Splinterlands and the Chaos Legion. Part #8 - GOLDEN Obsidian


The content of my Booster Pack on 8th January 2022

A gold foil summoner and further still an epic unit. That looks pretty good! What do you think? Drawing a gold foil card is always something special. Not just because they are needed to participate in special tournaments. They have a 25 times higher collection value (DEC).


Card NameRarity / Splinter / TypeDECMarket Price
RiftwingCommon Death Unit5$ 0.14
ObsidianGOLDFOIL Rare Earth Summoner500$ 50.00
Lava SpiderCommon Fire Unit5$ 0.10
DeeplurkerCommon Water Unit5$ 0.26
Weirding WarriorEpic Death Unit100$ 1.81
Total:615$ 52.31

The above prices are market prices per BCX at the time of opening. Market prices can change at any time.


If the magic was previously dominated by the water Splinter, the situation changes since the rscheinen of Obsidian. It brings magic to the earth Splinter. The magic of the forest. Magical warriors like Mushroom Seer, Khmer Princess, Spirit Shaman and many more, gain through this new goddess.


Gold Foil cards are generally more expensive, but you need to fuse far fewer of them to reach higher levels. As with all summoners, a higher level allows the use of higher level monsters. Details can be found in the overview above.

Thanks for reading and have fun and success in the game wishes you your @germansailor.


All Screenshots: https://splinterlands.com
Photomontage: own work based on screenshots from https://splinterlands.com
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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