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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-15.897 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 20.752489 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-1-dekabrya
Curation reward: 0.309233 SPT for oleksii.tkachuk/bagato-tut-gravciv-ciyeyi-gri-ya-sogodni-dvichi-kartki-za-sezon-otrimuvav-
Author reward: 25.723147 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-30-noyabrya
Staked 13.598138 SPT to maxer27
Author reward: 26.869840 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-29-noyabrya
Staked 12.901022 SPT to maxer27
Curation reward: 0.697116 SPT for isaria/mountains-music-for-splinterlands
Staked 100.327078 SPT to maxer27
Author reward: 12.901022 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-28-noyabrya
Author reward: 21.186868 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-27-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.213187 SPT for oleksii.tkachuk/novi-kartki-dlya-drak-monstriv-mizh-gildiyami
Author reward: 11.757751 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-26-noyabrya
Author reward: 24.452890 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-25-noyabrya
Author reward: 12.217567 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-24-noyabrya
Author reward: 30.498815 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-23-noyabrya
Staked 27.860391 SPT to maxer27
Author reward: 12.804313 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-22-noyabrya
Curation reward: 2.120483 SPT for isaria/village-music-for-splinterlands
Author reward: 12.935595 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-21-noyabrya
Staked 295.430525 SPT to maxer27
Author reward: 29.863303 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-20-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.231738 SPT for assasin/nft-kartka
Author reward: 26.063288 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-19-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.442102 SPT for assasin/somee-social-media
Author reward: 11.198549 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-18-noyabrya
Author reward: 13.561198 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-17-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.302953 SPT for oleksii.tkachuk/vydkrittya-skrinok-za-sezon-z-15-podarunkiv
Author reward: 106.722868 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-16-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.250651 SPT for oleksii.tkachuk/vidkriv-she-odin-pak-dlya-bitv-gildij-z-kartkami
Author reward: 12.352416 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-15-noyabrya
Author reward: 12.133954 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-14-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.237491 SPT for oleksii.tkachuk/nareshti-zigrav-kilkoma-kartkami-z-cih-pakiv-u-gri
Curation reward: 0.729540 SPT for kobusu/okanwzim
Author reward: 19.707405 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-13-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.278415 SPT for assasin/arrival-nft-kartka
Author reward: 9.443913 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-12-noyabrya
Author reward: 10.776478 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-11-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.694759 SPT for isaria/cellar-music-for-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.329807 SPT for assasin/chaos-magic-nft-kartka
Author reward: 11.282701 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-10-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.389087 SPT for assasin/dark-laughter-nft-kartka
Author reward: 10.854459 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-9-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.266845 SPT for assasin/retired-mage-nft-kartka
Author reward: 8.316894 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-8-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.244634 SPT for assasin/fiafia-haoa-nft-kartka
Curation reward: 0.372874 SPT for oleksii.tkachuk/oce-tak-vidkriv-chotiri-paki
Author reward: 8.382203 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-7-noyabrya
Staked 2.909895 SPT to maxer27
Curation reward: 2.909895 SPT for isaria/haven-music-for-splinterlands
Staked 7.426543 SPT to maxer27
Author reward: 7.090997 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-6-noyabrya
Curation reward: 0.335546 SPT for assasin/herald-of-chaos-nft-kartka
Staked 241.49583 SPT to maxer27
Author reward: 8.250429 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-5-noyabrya
Author reward: 115.572401 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-4-noyabrya
Author reward: 17.847043 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-3-noyabrya
Author reward: 12.425947 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-2-noyabrya
Author reward: 11.023230 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyj-kvest-v-splinterlands-1-noyabrya
Staked 42.169743 SPT to maxer27
Staked 576.488082 SPT to maxer27
Staked 296.77266 SPT to maxer27
Staked 0.36045 SPT to maxer27
Staked 71.163785 SPT to maxer27
Staked 27.424937 SPT to maxer27
Staked 171.360578 SPT to maxer27
Staked 68.262367 SPT to maxer27
Staked 5.02748 SPT to maxer27
Staked 7.523624 SPT to maxer27
Staked 71.575062 SPT to maxer27
Staked 12.57442 SPT to maxer27
Staked 5.260935 SPT to maxer27
Staked 63.651154 SPT to maxer27
Staked 8.388607 SPT to maxer27
Staked 4.333269 SPT to maxer27
Staked 12.653244 SPT to maxer27
Staked 28.056322 SPT to maxer27
Staked 7773.406588 SPT to maxer27
Staked 100 SPT to maxer27
Completed unstake of 1401.302112 SPT
Completed unstake of 1401.30211 SPT
Completed unstake of 1401.30211 SPT
Completed unstake of 1401.30211 SPT
Started unstake of 5605.208442 SPT
Received stake of 5605.208442 SPT from splinterlands