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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-941.294715 SPT
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-549.221 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Received 12.622557 SPT from thanatos25
Author reward: 4.623592 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-85-report-card
Author reward: 2.847633 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-84-report-card
Delegated 84.312948 SPT to lolz.spt
Staked 84.312948 SPT to mann0000
Received 28.399977 SPT from horusisback
Author reward: 13.131441 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-83-report-card
Author reward: 4.856055 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-82-report-card
Author reward: 5.210699 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-81-report-card
Received 29.317109 SPT from thanatos25
Author reward: 3.397667 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-80-report-card
Delegated 28.022763 SPT to lolz.spt
Staked 28.022763 SPT to mann0000
Author reward: 7.156054 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-79-report-card
Author reward: 7.514091 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-78-report-card
Author reward: 7.371498 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-77-report-card
Author reward: 5.967576 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-7b-report-card
Author reward: 0.004942 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rebv06
Author reward: 0.008602 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-re2s6w
Delegated 136.42665 SPT to lolz.spt
Staked 136.42665 SPT to mann0000
Author reward: 121.840341 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-76-report-card
Author reward: 0.008418 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rdlyu8
Author reward: 0.036679 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rdcse4
Author reward: 0.001937 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rd8z3c
Author reward: 0.002427 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rd3iqf
Author reward: 0.002586 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rd1nif
Author reward: 0.027069 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rcztko
Author reward: 4.761565 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-74-report-card
Author reward: 0.025385 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rcw0we
Author reward: 0.002248 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rcu5pk
Author reward: 0.009976 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rcseu6
Author reward: 0.005412 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rcrad9
Author reward: 0.005797 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rcpgzx
Received 9.694243 SPT from thanatos25
Author reward: 0.000829 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rch9zz
Author reward: 0.000873 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rcffv0
Author reward: 0.000865 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rcdlvj
Delegated 45.935858 SPT to lolz.spt
Staked 45.935858 SPT to mann0000
Received 16.369477 SPT from horusisback
Author reward: 0.000881 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rcbn5x
Author reward: 9.435985 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-73-report-card
Author reward: 0.006194 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rbt4aa
Author reward: 0.394768 SPT for mann0000/re-jim-crypto-rbsgow
Author reward: 4.529300 SPT for mann0000/re-forsakensushi-rbj48x
Author reward: 0.194301 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rbeb2p
Author reward: 0.192637 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rbcjd4
Author reward: 0.188811 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rbaoxx
Author reward: 0.199683 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rb7oix
Author reward: 4.613755 SPT for mann0000/re-forsakensushi-rb6g20
Author reward: 9.440717 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-72-report-card
Author reward: 0.188065 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rb1cre
Author reward: 0.180553 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-raud4b
Delegated 24.965599 SPT to lolz.spt
Author reward: 0.000731 SPT for mann0000/re-steem82868-rap0o4
Staked 24.965599 SPT to mann0000
Received 1.80333 SPT from horusisback
Author reward: 1.300946 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-71-report-card
Author reward: 0.872687 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-70-report-card
Author reward: 16.546311 SPT for mann0000/the-missing-to-do-list-for-yield-farming-on-hive
Author reward: 4.390328 SPT for mann0000/5-tips-to-improve-your-brawl-performance
Curation reward: 0.051997 SPT for horusisback/re-mann0000-l0z3isg1
Delegated 35.607372 SPT to lolz.spt
Staked 35.607372 SPT to mann0000
Received 17.824627 SPT from horusisback
Curation reward: 1.000322 SPT for horusisback/splinterstats-season-69-report-card
Curation reward: 0.024808 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-69-report-card
Author reward: 16.757615 SPT for mann0000/splinterstats-season-69-report-card
Delegated 586.023525 SPT to lolz.spt
Staked 16.817665 SPT to mann0000
Received 0.452174 SPT from thanatos25
Received 16.339469 SPT from horusisback
Staked 26.731038 SPT to mann0000
Staked 18.385188 SPT to mann0000
Staked 28.660242 SPT to mann0000
Staked 40.757062 SPT to mann0000
Staked 17.452011 SPT to mann0000
Staked 19.968761 SPT to mann0000
Staked 31.774405 SPT to mann0000
Staked 59.908877 SPT to mann0000
Staked 12.015156 SPT to mann0000
Staked 16.242944 SPT to mann0000
Staked 297.310176 SPT to mann0000