Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-20.026 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.607943 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s3wjq6
Author reward: 0.596395 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s3qyw8
Author reward: 0.563529 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s3jmyo
Author reward: 0.561822 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s3hojv
Author reward: 0.570699 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s3g32b
Author reward: 0.579531 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s3eaj5
Author reward: 0.570314 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s3c7fw
Author reward: 0.558997 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s3a0e3
Author reward: 0.575429 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s38ox2
Author reward: 0.552943 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s34pbs
Author reward: 0.564971 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s32v2j
Author reward: 0.549331 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s316z0
Author reward: 0.524266 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2z5bd
Author reward: 0.544388 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2x8nk
Author reward: 0.544684 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2ve4k
Author reward: 0.556029 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2trf0
Author reward: 0.557719 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2rq6s
Author reward: 0.552979 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2nz3e
Author reward: 0.523990 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2ma10
Author reward: 0.555086 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2kix5
Author reward: 0.000394 SPT for bluehy20/re-vikisecrets-s2inee
Author reward: 0.540143 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2ie6g
Author reward: 0.563601 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2eq9f
Author reward: 0.583151 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s2cr4f
Author reward: 0.592278 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s293rw
Author reward: 2.777307 SPT for bluehy20/splinterlands--starbits-giveaway-6
Author reward: 9.343287 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s27927
Author reward: 0.522936 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s25cbl
Author reward: 2.882426 SPT for bluehy20/splinterlands--starbits-giveaway-5
Author reward: 0.525436 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s23pxn
Author reward: 2.814023 SPT for bluehy20/splinterlands--starbits-giveaway-4
Author reward: 0.568890 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s21to4
Author reward: 32.414414 SPT for bluehy20/splinterlands--starbits-giveaway-3
Author reward: 0.555327 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1zyfz
Author reward: 3.148209 SPT for bluehy20/splinterlands--starbits-giveaway-2-s1yefu
Author reward: 3.011476 SPT for bluehy20/splinterlands--starbits-giveaway-2
Author reward: 0.558699 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1xyvl
Author reward: 2.483433 SPT for bluehy20/splinterlands--starbits-giveaway-1
Author reward: 0.538769 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1w8qd
Author reward: 0.535779 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1u6rq
Author reward: 0.571949 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1swz2
Author reward: 0.551468 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1qp7l
Author reward: 9.067984 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1oxlx
Author reward: 0.549350 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1mzzr
Author reward: 0.526917 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1l5li
Author reward: 0.545470 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1jat8
Author reward: 0.547350 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1hamm
Author reward: 0.558812 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1frmq
Author reward: 0.568881 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1dydj
Author reward: 0.549219 SPT for bluehy20/re-kryptodenno-s1bvvd