Chaos Legion - Card Giveaway - #45

This is my 45th card giveaway post. Chaos Legion is here! My new giveaway plan, that every week I will open a chaos legion pack and everyday a giveway a card from a pack. So every new week new 5 card will be here. Good luck for opening.

Previous active giveaways:

#44 - Chaos Knight - 5 days left
#43 - Flying Squid - 4 days left
#42 - Xenith Monk - 3 days left
#41 - Blinding Reflector - 2 days left
#40 - Radiated Scorcher - 1 day left
#39 - Scavo Hireling - Winner: @lorddiablo

#2 Pack/2:


#45 - Radiated Brute


  • Just leave a comment with your username!
  • No repost, upvote or tips (!LUV, !BEER, !WINE, !PIZZA, !LOL) are required, but If you want to do it, I really appreciate.
  • When this post pays out, a winner will be decided with a random name picker
  • Winner will receive the card

Good luck everyone!


If anyone has not signed up with the game feel free to use my referral link.


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