Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-40.001 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.000077 SPT for shaddrak/re-mba2020-r2u3q4
Curation reward: 2.238389 SPT for namelessnameless/play2earn-wave-huge-potential-projects
Curation reward: 0.797676 SPT for rentmoney/the-gaming-revolution-splinterlands-and-p2e
Curation reward: 3.058515 SPT for shortsegments/a-comparison-of-splinterlands-and-axie-infinity-with-references
Curation reward: 0.765298 SPT for mordren/splinterlands-daily-quest-19-11-2021
Curation reward: 0.726594 SPT for slinkytheprophet/splinterlands-daily-quest-23-a-silver-3
Curation reward: 8.097294 SPT for armorfly/splinterlands-card-edit-15
Author reward: 0.000052 SPT for shaddrak/re-uyobong-kw5i9bu8
Curation reward: 0.547618 SPT for weesleytv/how-to-earn-more-1up-tokens-what-do-i-do-with-mine
Curation reward: 0.611980 SPT for shaddrak/what-does-burning-a-splintertalk-nft-do
Author reward: 7.835293 SPT for shaddrak/what-does-burning-a-splintertalk-nft-do
Curation reward: 1.837000 SPT for moeenali/chimney-wallstop-a-repairing-monster-for-brawls-battle-or-quest-rewards
Curation reward: 0.853057 SPT for amoonshot/i-was-questioning-my-sanity-when-i-put-this-lineup-out-there-but-somehow-someway-pelacor-deceiver-for-the-win
Curation reward: 0.762253 SPT for mrodraw/uma-breve-introducao
Curation reward: 0.757602 SPT for foreveraverage/splinterslots--let-the-delegation-games-begin-1637259167025
Curation reward: 6.521143 SPT for bushwhack/splsweeps-drawing-for-11-18-21
Curation reward: 0.570851 SPT for kennysgaminglife/rhxvpaow
Curation reward: 0.557525 SPT for jonnycoin/the-player-vs-the-investor
Curation reward: 6.029405 SPT for skyn/splinterstats-season-61-report-card
Curation reward: 0.604633 SPT for moeenali/krash-wanderford-a-gladius-card-with-swiftness-and-bloodlust
Curation reward: 1.107480 SPT for bji1203/spt-dragon-quest-r2q7gu
Completed unstake of 5781.969518 SPT
Author reward: 0.004806 SPT for shaddrak/re-lisamgentile1961-kw2tug4p
Curation reward: 1.113749 SPT for oleksii.tkachuk/vydkrittya-skrinok-za-sezon-z-15-podarunkiv
Curation reward: 0.831344 SPT for realmankwon.scot/realmankwon-scot-posting-2021-11-17-06-00
Curation reward: 1.393014 SPT for holoz0r/splinterlands-live-stream-replay-end-of-season-rewards-november-16-2021
Curation reward: 0.936798 SPT for namahshivaya/looking-forward-to-the-news-that-is-coming
Curation reward: 3.035476 SPT for cryptoniusrex/the-blight-bringer-doctor-blight-revealed-includes-predicted-card-usage-giveaway-and-more
Curation reward: 0.822040 SPT for vempromundo.pob/season-reward-or-usd0-029
Curation reward: 0.656415 SPT for shaddrak/bought-punk-for-200-hive-sold-it-for-550-d
Author reward: 3.190821 SPT for shaddrak/bought-punk-for-200-hive-sold-it-for-550-d
Curation reward: 0.911508 SPT for infidel1258/faq-with-twelve58-or-splintertalks
Curation reward: 0.929714 SPT for rentmoney/all-the-hive-dollars-this-topic-generates-is-yours-week-tweenty-five
Curation reward: 0.871037 SPT for platypus-dundee/whos-who-in-the-zoo-ep3-with-nate-aguila
Curation reward: 3.235310 SPT for dongreyy/splinterstats-season-61-report-card
Curation reward: 1.466489 SPT for mango-juice/guild-of-neoxian-won-another-splinterlands-brawl
Curation reward: 2.230542 SPT for kotenoke/7ool2zye1ta8209mr4s7ep
Curation reward: 1.641780 SPT for ackza/wax-up-44-in-3-days
Curation reward: 1.856285 SPT for benolds/splinterstats-season-61-report-card
Curation reward: 1.601885 SPT for nurodan/ich-bin-ein-holzkopf
Curation reward: 3.987728 SPT for diebitch/loving-and-hating-in-splinterlands
Curation reward: 2.885581 SPT for magooz/splinterstats-season-61-report-card
Curation reward: 0.812018 SPT for elamental/swkfiqgw
Curation reward: 1.613432 SPT for uyobong/fund-your-startups-and-dapp-development-on-hive-engine-with-dhef-using-bee-oneup-sports-spt
Curation reward: 2.959925 SPT for shaddrak/how-do-i-use-111-000-spt-for-curation
Author reward: 167.420867 SPT for shaddrak/how-do-i-use-111-000-spt-for-curation
Curation reward: 0.647635 SPT for kayrex/1up-new-artwok
Author reward: 0.000307 SPT for shaddrak/re-vikisecrets-r2mr2f
Curation reward: 1.084846 SPT for rentmoney/rental-and-season-end-rewards-breakdown
Author reward: 0.085431 SPT for shaddrak/re-rosiew-kw0e2wua
Author reward: 0.000995 SPT for shaddrak/re-nathanmars-kw09h076
Completed unstake of 5781.969518 SPT
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Completed undelegation of 5002.825844 SPT
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Received 1.463 SPT from monster-curator
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