Quick TIP on how to get more RESOURCE CREDITS WITHOUT staking more Hive! (for new users)



I personally stumbled upon this little trick unintentionally while I was trying to get my posts out there. If like me, you struggle a bit with your Resource Credits (RC), this tip might help you as a short-term solution. It's kind of a workaround but it does work.

Otherwise, if you can afford to stake more Hive than me, then I'll recommend you the following tutorial by Peak Jarvie. It is extremely well explained.
I've tried it myself but because the value of DEC declined since this was recorded, I wasn't able to get as much RC as he had for the same amount of DEC.

Using Splinterlands tokens to Stake Power up HIVE - Under 3 minutes (by Peak Jarvie)

Resource Credits are at the heart of everything we do in Splinterlands. While silently working in the background, RC are not less vital. We need them for every transaction we perform within the ecosystem (buy, rent, post etc).

Where to monitor your Resource Credits (RC)?

To monitor your RC, simply replace @steemmonsters by your In-Game-Name (IGN) in the following link:

Hive Power (HP) Delegation

If like me, you don't know anyone who might help you out by delegating some Hive Power to you, why not get @steemmonsters to delegate you some?


The more Hive Power you have, the more Resource Credits you'll be able to use, and therefore the more tasks you'll be able to perform.

What's the tip?

Once your RC reaches 0%, try one of the following actions directly in the game, not through Peakmonsters or other platforms (that’s important, otherwise it won't work!):

  • Claim reward
  • Refresh new quest
  • Rent a card

After trying one of these actions, you'll naturally get an error message warning you of your lack of RC and consequently, your inability to perform the given task. Nonetheless, by checking your RC again via the link I mentioned above, you'll notice that @steemmonsters has actually delegated some HP to you.


It should be enough to get your daily post out there on Splintertalk for instance. Don't try that too many times in a row because it won’t work indefinitely anyway. There is a limit on how much HP @steemmonsters can delegate you within a certain period of time.

As I said, this trick is meant as a short-term solution. Once I'll receive my earnings through my first posts, I'll consider staking them to buff my HP up!

Hope this was helpful to you.

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