on-a-roll-spiritual-autolysis-and-splinterlands
Author reward: 0.024761 SPT for basilmarples/r9r96y
Author reward: 0.811713 SPT for basilmarples/basil-time--my-attempt-to-start-writing-again
Author reward: 0.000184 SPT for basilmarples/re-thisismylife-24rqpt
Author reward: 0.000003 SPT for basilmarples/re-disregardfiat-7kmac3
Author reward: 0.396077 SPT for basilmarples/re-joetunex-7pywt5
Author reward: 0.000003 SPT for basilmarples/re-forexbrokr-55asaq