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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 11.040640 SPT for keniel16/splinterlands-social-media-challenge-top-battle-bronze-en-es-rs0142
Author reward: 8.615098 SPT for keniel16/battle-mage-secrets-weekly-challenge-armored-up
Author reward: 58.399785 SPT for keniel16/battle-mage-secrets-weekly-challenge-aimless
Author reward: 39.605191 SPT for keniel16/splinterlands-social-media-challenge-top-battle-bronze-en-es
Author reward: 50.282570 SPT for keniel16/battle-mage-secrets-weekly-challenge-aim-true-en-es
Author reward: 43.601051 SPT for keniel16/batalla-top-bronce-magic-en-es
Author reward: 47.504552 SPT for keniel16/share-your-battle-spirit-hoarder-en-es
Author reward: 15.538554 SPT for keniel16/28-chests-reward-bronze-i-end-of-season-en-es
Author reward: 34.510510 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-djinn-chwala-en-es
Author reward: 19.796410 SPT for keniel16/learning-from-good-battles-en-es
Author reward: 48.734752 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-magi-necrosi-en-es
Author reward: 116.208079 SPT for keniel16/sps-and-how-to-get-it
Author reward: 43.027548 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-dax-paragon-en-es
Author reward: 26.277035 SPT for keniel16/splinterlands-social-media-challenge-en-es
Author reward: 31.695197 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-grund-en-es
Author reward: 15.744955 SPT for keniel16/good-luck-in-battles-of-splinterlands-en-es
Author reward: 34.507636 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-nerissa-tridawn-en-es
Author reward: 17.535918 SPT for keniel16/capture-rate-cr-and-focus-points-en-es
Author reward: 15.852979 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-legionnaire-alvar-en-es
Author reward: 24.126312 SPT for keniel16/my-first-reward-season-en-es
Author reward: 53.690662 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-djinn-inferni-en-es
Author reward: 15.453754 SPT for keniel16/my-first-focus-points-reward-en-es
Author reward: 0.705420 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-ro942s
Author reward: 0.686598 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-ro798s
Author reward: 0.719099 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-ro5b9h
Author reward: 0.674037 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-ro3749
Author reward: 0.628504 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-ro1ol7
Author reward: 63.631920 SPT for keniel16/splinterlands-dec-and-sps-en-es
Author reward: 0.691914 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rnytsm
Author reward: 0.672198 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rny1dt
Author reward: 0.689400 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rnvmpw
Author reward: 36.895711 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-cursed-windeku-en-es
Author reward: 13.474104 SPT for keniel16/buying-dec-and-tarsa-in-splinterlands-en-es
Author reward: 40.435468 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-prismologist-en-es
Author reward: 0.675691 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rngddy
Author reward: 0.638475 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rnbno1
Author reward: 0.648517 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rn9ps6
Author reward: 26.445688 SPT for keniel16/buying-my-first-summoner-en-es
Author reward: 0.658353 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rn7thv
Author reward: 19.991454 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-mycelic-infantry-en-es
Author reward: 0.671938 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rn3ydo
Author reward: 18.434819 SPT for keniel16/probando-el-alquiler-en-splinterlands-en-es
Author reward: 0.667105 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rmwucw
Author reward: 16.867946 SPT for keniel16/share-my-battle-river-nymph-en-es
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Author reward: 0.686148 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rmp96j
Author reward: 41.885482 SPT for keniel16/starting-again-in-splinterlands-en-es
Author reward: 0.021741 SPT for keniel16/re-dk1trade-rmjlwm
Author reward: 0.758011 SPT for keniel16/re-kryptodenno-rmh5c3
Completed unstake of 2589.917723 SPT
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Completed unstake of 2589.91772 SPT
Completed unstake of 2589.91772 SPT
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