Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.599892 SPT for eghnim/furious-chickens-recruitment
Author reward: 6.876943 SPT for eghnim/furious-chickens-recruitment-post
Author reward: 2.670534 SPT for eghnim/furious-chickens-guild-recruitment
Author reward: 0.000040 SPT for eghnim/re-eghnim-r8hl5g
Author reward: 0.429393 SPT for eghnim/re-eghnim-r8fuok
Author reward: 0.904996 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-46
Author reward: 1.013939 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-45
Author reward: 1.339787 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-44
Author reward: 0.803224 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-43
Author reward: 0.401667 SPT for eghnim/re-eghnim-r88c9y
Author reward: 0.653965 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-42
Author reward: 1.345983 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-41
Author reward: 0.303000 SPT for eghnim/a-common-rare-card-a-ba64e85ae2047
Author reward: 0.564094 SPT for eghnim/a-common-rare-card-a-57b55ef0c35d2
Author reward: 0.816974 SPT for eghnim/a-common-rare-card-a-ba8d9f54e3d66
Author reward: 1.403768 SPT for eghnim/a-common-rare-card-a
Author reward: 0.733773 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-36
Author reward: 0.000045 SPT for eghnim/re-eghnim-r7vd5f
Author reward: 0.878690 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-35
Author reward: 1.519492 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-34
Author reward: 0.768072 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-33
Author reward: 0.591085 SPT for eghnim/lurking-in-the-deep-for-prey
Author reward: 1.135018 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-32
Author reward: 1.146999 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-31
Author reward: 1.390170 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-30
Author reward: 0.979202 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-29
Author reward: 1.234361 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-28
Author reward: 1.037425 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-27
Author reward: 0.898446 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-26
Author reward: 0.350734 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-25
Author reward: 0.804210 SPT for eghnim/a-card-per-season-seasonal-giveaway-2
Author reward: 0.743390 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-24
Author reward: 0.726453 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-23
Author reward: 4.753023 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-22
Author reward: 0.340501 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-21
Author reward: 0.997279 SPT for eghnim/a-commonrare-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-20
Author reward: 115.337553 SPT for eghnim/setting-up-a-poinsonous-trap
Author reward: 0.844184 SPT for eghnim/a-common-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-19
Author reward: 0.279099 SPT for eghnim/re-eghnim-r6zz2f
Author reward: 0.815024 SPT for eghnim/a-common-card-a-day-giveaway-18
Author reward: 0.320687 SPT for eghnim/a-common-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-17
Author reward: 1.079754 SPT for eghnim/a-common-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-16
Author reward: 0.701277 SPT for eghnim/a-common-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-15
Author reward: 1.053952 SPT for eghnim/strike-first-and-strike-hard
Completed unstake of 11606.087819 SPT
Author reward: 113.024725 SPT for eghnim/a-common-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-14
Author reward: 1.139820 SPT for eghnim/a-common-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-13
Author reward: 0.244006 SPT for eghnim/re-eghnim-r6os5y
Author reward: 2.646148 SPT for eghnim/a-common-card-a-day-daily-giveaway-12
Curation reward: 0.782843 SPT for miko67/speed-and-backfire-kills-yodin
Author reward: 0.000978 SPT for eghnim/re-eghnim-r6naup
Completed unstake of 11606.087816 SPT
Completed unstake of 11606.087816 SPT
Completed unstake of 11606.087816 SPT
Started unstake of 46424.351267 SPT
Staked 35.117193 SPT to eghnim
Staked 40.710378 SPT to eghnim
Staked 120.801477 SPT to eghnim
Staked 3.106036 SPT to eghnim
Staked 49.726625 SPT to eghnim
Staked 48.675764 SPT to eghnim
Staked 38.8633 SPT to eghnim
Staked 20.837256 SPT to eghnim
Staked 25.16255 SPT to eghnim
Staked 54.837583 SPT to eghnim
Staked 38.732203 SPT to eghnim
Staked 16.746308 SPT to eghnim
Staked 64.327233 SPT to eghnim
Staked 64.4612 SPT to eghnim
Staked 9.278398 SPT to eghnim
Staked 6.517334 SPT to eghnim
Staked 52.215845 SPT to eghnim
Staked 28.116583 SPT to eghnim
Staked 8.943392 SPT to eghnim
Staked 23.825014 SPT to eghnim
Staked 30.644157 SPT to eghnim
Staked 44.573518 SPT to eghnim
Staked 41.811038 SPT to eghnim
Staked 41.568613 SPT to eghnim
Staked 42.725437 SPT to eghnim
Staked 40.350095 SPT to eghnim
Staked 13.298184 SPT to eghnim
Staked 54.162632 SPT to eghnim
Staked 5.709791 SPT to eghnim
Staked 14.666676 SPT to eghnim
Staked 12.828275 SPT to eghnim
Staked 60.003384 SPT to eghnim
Staked 25.609386 SPT to eghnim
Staked 19.125621 SPT to eghnim
Staked 12.845222 SPT to eghnim
Staked 41.559921 SPT to eghnim
Staked 42.549264 SPT to eghnim
Staked 82.985359 SPT to eghnim
Staked 31.164611 SPT to eghnim
Staked 35.037316 SPT to eghnim
Staked 30.916696 SPT to eghnim
Staked 52.096488 SPT to eghnim
Staked 44.699602 SPT to eghnim
Staked 22.278315 SPT to eghnim
Staked 14.106032 SPT to eghnim