Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+10000 SPT
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 1.575362 SPT for mawit07/splinterlands-haunted-spider-weekly-battle
Curation reward: 2.200827 SPT for emiliovzla/breaking-new-ground-with-new-projects-today-splinderlands
Curation reward: 4.201584 SPT for chadrona/splinterlands-diary-playing-with-dragons
Curation reward: 1.249322 SPT for logicforce/splinterlands-daily-rewards-results-10-4a1690f64ec82
Curation reward: 1.691119 SPT for gameboyali/splinterlands-twitch-channel-reaches-500-followers-huge-giveaways-and-stream-party
Curation reward: 4.899385 SPT for chireerocks/cekuopeb
Curation reward: 1.978074 SPT for enmymente/tutorial-buying-my-first-nft-on-splintertalkio-compra-de-mi-primer-nft-en-splintertalkio
Curation reward: 6.606415 SPT for ecoinstant/gold-league-strategy-read-my-strategy-and-share-yours-with-me
Curation reward: 2.111598 SPT for brataka/splinterlands-weekly-battle-challenge-haunted-spider
Curation reward: 1.287912 SPT for phonk/i-guess-this-is-how-you-beat-yodin
Curation reward: 0.990114 SPT for zeruxanime/splinterlands-win-free-card-quest-giveaway-round-263
Staked 48.725828 SPT to fire-born
Curation reward: 7.774826 SPT for kotenoke/weekly-battle-challenge-a-haunted
Curation reward: 9.470544 SPT for rosiew/splinterlands-ama-october-8-2021
Curation reward: 1.992224 SPT for cryptoniusrex/8-legged-freaks-haunted-spider-halloween-guide-including-giveaway-and-much-more
Curation reward: 0.880586 SPT for gregory-f/my-favorite-battle-of-the-day-10-8-21
Curation reward: 19.915595 SPT for readforfun/how-to-delegate-spt-to
Curation reward: 1.002686 SPT for jacekw/weekly-splinterlands-tournaments-summary-2021-09-20-2021-09-27
Curation reward: 1.342040 SPT for rowell/splinterlands-art-contest-week-157
Curation reward: 2.685531 SPT for azircon/splinterlands-rentals-and-passive-income
Curation reward: 1.807037 SPT for kalyanov/splinterlands-art-contest-week-157-ancient-lich
Curation reward: 0.905116 SPT for marina007/dark-enchantress-art-contest-week-157
Curation reward: 0.949643 SPT for manclar.gaming/juxiwrbt
Staked 20.496933 SPT to fire-born
Curation reward: 1.163483 SPT for frugalgamer/misty-splinterlands-morning-daily-digital
Curation reward: 4.864374 SPT for blastx/try-peakmonsters-my-explorer-to-see-your-activites-in-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.870821 SPT for minloulou/to-hive-or-to-dec-and-sps-answer-is-very-obvious
Curation reward: 0.845134 SPT for ultm8x/splinterlands-and-its-growing-ph-community
Curation reward: 5.092600 SPT for bipl/splinterlands-art-contest-week-157-my-today-art-of-nightmare
Curation reward: 1.277341 SPT for mawit07/splinterlands-is-there-fomo
Curation reward: 1.664156 SPT for opuntia/a-few-tips-to-get-your-account-ready-for-victory
Curation reward: 1.046723 SPT for fragozar01/buying-cards-with-credits-and-more-at-splinterlands-esp-eng
Curation reward: 0.921428 SPT for cetb2008/my-dibujo-de-splinterlands-art-concurso-semana-157-dark-ferryman
Curation reward: 0.898754 SPT for bulldog1205/crazy-giveaway-stream-dollar1400-sent-out-on-stream
Curation reward: 0.911131 SPT for tlsovotl/weekly-challenge-crystal-jaguar
Curation reward: 0.940988 SPT for splinterlands/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-haunted-spider
Staked 8.111048 SPT to fire-born
Curation reward: 1.044032 SPT for skylinebuds/going-play-2-earn-full-time
Curation reward: 6.042377 SPT for gregory-f/my-favorite-battle-of-the-day-10-6-21
Curation reward: 1.024639 SPT for laritheghost/ymbeajay
Staked 16.195341 SPT to fire-born
Curation reward: 1.654702 SPT for mercurial9/new-players-should-focus-on-these-monsters-to-climb-into-silver-leagues-or-splinterlands-124
Curation reward: 1.113170 SPT for xawi/lock-your-splinterlands-assets
Curation reward: 0.984699 SPT for niallon11/digital-disruption
Curation reward: 1.064043 SPT for bong1011/crystal-jaguar-splinterlands-weekly-battle-challenge
Curation reward: 4.155061 SPT for ai5/splinterlands-art-contest-goblin-mech
Curation reward: 7.223666 SPT for rosiew/the-post-ive-hoped-to-write-since-day-1
Staked 13.624425 SPT to fire-born
Curation reward: 1.361294 SPT for ultm8x/power-up-with-oneup
Curation reward: 0.943038 SPT for badnewsbeards/hive-just-broke-its-all-time-high-leeeeetttsss-gooooooo
Curation reward: 1.601844 SPT for chel-koby/cerberus-in-the-moonlight-my-week-157-art-contest-for-splinterlands
Curation reward: 4.303277 SPT for elamental/album-art-contest-project-update-with-video-hard-deadline-set-more-hive-up-for-grabs-for-custom-art
Curation reward: 1.404558 SPT for marianaemilia/splinterzine---14---october-5th---2021
Curation reward: 1.449094 SPT for poohdie/splinterlands-battle-challenge-crystal-jaguar
Curation reward: 1.165342 SPT for funb0y/basilisc-k-new-magical-monster-to-splinterlands-using-sketch-book-app-made-by-funb0y-splinterlands-art-contest-157
Staked 185.459519 SPT to fire-born
Staked 79.277908 SPT to fire-born
Staked 74.932614 SPT to fire-born
Staked 13.560049 SPT to fire-born
Staked 8.349745 SPT to fire-born
Staked 20.852257 SPT to fire-born
Staked 9.316301 SPT to fire-born
Staked 26.836506 SPT to fire-born
Staked 182.325503 SPT to fire-born
Staked 11.012602 SPT to fire-born
Staked 14.683672 SPT to fire-born
Staked 7.305785 SPT to fire-born
Staked 21.32259 SPT to fire-born
Staked 35.324252 SPT to fire-born
Staked 32.776547 SPT to fire-born
Staked 11.186337 SPT to fire-born
Staked 3.788628 SPT to fire-born
Received delegation of 4000 SPT from gregory-f
Staked 55.474747 SPT to fire-born
Staked 11.458458 SPT to fire-born
Staked 1.662322 SPT to fire-born
Staked 41.091516 SPT to fire-born
Staked 9.685147 SPT to fire-born
Staked 4.794845 SPT to fire-born
Staked 10.204982 SPT to fire-born
Staked 5.83071 SPT to fire-born
Staked 2.870453 SPT to fire-born
Staked 4.764818 SPT to fire-born
Staked 5.664643 SPT to fire-born
Staked 3.296916 SPT to fire-born
Received delegation of 6000 SPT from gregory-f
Staked 0.494823 SPT to fire-born
Staked 2.697026 SPT to fire-born
Staked 3.209588 SPT to fire-born
Staked 1.831868 SPT to fire-born
Staked 0.588027 SPT to fire-born
Staked 2.846364 SPT to fire-born
Staked 73.48704 SPT to fire-born
Staked 0.694185 SPT to fire-born
Staked 2.457174 SPT to fire-born
Staked 4.369395 SPT to fire-born
Staked 1.116448 SPT to fire-born
Staked 7.66341 SPT to fire-born
Staked 2.462322 SPT to fire-born
Staked 6.685159 SPT to fire-born