Splinterlands and the Chaos Legion. Part #7 - Xenith Monk

Today, January 7, I open another booster pack. The seventh one this year. I'm deliberately delaying opening my packs because I believe that once the new AirDrop characters are released, there will be even more valuable content to come. The most valuable in the pack I want to introduce you more detailed.

ChaosLegion-007-Xenith Monk.png

In today's pack I found these five cards. The most valuable of them is Xenith Monk.


The prices given below are market prices at this evening. Market prices can change at any time.

Card NameRarity / Splinter / TypeDECMarket Price
Hardy StonefishCommon Water Unit5$ 0.05
Cruel SethropodCommon Water Unit5$ 0.07
Hill GiantCommon Earth Unit5$ 0.07
Goblin PsychicCommon Earth Unit5$ 0.39
Xenith MonkRara Neutral Unit20$ 0.80
Total:40$ 1.38

Xenith Monk

I think this character is excellent as a tank in low mana games. From level two he has self-healing powers. From level six he becomes more resistant to magic attacks thanks to Void. When fully leveled up, he even masters Magic Reflect.


Thanks for reading and have fun and success in the game wishes you your @germansailor.


All Screenshots: https://splinterlands.com
Photomontage: own work based on screenshots from https://splinterlands.com
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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