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Curation reward: 1163.665031 SPT for eldrenora/are-you-ready-for-a-miracle-winning-on-1-hp-in-poison-ruleset
Curation reward: 1122.855733 SPT for belemo/twitter-and-tik-tok-to-verify-nft-art-but-what-about-gamers
Curation reward: 1362.458572 SPT for failingforward/my-brawl-report-5-hivepizza-brawlreport-12102021
Received delegation of 18.519 SPT from hetty-rowan
Received delegation of 271 SPT from hellswarrior2013
Received delegation of 2.017793 SPT from rkcv
Received stake of 30.767 SPT from warhead61
Received delegation of 0.186041 SPT from elyelma
Curation reward: 1717.271164 SPT for tub3r02/splinterlands-summoners-series-alric-stormbringer
Received delegation of 31.454 SPT from davdiprossimo
Received stake of 0.931861 SPT from asdzxc87926
Received delegation of 49.703378 SPT from damla
Received delegation of 250 SPT from aweee
Received delegation of 4.347 SPT from lypisz
Curation reward: 1111.472649 SPT for kennysgaminglife/kbnkkwys
Received delegation of 1.945 SPT from protosphere
Received delegation of 2216.352792 SPT from kachinhenry
Curation reward: 1503.603245 SPT for chrono.spt/600-000-spt-time-to-curate
Curation reward: 2280.270015 SPT for flauwy/1up-for-oneup-delegation-program-dao-and-liquidity-pools-are-active
Received delegation of 6.324 SPT from dluxxx
Received delegation of 2.26 SPT from elementm
Transferred 273.828 SPT to knightsunited
Transferred 0.875 SPT to dibblers.dabs
Transferred 19.963 SPT to detour
Transferred 0.443 SPT to oera
Transferred 0.061 SPT to powermeat
Transferred 56.623 SPT to parttimeeconon
Transferred 52.697 SPT to sumatranate
Transferred 4.347 SPT to lypisz
Transferred 0.766 SPT to tub3r0
Transferred 43.812 SPT to scooter77.spt
Transferred 2.353 SPT to prepperfreiheit
Transferred 0.547 SPT to iceman23
Transferred 0.001 SPT to blaceflo1995
Transferred 0.006 SPT to alito
Transferred 0.002 SPT to jmac1773
Transferred 0.148 SPT to henrique-leao
Transferred 3.577 SPT to shaddrak
Transferred 0.547 SPT to stader
Transferred 0.17 SPT to danrid
Transferred 0.039 SPT to andy-plays
Transferred 0.009 SPT to alberich
Transferred 0.312 SPT to teacherjhei
Transferred 0.033 SPT to beffeater
Transferred 0.387 SPT to jobmanfred
Transferred 0.163 SPT to h3m4n7
Transferred 0.218 SPT to txracer
Transferred 1.62 SPT to slobberchops
Transferred 2.421 SPT to kidwasabi
Transferred 0.938 SPT to lolxsbudoy
Transferred 10.156 SPT to som3li3r
Transferred 10.084 SPT to japex1226
Transferred 5.91 SPT to cutedawako
Transferred 0.007 SPT to yras
Transferred 0.01 SPT to liquid-miracle
Transferred 0.054 SPT to kotenoke
Transferred 0.547 SPT to ivarbjorn
Curation reward: 1901.703096 SPT for dynamicrypto/splintertalk-blogging-with-dynamicrypto-troy-g
Curation reward: 1379.475145 SPT for shauner/splinterlands-brawl-report-pizza-2-7c65027bcb7f9
Curation reward: 1472.302489 SPT for readforfun/newbie-guide-how-to-buy
Author reward: 0.094036 SPT for monster-curator/kun0lh74
Author reward: 19.604030 SPT for monster-curator/kun02w9c
Curation reward: 1123.076425 SPT for kennysgaminglife/kennys-hivepizza-brawlreport-brawl-ending-10102021
Curation reward: 1454.946471 SPT for rosiew/basic-tips-and-tricks-for-splinterlands
Curation reward: 3092.729845 SPT for tedus/splinterlands-101-multiverse-ways-to-earn-in-splinterlands-ecosystem
Curation reward: 1489.731453 SPT for mozzie5/brawl-update-3-well-that-was-a-bummer
Curation reward: 1480.534026 SPT for lypisz/1-weekly-best-cards-per-league-data-analysis
Curation reward: 776.481304 SPT for atnazo/i-advanced-to-diamond-iii-and-my-daily-rewards-in-diamond
Curation reward: 607.355993 SPT for moeenali/diamond-league-unlocked-or-palidon-rakk-a-rare-earth-gladius-card-for-brawls
Curation reward: 746.738427 SPT for adulruna/surviving-the-noxious-fumes-strategies-to-withstand-the-poison-rule-set
Curation reward: 724.816839 SPT for cflclosers/dec-to-sell-or-hold
Curation reward: 760.364118 SPT for mamun123456/b37eg2oitmc
Curation reward: 508.923439 SPT for marianaemilia/splinterzine---16---october-11th---2021
Curation reward: 1115.759425 SPT for garzug/haven-t-had-this-much-fun-playing-games-in-a-long-time
Curation reward: 1345.927393 SPT for nata86/splinterlands-brawl-report-11-10-21
Curation reward: 1761.052814 SPT for chronocrypto/hive-gaming-metaverse-profits
Curation reward: 1376.771023 SPT for rayius/brawl-report-7-marisol-contuma
Author reward: 0.429509 SPT for monster-curator/kum44vqs
Author reward: 0.031369 SPT for monster-curator/kum435es
Curation reward: 1625.542634 SPT for kuzuri27/splinterlands-abilities-cheat-sheet
Curation reward: 1562.002949 SPT for walkingkeys/i-got-interviewed-about-nfts-and-spoke-about-splinterlands-for-the-first-10-minutes
Curation reward: 2683.318107 SPT for isaria/on-the-shores-of-splinter-sea-music-for-splinterlands
Curation reward: 1092.266018 SPT for thebusycat/share-your-battle-spiders-are-sponsored-by-splinterlands-to-make-a-better-reputation-for-the-spider-beings
Curation reward: 1194.470017 SPT for kennysgaminglife/yjqjrigl
Curation reward: 1115.448108 SPT for itachi24/splinterlands-art-contest-venari-wavesmith
Curation reward: 1144.889799 SPT for thecrazyman/new-battle-another-challenge-haunted-spider
Curation reward: 660.634241 SPT for failingforward/finally-got-bloodlust-working-what-a-beast
Curation reward: 1550.490804 SPT for jade172/splinterlands-art-contest-week-158-gremlin-blaster
Curation reward: 1312.629548 SPT for alexvan/splinterlands-experiment-from-zero-to-hero-ccxliv
Author reward: 0.082163 SPT for monster-curator/kull8ne0
Curation reward: 1159.500295 SPT for zekero/beginners-guide-part-2-setting-up-your-hive-keychain-desktop
Curation reward: 1825.518554 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-week-158-10-booster-pack-prize
Curation reward: 576.515200 SPT for shauner/sps-soars-past-usd1
Curation reward: 1837.707015 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/renting-tips-for-death-0
Curation reward: 1082.755591 SPT for ridoykhan22/splinterlands-social-media-challenge-drawing-shin-lo
Curation reward: 726.392172 SPT for emd012/weekly-battle-challenge-haunted-spider
Curation reward: 727.884833 SPT for upvocur/splinterlands-day-17-bringing-in
Curation reward: 1914.162391 SPT for lypisz/what-cards-you-must-choose-to-win-a-data-analysis
Curation reward: 1991.274168 SPT for ecoinstant/gold-league-strategy-read-my-strategy-and-share-yours-with-me
Author reward: 0.591341 SPT for monster-curator/kukgvubt