Chronocrypto's SPT Content
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+200 SPT
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+1.009 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Received delegation of 100 SPT from synergized
Received delegation of 100 SPT from synergized
Author reward: 64.333804 SPT for chrono.spt/600-packs-got-one
Author reward: 94.801763 SPT for chrono.spt/cool-rounds-chicken-for-the-win
Author reward: 70.367859 SPT for chrono.spt/splinterland-assests-set-to-explode-in-price
Author reward: 97.889819 SPT for chrono.spt/sps-airdrop-done-archmage-drop-on-14-hours
Author reward: 74.898823 SPT for chrono.spt/great-bought-with-grum
Author reward: 110.093077 SPT for chrono.spt/i-need-to-grind-out-on-the-black-top-so-my-sl-cards-needs-to-work-as-well
Completed unstake of 176686.209309 SPT
Completed unstake of 176686.209308 SPT
Completed unstake of 176686.209308 SPT
Completed unstake of 176686.209308 SPT
chronocrypto undelegated 11074.169922 SPT
Started unstake of 706744.837233 SPT
Curation reward: 37.409698 SPT for mawit07/splinterlands-sps-validator-nodes-is
Curation reward: 65.439054 SPT for marianaemilia/splinterlands-amazing-battles-week-of-the-brawls-1
Curation reward: 217.490691 SPT for spongebob27/pixelated-splinterlands-fan-art-week-190-tarsa
Curation reward: 33.829464 SPT for joetunex/yytpwvvi
Curation reward: 32.628777 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-week-190
Staked 871.343584 SPT to chrono.spt
Curation reward: 40.469069 SPT for gadrian/splinterlands-new-ranked-rewards-system-and-effects-on-rental-market
Curation reward: 51.436985 SPT for joetunex/rhjtbrns
Curation reward: 37.277779 SPT for mawit07/splinterlands-getting-some-max-rewards
Curation reward: 35.532527 SPT for shrazi/my-entry-with-flame-monkey-for-splinterlands-fan-art-emote-contest
Curation reward: 34.785810 SPT for bulldog1205/fieurszx
Curation reward: 40.348418 SPT for gregory-f/opening-my-first-psyber-x-crate
Curation reward: 34.608804 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-town-hall-summary-may-16th-2022-1pm-eastern
Curation reward: 32.802891 SPT for mawit07/splinterlands-my-end-of-season-9f995f51175e2
Curation reward: 50.514224 SPT for orionspeakgaming/splinterlands-giveaway-18-winners--splinterlands-giveaway-for-opg-holders-19--top-10-rewards-week-29
Curation reward: 32.188579 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-week-189
Curation reward: 36.206711 SPT for mawit07/splinterlands-my-card-additions-for
Curation reward: 40.944755 SPT for joetunex/ghvwvbkw
Curation reward: 35.919506 SPT for jongolson/myhivegoals-taking-a-hit-but-pushing-forward
Curation reward: 33.586960 SPT for bulldog1205/xblyurgd
Curation reward: 31.351202 SPT for david-lindsay/i-re-created-the-wood-nymph-fan-art-illustration
Curation reward: 33.277205 SPT for imno/splinterlands-dynamic-cp-requirements-to-fix-supply-issues
Curation reward: 30.960143 SPT for joetunex/orasebmn
Curation reward: 28.543053 SPT for mawit07/splinterlands-how-to-grow-an
Curation reward: 32.553354 SPT for bobaphet/bivulsbq
Curation reward: 29.136237 SPT for casimirio/spl-fan-lore--the-lost-validator-node
Curation reward: 31.768336 SPT for rentmoney/splinterlands-meme-tournament-payments-complete
Curation reward: 30.077563 SPT for dynamicrypto/hive-web-services-partnership-updates
Curation reward: 28.368677 SPT for sawcraz.art/two-gun-pete-art-contest-eng-esp
Curation reward: 29.705617 SPT for reeta0119/next-is-sps-on-the-list-more-sps-to-accumulate
Curation reward: 28.979179 SPT for holycowz/splinterlands-art-contest-week-188-uriel-the-purifier-
Staked 1868.070133 SPT to chrono.spt
Curation reward: 34.804430 SPT for joetunex/fokedsuz
Curation reward: 33.111975 SPT for mawit07/splinterlands-rental-market-status-4
Curation reward: 42.353421 SPT for skuration/hive-gaming-3-nft-giveaways-e025a77cddbd3
Curation reward: 33.412991 SPT for joetunex/koomeroh
Curation reward: 33.534774 SPT for azircon/what-is-template-and-what-is-not
Curation reward: 29.103117 SPT for marianaemilia/splinterzine-58-april-26th-2022
Curation reward: 30.700718 SPT for mawit07/splinterlands-splintershards-aka-sps-my
Curation reward: 48.970285 SPT for skybuds-gaming/ycwaleri
Curation reward: 36.412461 SPT for mawit07/splinterlands-share-my-battle-of
Curation reward: 40.300025 SPT for joetunex/zfjpmimf
Curation reward: 56.109195 SPT for marianaemilia/splinterlands-amazing-battles-fierce-battle
Curation reward: 36.346962 SPT for libertycrypto27/my-splinterlands-investment-profit-roi-and-considerations-30-months-later-30-mesi-su-splinterlands-profitto-roi-e-considerazioni
Curation reward: 84.465701 SPT for imno/what-to-do-about-bots-a-possible-solution
Curation reward: 33.896575 SPT for joetunex/xssumtgo
Transferred 1067.614049 SPT to chronocrypto
Staked 924.934425 SPT to chrono.spt
Transferred 1322.244475 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 80.665565 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 1108.016178 SPT to chronocrypto
Staked 78.020584 SPT to chrono.spt
Transferred 760.9315 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 1334.435024 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 4097.976786 SPT to chronocrypto
Staked 984.191415 SPT to chrono.spt
Staked 212.588881 SPT to chrono.spt
Staked 663.015739 SPT to chrono.spt
Transferred 560.423074 SPT to chronocrypto
Staked 254.732276 SPT to chrono.spt
Staked 594.389418 SPT to chrono.spt
Transferred 159.02772 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 145.617434 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 1930.46067 SPT to chronocrypto
Staked 293.40909 SPT to chrono.spt
Transferred 570.334814 SPT to chronocrypto
Staked 28088 SPT to chrono.spt
Received 28088 SPT from chronocrypto
Staked 2428.765991 SPT to chrono.spt
Received 2428.765991 SPT from chronocrypto
Staked 370.532962 SPT to chrono.spt
Transferred 749.275036 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 250.432586 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 532.872577 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 640.529903 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 1195.717793 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 1136.394858 SPT to chronocrypto
Transferred 334.143627 SPT to chronocrypto
Staked 492.841117 SPT to chrono.spt
Transferred 770.34142 SPT to chronocrypto
Received 342.062 SPT from chronopolis
Staked 36.293411 SPT to chrono.spt
Staked 551.090762 SPT to chrono.spt
Staked 374.083614 SPT to chrono.spt
Staked 178.739304 SPT to chrono.spt
Staked 632.486407 SPT to chrono.spt