My FIRST week of blogging on Splintertalk. What to expect for new bloggers!


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Quick stats

  • Articles: 11
  • Likes: 57
  • Followers: 3
  • Comments: 4
  • Earnings (SPT): 537

What I don't understand yet

I've been posting on Splintertalk, 1Up, and Peakd this past week.

What I don't know yet is if the SPT, 1Up, and Hive tokens are cumulative. I don't think so, however, if a more experienced blogger could guide me a bit, that would be fantastic!

Social media & me

For the last decade or so, I haven't been very active on social media platforms. At first, it was kind of a self-protective way of keeping my mind right. Later on, even though my life was much more enjoyable, I never quite felt the need of sharing those moments publicly.

Younger, as much as I wanted to be caring and loving towards others, my insecurities were at their peak. Scrolling through my news feed, there was always somebody on vacation, in love or bragging about something amazing he or she was doing. It didn't make me feel good about myself.

As I felt stuck in my own life, I knew in some sort that I had to take a step back for my own mental wellness. After all, with hundreds of “friends”, there was naturally always something exciting happening for someone. Years later, even though it was unconscious, I finally stopped taking those tools as a measuring stick.

Splinterlands & Its Community

The supportive community around the game and the voting system of Splintertalk have made me rethink the benefits of social media. Being in a much better place in my life today, I feel like I can again put myself out there without any destructive self-talk. And, I think that's enough about myself for today.

For new bloggers

It is far too soon for me to say anything conclusive. Still, it seems that even without any presence on other platforms, slowly growing a voice on Splintertalk is possible. I plan on doing it for a while and seeing what happens. In the worst case, it will still have been a fun way for improving my overall English.

My most successful article so far


I got 490+ SPT for the following “how-to”:
How to SAVE hundreds of DEC when buying in-print reward cards!
To be fair, a big chunk came from one single vote!

My first downvote


My first downvote came from this short post:
WARNING: Impending Airdrops?!
I guess that person thought the post was a clickbait, but I just wanted to let people know in advance that the airdropped cards were probably coming. I hope you got lucky by the way!

My first-week posts:

  • My "how-to"
  1. Caveat for new players in Splinterlands: Don't blindly trust the countdown towards the End Of Season!

  2. SOLVED: Splintertalk Error Message while uploading an image (for new bloggers)

  3. How to SAVE hundreds of DEC when buying in-print reward cards!

  4. QUESTION: Does opening or selling Chaos Legion packs nullify our right to future Airdropped Cards? Thank you!

  • My "noteworthy" battles
  1. 0 mana BEASTS: Cheat code activated!

  2. A 93% chance of winning… but still ended up losing! Harsh. []

  • My "investment" strategy
  1. Are vouchers an opportunity to get FREE Chaos Legion packs for new players?!

  2. The First 24h of the General Sale over, here is my personal AFTERMATH: why I've decided NOT to rely on luck.

Thank you for reading!



Great work getting through your first week blogging, keep it up and you'll gain a following in no time! Oh, and I know you mentioned improving your English...for what it's worth, yours already looks to me to be well above average for Hive blogs already 😄


Thank you very much @bteim for your support, I truly appreciate it!