Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 0.101454 SPT for lofone/splinterlands-season-rewards--rising-star-daily-update--emotional-message
Curation reward: 0.176189 SPT for krazeworgen/time-too-boost-stats-x12-packs-opening
Curation reward: 0.106347 SPT for gabrielbit/grozybop
Curation reward: 0.011431 SPT for chaosmagic23/splinterlands-season-61-report-cards
Curation reward: 0.096349 SPT for nupulse/the-chicken-won--1up-rising-star-exclusive-card
Curation reward: 0.019817 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-25
Curation reward: 0.098580 SPT for zasktrader/rising-star-a-stable-passive-income
Curation reward: 0.129293 SPT for rakhmen/stairway-to-stardom-first-steps
Curation reward: 0.024362 SPT for navre/mzivzljg
Curation reward: 0.015902 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-24
Curation reward: 0.467452 SPT for zasktrader/how-to-spend-a-million-starbits
Curation reward: 0.016065 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-23
Curation reward: 0.019157 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-22
Curation reward: 0.883508 SPT for groovy828/birthday-party
Curation reward: 0.019209 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-21
Curation reward: 0.096242 SPT for zasktrader/a-million-ways-to-love-rising-star
Curation reward: 0.014769 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-20
Curation reward: 0.010310 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-19
Curation reward: 0.019272 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-18
Curation reward: 0.017340 SPT for abdias101/splinterlands-art-contest-harklaw
Curation reward: 0.020032 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-17
Curation reward: 0.107112 SPT for gabrielbit/sjshdfsa
Curation reward: 0.103661 SPT for m3ss/cryptogames-a-primer-for-collectors-and-investors
Curation reward: 0.102088 SPT for zasktrader/easiest-ways-to-purchase-cards-and-packs-in-rising-star
Curation reward: 0.026348 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-16
Curation reward: 0.105471 SPT for zasktrader/hive-vibe
Curation reward: 0.022327 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-13
Curation reward: 0.014824 SPT for shiftrox/splinterlands-progress-blog-4
Curation reward: 0.026256 SPT for navre/b5098a243ab435b6104d19b8e92aa85b-vimmtv
Curation reward: 0.016981 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-12
Curation reward: 0.009897 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-11-w-legendary
Author reward: 0.023275 SPT for atnep111/re-lozio71-20211111t211013344z
Curation reward: 0.020035 SPT for shiftrox/splinterlands-progress-blog-3
Curation reward: 0.016724 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-10
Curation reward: 0.130130 SPT for atnep111/splinterlands-daily-mission-10-11
Author reward: 0.265366 SPT for atnep111/splinterlands-daily-mission-10-11
Curation reward: 0.036008 SPT for navre/npzrhdxf
Curation reward: 0.016696 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-09
Author reward: 8.633746 SPT for atnep111/splinterlands-never-ending-daily-quest
Curation reward: 0.019691 SPT for shiftrox/splinterlands-daily-journey-2
Curation reward: 0.026983 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-08
Author reward: 0.083281 SPT for atnep111/splinterlands-daily-mission-08-11
Curation reward: 0.022904 SPT for chaosmagic23/hoo899fwi8kwuz48erbyu9
Curation reward: 0.020480 SPT for shiftrox/splinterlands-daily-journey-1
Curation reward: 0.021080 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-07
Curation reward: 0.021148 SPT for chaosmagic23/5iv55rfnu2zzutwul1ekiv
Author reward: 0.139992 SPT for atnep111/splinterlands-daily-mission-07-11
Curation reward: 0.020531 SPT for chaosmagic23/splinterlands
Author reward: 2.180168 SPT for atnep111/splinterlands-daily-mission-06-11
Curation reward: 0.021105 SPT for abdias101/daily-quest-11-06-w-legendary
Staked 1185 SPT to atnep111
Staked 107.727045 SPT to atnep111
Received stake of 24.590682 SPT from splinterlands