I'm new to cryptocurrency and blockchain games. I LOVE ANIME, MOVIES AND ALL TYPES OF GAMES.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 0.007857 SPT for m3ss/cryptogames-a-primer-for-collectors-and-investors
Completed unstake of 5.434719 SPT
Completed unstake of 5.434719 SPT
Completed unstake of 5.434719 SPT
Author reward: 0.733742 SPT for techoe/daily-quest-19102021
Curation reward: 0.034782 SPT for dlmmqb/re-techoe-20211020t9383937z
Curation reward: 0.035227 SPT for dlmmqb/re-techoe-20211020t13455249z
Curation reward: 0.055546 SPT for dlmmqb/splinterlands-introducing-the-savior-bronze
Author reward: 27.752725 SPT for techoe/daily-quest-18102021
Curation reward: 0.244013 SPT for champster101/splinterlands-daily-quest-log-day-23
Curation reward: 0.019473 SPT for pantaneiro/successful
Curation reward: 0.032762 SPT for robmojo/have-you-gotten-your-chaos
Curation reward: 0.020347 SPT for gfriend96/splinterlands-dfvzdl
Curation reward: 0.026905 SPT for joetunex/hlvjcpud
Curation reward: 0.035961 SPT for ebingo/kahbprrg
Curation reward: 0.094369 SPT for arkasz/win-a-delegation-of-venari-wavesmith-till-the-end-of-the-season-r18ass
Curation reward: 0.112083 SPT for budeezbuys/land-prices-and-utility
Curation reward: 0.018003 SPT for captainkal/first-post-on-splintertalk
Curation reward: 0.039390 SPT for dlmmqb/re-dlmmqb-20211018t25121171z
Curation reward: 0.020484 SPT for dlmmqb/spt-price-drop-25-what
Completed unstake of 5.434719 SPT
Curation reward: 0.028058 SPT for statico/dec-dark-energy-commando-r11pwy
Curation reward: 0.018556 SPT for shiftrox/my-season-rewards-and-chaos
Curation reward: 0.021637 SPT for olaf.gui/when-you-and-your-opponent-play-exactly-the-same-cards
Curation reward: 0.020551 SPT for cryptoche/splinterlands-blog-6
Curation reward: 0.020965 SPT for mhowii/the-pyre-ty-isn-t-over
Curation reward: 0.020439 SPT for iceman-23/end-of-season-rewards-ebp5qi
Curation reward: 0.020067 SPT for unnamed0n3/my-6th-season-end-reward
Curation reward: 0.019359 SPT for kotenoke/splinterlands-giveaway-6
Author reward: 27.080996 SPT for techoe/splinterlands-daily-quest-14102021
Author reward: 11.836724 SPT for techoe/when-someone-cancels-their-rent-last-minute-c
Curation reward: 0.043479 SPT for dlmmqb/re-techoe-20211015t155544290z
Curation reward: 0.042986 SPT for dlmmqb/xpbmxhcb
Curation reward: 0.022293 SPT for astrocat-3663/centralization-stabbed-me-again
Curation reward: 0.044327 SPT for dlmmqb/re-techoe-20211014t145510977z
Curation reward: 0.043440 SPT for dlmmqb/re-techoe-20211014t145519863z
Author reward: 31.185254 SPT for techoe/weekly-splinterlands-share-your-battle-challenge-haunted-spider
Curation reward: 0.022951 SPT for john9inch/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-haunted-spider
Curation reward: 0.025177 SPT for parttimeeconon/weekly-splinterlands-share-your-battle-challenge-haunted-spider
Started unstake of 21.738876 SPT
Curation reward: 0.021056 SPT for dlmmqb/eclisfnj
Curation reward: 0.021453 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-weekly-curation-challange-oct-8-2021
Curation reward: 0.032820 SPT for john9inch/splinterlands-daily-reward-report-08-10-2021
Curation reward: 0.035605 SPT for dlmmqb/daily-quest-what-did-i-d6ac33f1db571
Curation reward: 0.025940 SPT for desic/letbbrdt
Curation reward: 0.021109 SPT for emersonzomi/lands-are-coming-again-to-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.024093 SPT for dlmmqb/omg-that-s-dope-monster
Curation reward: 0.021368 SPT for dlmmqb/this-season-i-will-rank
Curation reward: 0.063742 SPT for cryptoniusrex/gladiators-enter-the-arena-witches-halloween-hex-w-giveaway-and-more
Curation reward: 0.022765 SPT for flauwy/1up-a-new-hive-outpost-for-playtoearn-blockchain-games-and-nft-assets
Author reward: 0.002773 SPT for techoe/re-shortshots-r0bvvs
Curation reward: 0.022834 SPT for tin.aung.soe/daily-quest-reward-venari-bonesmith
Curation reward: 0.023484 SPT for dlmmqb/ajiitrab
Curation reward: 0.022972 SPT for dlmmqb/daily-quest-what-did-i-338808b0add34
Curation reward: 0.022942 SPT for shortshots/new-purchase-on-splinterlands