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Coastal nymphs inhabit the shores of Lemell’s islands. They are an agitated and ill-tempered splinter of nymphs, quick to anger and rise to a fight. They travel across the archipelagos on great rafts of driftwood, scavenging from the seabed and selling their finds to local villages.

One day, a group of coastal nymphs discovered the flooded remains of an old laboratory. Within it, they found remnants of lost tech. Some of it was even salvageable. One such item was a harpoon crafted from the elemental mana of water. While deadly, it was also imprecise, often missing its target and hitting something else entirely. Whatever it hit, however, would fall foul of the harpoon’s magic, which caused an affliction with a lasting effect.

When the Riftwatchers arrived on Lemell and offered a place in their ranks, these coastal nymphs eagerly joined, happy for the opportunity to use the Chaos Legion as target practice.
Thisei swam beneath the murky depths of coastal water, a blanket of seaweed floating above her head. The noise from the shore carried over the sounds of the sea. Each scream and shout twisted her nerves and fed her irritation. Why couldn’t they just be quiet?

Annoyed, she breached the water’s surface to see what all the fuss was about. A small contingent of soldiers was trying to fend off a cursed windeku that swiped at them with its wicked claws. Every blow the soldiers landed quickly healed, and the windeku was steadily forcing them toward the sea. Behind the soldiers, a cluster of civilians cowered in fear.

Thisei swam for the shore, leaped into the air, and landed in a shallow rock pool, sending up a spray of seawater. Without pausing, she hefted her harpoon and thrust it forward, firing a half-dozen spears of water from its tip in rapid succession.

The missiles soared toward the windeku—or, at least, they soared in the windeku’s general direction. Some struck the beast, but others hit the soldiers and civilians.

The windeku roared and fled, its wounds already healing. A few of the soldiers and civilians lay bleeding on the ground. The others scattered, screaming and shouting.

Thisei fired another harpoon and screamed into the sky. “Silence! The least you can do is die quietly!”



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