Cici Atjeh

housewife, love books, fulltime housekeeper
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Curation reward: 1.405208 SPT for tedus/an-overview-of-splinterlands-discord-server
Staked 6.973902 SPT to cicisaja
Curation reward: 0.603411 SPT for angelinafia22/spliterlands-dec-guide-for-rent-card-for-silver-3-from-bronze-2021
Curation reward: 1.242918 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-ama-summary-november-5th-2021-9am-eastern
Author reward: 1.591264 SPT for cicisaja/r23jde
Curation reward: 3.536309 SPT for letsjam/splinterviews-bragurr-user-profile-and-interview
Staked 1.716793 SPT to cicisaja
Curation reward: 0.729377 SPT for gandalf-the-grey/buying-hive-with-sps-or-dec-to-stake-hive-power-to-get-more-rc-resource-credits-for-crypto-starters
Curation reward: 0.336212 SPT for shaidon/the-hail-storm-in-adelaide
Curation reward: 0.651204 SPT for splinterlands/latest-chaos-legion-nfts-on-splintertalk
Staked 6.64836 SPT to cicisaja
Curation reward: 4.554900 SPT for veshu1230/my-first-post-on-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.713773 SPT for rosiew/what-do-we-know-about-the-chaos-promo-card
Curation reward: 0.669444 SPT for splinterlands/chaos-legion-trailer
Curation reward: 0.710243 SPT for tedus/chaos-legion-stop-a-moment-to-appreciate-the-art--giveaway-winner
Staked 56.293791 SPT to cicisaja
Curation reward: 55.516595 SPT for tedus/splinterlands-101-multiverse-ways-to-earn-in-splinterlands-ecosystem
Curation reward: 0.777196 SPT for brybro27/splinterlands-ama-summary-october-8th-2021-8pm-eastern
Staked 72.076328 SPT to cicisaja
Author reward: 1.074219 SPT for cicisaja/re-hojak-kubjru7w
Curation reward: 0.742996 SPT for arrliinn/share-your-battle-crystal-jaguar-or-third-times-a-charm
Curation reward: 1.515868 SPT for hojak/my-work-today-is-done
Curation reward: 0.754606 SPT for chireerocks/otvrigms
Curation reward: 0.796062 SPT for tokutaro22/my-splinterlands-challenge-from-usd-0-to-usd-100-000-in-365-days-day-12-any-given-sunday
Curation reward: 0.852333 SPT for rosiew/should-i-dive-into-the-spsspt-pool
Curation reward: 0.881161 SPT for splinterlands/security-updates
Curation reward: 0.852961 SPT for guurry123/1t0hlcx9sc8007emsopg2s
Curation reward: 0.795798 SPT for tedus/splinterlands-101-cheat-or-not-cheat-you-decide
Curation reward: 0.818338 SPT for braaiboy/kicking-yodin-s-ass-woooh
Author reward: 0.056747 SPT for cicisaja/re-risomasipas-r0712w
Curation reward: 4.373713 SPT for risomasipas/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-lord-arianthus-3d-print
Curation reward: 0.915185 SPT for splinterlands/game-economy-and-reward-updates
Author reward: 57.646341 SPT for cicisaja/my-experience-on-createing-an-account-buying-spellbook-with-sps-and-request-account-key-on-splinterlands
Staked 67.239534 SPT to cicisaja
Curation reward: 7.260135 SPT for chireerocks/xpfreqfy
Curation reward: 50.232511 SPT for tedus/splinterlands-101-guild-economics-for-newbie-part-1
Curation reward: 7.785814 SPT for bokica80/friends-beware-of-scammers-too-many-of-them
Curation reward: 1.961074 SPT for splinterlands/chaos-legion-set-and-presale-info
Staked 2.401789 SPT to cicisaja
Author reward: 0.002106 SPT for cicisaja/re-syarrf-qzodwh
Curation reward: 3.604467 SPT for syarrf/bukan-tidak-aktif-tapi-asyik
Author reward: 0.002283 SPT for cicisaja/re-iqbaladan-ktpwvf0s
Curation reward: 1.194720 SPT for iqbaladan/i-finally-threw-myself-into-splinterlands
Staked 1.939221 SPT to cicisaja
Curation reward: 2.887505 SPT for tedus/splinterlands-101-save-dec-with-peakmonsters-rental-comparison-tool
Curation reward: 0.990935 SPT for tedus/splinterlands-101-attack-sequence-order
Staked 33.402976 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 1.369473 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 6.10683 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 0.723533 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 33.87203 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 205.614674 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 0.342514 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 4.104595 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 1.768409 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 0.941178 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 5.728268 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 193.988742 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 3.759253 SPT to cicisaja
Staked 1400.925476 SPT to cicisaja
Received stake of 8090.24984 SPT from splinterlands